It was quite the day!


My day started at about 2am when I woke to wind and spent the next few hours watching to see if we were moving and going to bump into boats or if it was just my imagination. Thankfully it seems to have been my imagination. Phew!

We were still have trouble with our batteries charging so my dad wanted to head out first thing this morning. We did, but quickly turned around as it was really rough!!! Not one of us wanted to spend four hours doing that!

We spent a number of hours anchored in the channel to watch the water and about 2:30pm we headed out again. It still wasn’t bath water, but we persevered. Thankfully I had a two hour nap!

Where I started the day…

Where I ended the day.


The afghan is going better now that I am really familiar with all of the stitches. I love that my mom picked a pattern that had new stitches for me. I learned the right and left twist:). I have gotten about half of another pattern repeat done today and hope to still do a bit more.


Absolutely none:(. It feels really weird, but maybe it will make me super fast tomorrow🤣


Lately I have been reading several blogs where people had read a book called Not So Nice Guy by RS Grey. I try not to ever buy books, but I caved and bought the kindle edition of Not So Nice Guy. I knew it would entertain me on the ride over the strait (which yes I was nervous about as I had never done it and know my uncle and cousin almost died doing it once!)

I finished this book in one sitting. It features Samantha and Ian who are best friends and teachers at the same school. (I love reading teacher stories😀). They have been best friends since orientation and do everything together, but each has been hiding a secret.

This book actually surprised me a lot, as it didn’t go where I thought it was going to. Don’t worry, I won’t spill any details. I loved the relationship between these two friends, the fast pace of the book, the realism of the situations and the fact that everything is wrapped up neatly at the end. It didn’t hurt that I could picture the students highlighted and I could definitely identify with the problem parents!

I heard some bloggers comment on the explicit nature of the book, but personally I didn’t find it over the top, just normal for the type of book it is. There is an excerpt from the author’s other book at the back and it might have me hooked.

Well that’s my day:)

I have no idea how long we’re staying for, but it must be at least a day as my dad is inviting a friend for lunch tomorrow, of course it’s my least favourite friend of his🙄

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “Abort! Abort!

      1. lol you wouldn’t call any of us exciting on a day to day basis as we sit here reading all day. It’s just my dad is impulsive about moving to a new place.

  1. sounds exciting in more ways than one. I’m glad life smoothed out so you could continue on. hope you are able to enjoy the slower pace for a bit before getting back to the crazy

      1. I’m not home, but the boat is home. Sitting here visiting with Fred from the Seafire who I hear you know:)

      2. Enjoy that vacation on the water a little longer. Yes, I corresponded with Fred to give him some content writing job opportunities so he could keep the Seafire. I didn’t want him to throw in the towel just yet!

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