Well I am again ending the day somewhere different. Got up this morning to find my parents itching to move. I thought we were going to Salt Spring Island, but we ended up back at Ladysmith Maritime Museum and Marina. It was a very smooth ride though the smoke got worse as we went. This is where my parents moor their boat. We had barely tied up when my mom was off for a shower. It is nice to have amenities again! I spent quite a bit of time here last year, but this is my first visit this year. It is nice to catch up with everyone:)


I did work away at my knitting and got 3/4 of a pattern done today. I have definitely not done enough on this holiday though!


I have spent a lot of yesterday and today reading. I had read some blogs reviewing RS Grey’s Not So Nice Guy and read that, but then moved on to The Allure of Julian Lefray and The Allure of Dean Harper, her other two books.

I enjoyed both of the books and they were quick, light, summer reads. Neither of them really went how I expected them to though! I really enjoyed the friend aspect that ran through both books as they are centered around the same five characters; however, I found the romance just too abrupt.

Product Review:

I had picked up a dairy free, gluten free chocolate bar to try. I’m not sure why because I’m not a big chocolate fan, but I have eaten over the last several days.

I have to say the chocolate seemed good, but it didn’t have as strong a pineapple or coconut taste as I was expecting. I think I will stick with the Sassy one for my rare chocolate indulgences.


We have of course had company since we got here as my dad is a social butterfly.

One of the cutest visitors tonight! You can go see lots more pictures of this cutie on the Seafire Blog.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Moving Again

    1. I’m actually quite a slow reader I think. Some of the book bloggers on here amaze me. My best is one book a day when I can read all day:)

    1. Yes! I can’t wait for a shower after my run this morning. A sponge bath just doesn’t cut it! Why no showers for you this week?

      1. I have had showers, but the appreciation leveled has risen astronomically after four hours on the roof, pulling nails and scraping tar! I have never been so sweaty and filthy!

      2. I think the worst is over now. We have the first section ready for the steel, but now we have rain.😬 DH had to race to Menards for a 30×40 tarp late this morning, but that and our three small ones plus some 2 X 6 boards have everything covered, so hopefully the storm coming in tonight will not drench us, and keep it dry enough that we can start on the steel panels either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. At least now we can keep it covered as long as we need to.

  1. when chocolate doesn’t taste good I get so upset. I guess the fact that it feels like a waste of money and calories if it doesn’t taste the way I expected.

    I always find it funny to see how many teachers that I know who are shy and quiet. don’t like to get up an speak in front of people and feel that they are so not social at all. it feels like it doesn’t match the profession, but I guess it does. I’m a mix of this. I tend to be quiet until you get to know me. I’ve never had an issue speaking in front of a group in a formal setting, but I can’t stand being in large groups in social settings. yep I’m weird… I admit it

    1. I sound very similar- I’m shy if I don’t know you and I find it difficult to approach people but once I know you, I’m fine. My family laughs because at parties I just go from one of them to another. I don’t have a problem speaking in front of assemblies etc as that’s part of my job

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