Yesterday was a quiet day.


I got out to do my 50 minute Squad Runner mission first thing. I wonder if there is ever going to come the day that I do t doubt my ability to run that?? I kept telling myself that I could run slow. I had no problem doing it, and I even did extra! My mom obviously thinks I’m a better runner than I actually am as she had me run all the way to the end of the road- up and down all of these hills!

It was a nice view when I got there though!!!

I wandered back slowly with my mom and picked blackberries as we went. Thankfully she had brought coffee with her so I could use the mug to hold the berries. They were so ripe and sweet they melted in your mouth!!!


We were supposed to be going out but my dad is still having trouble with the power system in the boat so he dealt with that- solved one but got another:(. My mom went to close the fridge door and realized the freezer wouldn’t close it had so much ice so she spent the day defrosting the fridge. I stayed out of the way and did some knitting and finished another pattern repeat. That’s two done and two skeins gone too! I might need more yarn😳


I watched a new movie on Netflix last night called the Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society. I had read this book a long tome ago and loved it. Thankfully, I loved the movie too! Definitely worth watching!!!


My dad, of course, had the back cockpit full of people again last night. I came and went:)

Well I’m off to start my adventures for today:)

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “A Run with a View

  1. I read that book a few weeks ago because I saw it was coming out as a Netflix movie. I can’t wait to watch it!! So jealous of the fresh blackberries. There’s nothing better that fresh berries.

    1. I still think the book was better but I always think that. At least this movie didn’t fall into the “I got this far so I should finish it” category. I would have liked it to have gone on longer:)

  2. It was very fortunate that you had the coffee mug. I ruined a perfectly good summer dress because I couldn’t resist the berries on a walk so I carried them in the skirt of my dress. It was well worth it though.

    1. Thank you! Lol I had one of me holding it but my fingers were so purple from picking and eating that I couldn’t use it!

    1. The book and the movie were excellent and called the same thing.
      The blackberries were so good!!! I’m hoping to find some more tomorrow!

  3. those blackberries look tasty. we had a bush in the backyard of the house I grew up in, there is nothing as tasty as berries picked straight off the bush

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