Well another lovely day on the boat.


I did get two runs in today. This morning we dinghied to shore and turned right. It was all hills!!!!!! This was the smallest hill! I ended up running just over 3km and I ran those hills multiple times because I was circling back to my mom, Anne and Moiya (the dog). It was not my favourite run of the year and wasn’t improved by the fact I learned my new Old Navy running shorts ride up:(

This evening I had a much better run:). We got dropped off at the pub that is a little to the left of us and except for the first hill, it was a relatively flat route along a lake. It felt so great to have a bit of a loner run as I got just over 7km in. The scenery definitely helped it go by fast!

In the afternoon I had the boat to myself so I got a workout in. It was mostly abs as I figured that wouldn’t cause the boat to crash about🤣 10 crunches, 20 toe drops, 30 toe touches, 40 reverse curls, 50 bicycles, 60 iso crunch with scissors, 70 heel touches, 80 mountain climbers, 90 squats, 100 second plank. At least I got something done!


While my parents were away, I was unsure if the power problem had been solved so I didn’t want to be doing much as I wasn’t sure what the consequences would be, a little disconcerting to say the least as my phone had also died. I just stayed quietly reading.

I finished Someone Like You by Susan Mallory. I had thought it was a Fools Gold book, but it was actually the start of a new Los Lobos series. I enjoyed the book as the people are flawed and the situations realistic and yet it still has a happily ever after.


I am 1/4 of the way through the first pattern of the boat Afghan. This is going to take a lot longer to do than I expected as each pattern is 37 rows!! Oh well, a little each day and I will get there!


A quick trip to IGA in a near by area and that was all the excitement for today.

Wish you could all see how beautiful it is at night up here, but now I’m going to go enjoy it.

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “Solitude with a Side

    1. I didn’t actually see any beavers and as it is the town’s water source, I don’t think they’d allow any. I’ll keep my eye out on the other lakes for you though:)

    1. Yes I wish all of the hills had been like that one, but the others were straight up and littered with debris and loose gravel so it made for precarious footing:(. I just kept telling myself it was good for me!

  1. ok I admit it… I”m jealous of your location right now. it sounds so relaxing to just be out on the water reading a book and crafting. perfect escape from the reality of life and work stress. enjoy it!

  2. What a lousy way to find out your shorts ride up! My pet peeve are no-show socks, which typically find their way down into my sneakers.
    Once again the photos are stunning!

  3. It looks so pretty where you are! Our family just got back from a backpacking trip – I love being outdoors, all by ourselves, just enjoying nature and all she has to offer. I am looking forward to seeing your afghan.

    1. Thank you! It is beautiful here and still so quiet even with there being lots of boats around. I guess most people come for the quiet and are respectful:)
      It might be a while before the afghan is done, but maybe when I can actually see the pattern, I’ll share a picture.

    1. That’s the nice thing about where we are is that it is very calm and the boat is so big and old that she doesn’t move much:)

    1. It was lovely and kept me entertained:). I loved that it was relatively flat too. It might become my usual route here

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