Another day in quiet paradise.


Started with a long walk with my mom, Anne and Moiya. It was going great until Anne mentioned they are leaving tomorrow:( Awww really? I don’t want to lose the great company, but they have to get in with their adventures too. The walk this morning was interesting as we did the same route as last night. Last night the road seemed perfect- quiet, flat, shady, etc. Today- there was so much traffic!!!! Ugh this will have to be my evening walking place I guess!

I also got a workout in while my parents went to the store. I managed to do more abs so while my cardio may suffer, maybe my abs will improve on this trip. Today, I did: 10 crunches, 20 reverse curls, 30 heel reaches, 40 leg drops, 50 bicycles, 60 v ups, 70 dead bugs, 80 toe touches, 90 static crunch with scissor legs, 100 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 50 plow squats, 1:45 plank.

As I write this, I realize I had screenshot a workout to do today. Ugh I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

I got a walk in tonight too. The same route as last night and this morning, but the road was back to being quiet. I thankfully have another week to explore different routes:)


I have spent a bit of time on my afghan today and am halfway through the first pattern now. It was rather warm knitting for 33 degree weather though:(


Another day, another book. I finished my next NetGalley book today.

The Breakup by Erin McCarthy is the sequel in the Jordan Brothers series. It tells the story of Christian, a local bartender with a complicated family situation, and Bella, a social worker about to be married.

I thought I would find Bella annoying, but her character comes across as sweet and innocent. I also thought Christian would be a jerk, but he isn’t. He takes fatherhood seriously, treats Bella with respect and gives her what she needs whether she realizes it or not.

The pacing is excellent in this book. The story is not insta-love, though there is some insta-lust involved. I liked how they got to know each other and that brought them closer. I have to admit, I could have kicked Christian at the end for messing up, but it all worked out with a lovely HEA. I especially liked how we got an epilogue that tidily finished up both books in the series!

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Other than a nap, dangling my feet in the water, and way too much snacking, that was my day:)

Have fun!


40 thoughts on “Awww Really?

  1. taking a break from running may actually help you out. I often find that when I take a break then go back it feels so much better to get back into things.

    enjoy the last of your visit, you’ve earned the rest and relaxatoin

    1. We’ll see. I just have a very difficult time sitting doing nothing!
      I am trying to enjoy every second of this summer!

  2. ENJOY doing nothing. We all need to recharge. Teachers deserve their breaks! My Zach is home and he is looking exclusively at Chicago jobs now that he has had two denver offers and realized he wants to stay with familiar

    1. Oh I bet you are celebrating that!!!
      I am trying my best to get myself to do nothing. It definitely doesn’t come naturally🤣

  3. You are on vacation, you have to indulge. Enjoy these peaceful and long days to do what you want … soon “the creep” … the old regimen will be kicking in once again.

    1. Oh I don’t even want to think about reality right now:(. I would be okay with a no exercise day, if I hadn’t eaten an entire bag of banana chips! Those things are addictive!

      1. I had to stop buying them too – they were so good, very light and crispy and sweet. I’d be downing them and pretty soon I had to reach all the way down to the bottom of the bag to find one. We used to buy them at a bulk food store as the grocery store never carried them.

      2. Yup I finished the bag in one night. Unfortunately every grocery store seems to have them in bulk up here

      3. I’m laughing as it’s been years since I had them and we stopped going to the bulk food store as everything was too handy in those bags of goodies that we would bring home. Not enough containers to put them in, and you’d have all these clear bags of treats and they got eaten way too fast.

      4. I was just thinking that my kitchen would be incredibly healthy when I get home and if better keep it that way:)

      5. I read that people should eat more nuts as they are good for you. So I got some mixed nuts, a bag of whole almonds and some cashews. The almonds I almost broke my teeth on and decided I would not eat them and risk damaging a crown, so will save them for the squirrels. My intentions were good but now the cashews and peanuts are way too handy so I’m scrapping that “eat nuts to stay healthy” idea.

      6. A friend of my boss owns a cheese store at Eastern Market and he has all kinds of goodies and made me a “goody box” for Christmas a few years back. One was a five-pound bag of pistachios. I had never had them before and my fingers were all cut up from shelling them. I’ll enjoy the rest of the nuts, then find something else that’s good for you for a snack.

      7. Something less exciting like Kashi? It has a little crunch to it but nuts are nicer. Every year I gave up something for Lent and never went back to it – sweets, and I liked sweets but don’t buy them anymore. Also gave up salty snacks, though I do permit myself Goldfish whole grain crackers, but can’t stop with just a handful so can’t buy them anymore. Gave up red meat about 3 years ago, and haven’t had anything fried in forever. No fast food either – I don’t crave fast food except maybe pizza.

      8. I try to be … sometimes I get cravings but don’t go get what I feel like. What is happening here in Michigan is we are becoming a hotbed for Hepatitis A – at least once a week, there is a story on the news how some restaurant worker has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A and people who have eaten at that restaurant are advised to see a doctor pronto. It is scary because the Hep A issues run the gamut of fast food to a nice restaurant. No rhyme or reason to it.

      9. It sure is and that’s why I’m not so eager to eat out – we have so many of them, and earlier this year, there was a story on the news that the Ohio Tourism Bureau warned Ohio residents if they wanted to travel in Michigan to ensure they had a Hep-A vaccine before coming to our state. For all my eating properly, a few years ago I got gout in my one foot. I was eating well (or so I thought) … I completely revamped my diet to make it even healthier and followed a gout-prevention diet and drank a ton of water and it went away. I don’t like to take medicine or pills as my mom had many orthopedic issues and was on many kinds of medicines … I don’t want to be dependent on medicine and I didn’t like the gout med side effects. So I upped the water, and it was okay – I was worried I would not be able to walk. I wrote a post about what I was eating and what I discovered – it is kind of long, but you see how everything I ate was healthy but not so healthy as it contributed to gout.

      10. I’m pretty careful with what I eat because of my food allergies, but I have been having a few treats on this holiday!

      11. Yes, it’s hard if you’re with someone to not treat yourself. If you were home you’d be more diligent, though sometimes it is not fun to be diligent. Now I think about everything I put in my mouth after the gout issue. I recently stopped drinking the cherry extract – expensive and I found it so very sweet when I mixed it with water or milk. I tried mixing it with plain yogurt and it was okay that way, so now I just buy tinned tart cherries, dried cherries or cherries in season at the grocery store, now that they are not almost $5.00 for a bag.

      12. The cherries still seem to be extreme melt expensive here! I have to admit I just stick to fruits, veggies and protein and figure eating real food is the best thing I can do!

      13. You’re right about that AJ and I used the extract for about a year maybe, but the problem was you had to buy it already refrigerated, and at $20.00 for 32 ounces, if you had a power issue and lost power, you were out money. So, I started buying the canned tart cherries – it has to be tart cherries. I mix it with plain Greek yogurt.
        The cherries here are expensive even in Summer – they are still outrageously priced and especially the Rainier cherries which are about $1.00 more a bag.

        I have tried to do more protein lately and less carbs. I love the rustic whole-grain bread and was buying Dave’s Killer Bread when it was on sale, but they never carried many loaves of it and it has no preservatives so it didn’t have a late expiration date, so went back to flat bread (“Flat Out” brand high-protein bread which is low on carbs and I switched to that – boring but good for you).

      14. I make my own bread when I need a fix, but otherwise I often use my veggies as “bread”. You definitely have me beat as I do need treats at times!

      15. Well I try and I know if I smelled cookies baking, I might not be so good. If I don’t bring them into the house, they are not around to tempt me. But I’ve not had any sweets since I gave them up in 2011. Marge told me that the year her husband retired, one of their kids bought a bread-making machine for them for Christmas, and they got into a habit of making a new loaf every morning – they soon each grew into another size, so they packed it up and put it away. 🙂

      16. My parents take their breadmaker with them to the states as my dad doesn’t like the bread down there. My mom definitely finds she has to walk a lot more

      17. That’s funny, but it is true, most bread here is soft and mushy and I don’t care for it either. I like the rustic breads which are thicker and have nuts or big grains in them – they are more satisfying. That’s why I’m not so hot on the flat bread. At least the “Flat Out” bread has some taste to it – they have herbs added or sun-dried tomato or the protein bread. Yup bread will kill your diet in a heartbeat.

      18. I guess it’s good that it’s rarely an option for me. I use cucumbers and rice cakes as my bread usually

      19. You are good!!!! A blogger subscribed to me and not sure why because I really don’t cook and her site is about cooking and recently she posted about making BLTs with no “T”.

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