It was a nice combination day with some lazing and some outside activity.

I spent the morning just hanging out with my mom and reading blogs.


My dad got to choose the restaurant and we ended up here.

My dad had been here with my uncle for coffee and donuts and so wanted to try the food. He had the supreme cheeseburger and really liked it. It sure looked good. My mom and I split the cold turkey sandwich and coleslaw. I used the cranberry sauce to add some moisture and my mom used it and coleslaw. It was a very dry sandwich!! Sorry for no picture, it wasn’t worth it.


So last fall I went to the Gluten Free Expo in Downtown Vancouver and had tried some products by Bake My Day. I was excited when I heard they were located in Duncan as I knew that was somewhat close to where my parents dock their boat. Well today, I made them drive around until we found this bakery. LOL I didn’t expect it to just be someone’s garage. 🤣It was set up as a full fledge bakery though.I was excited because I knew they had things that were gluten free and dairy free. It turned out only their tarts were ready made and gluten free and dairy free. They had six kinds that were safe for me and I bought one of each to try.

The first I tried was the lemon curd tart (top right). The lemon was sharp and tangy. The pastry was a little heavier than I would like but definitely not the worst I’ve had. My dad (who hates everything gf/df says the lemon was good, but the pastry needed to be done more. My mom says the lemon curd was wonderful and she wouldn’t know it was df/gf.

The baked lemon with raspberry tart was a surprise because the lemon was sweet and the raspberry was tart. I was expecting the opposite and think I would have enjoyed that more than the combo it was.

The final tart, again with a cute heart, was a strawberry rhubarb tart. It was a nice surprise as it had a hint of an orange citrus taste. The rhubarb was still slightly crunchy and it was a very yummy tart.

The caramel apple was the next to be sampled. I loved the little Apple on top. My dad says it’s a very distinct flavor and he liked it. I liked that the apple was still a little crunchy and it had a good cinnamon taste that was present but not overpowering. My mom liked the seasonings and was impressed the pastry didn’t taste like typical gf pastry.

The chocolate caramel had a delicious sweet topping that was a little crunchy. It was definitely sweeter than the other two. I liked the contrast between the tarter chocolate and the sweet topping.

The pumpkin (the bottom left) was very creamy tasty. I was a little surprised it didn’t have more of a cinnamon flavor.

While it was super nice to have a tart and to have choice in tart, I have to admit that I would probably order the lemon curd tart if I could only have one as you couldn’t tell it was gluten free and dairy free!


After the bakery, my dad had a couple of errands to run so my mom and I wandered the tourist section of Duncan. It was a super cute area with lots of outdoor decoration!

We went to a couple of stores. The first was an antique store that was lovely, clean, bright and smelled great!

We hit another store that contained a bunch of arts and crafts from a variety of artisans.

It was in this arts store that I found the perfect sign that describes my exercise today.

The third and final store we went into was so cute! I really love stores that have space in them so I don’t feel like a bull in a china Shop.

I founded the cutest West Coast growth chart for my friend’s baby. I’ll have to get it wrapped up and mailed to Regina.

We ended the day with a drink at a brew pub. I think it is the first time I have ordered a drink that I just couldn’t drink. I didn’t like it at all, but the decor was awesome!


We had to be home by a certain time as my parents go for Wings Wednesday with people from the marina and we couldn’t possibly miss that.

I had tuna steak on salad as the waitress said that was the safest thing for me to eat. Most of the table had wings, but my mom had wonderful looking nachos beside me.

It was an awesome final day, but I can’t believe I have to go home tomorrow:(

Once again my dad has a boat full of people so I must go be social.

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “An Out Day

  1. I enjoyed your jaunts today, especially the garage bakery. What a surprise! I liked your comments about the antique store. I go to antique stores with grandson Nathaniel. We went to three or four of them yesterday.

    1. That is very cool that you share that interest with him. I’ve been trying to avoid them as there is really nothing that I need!

  2. This does look like a great day! I was hoping the Haida restaurant would be good, only because I have some Haida relatives by marriage. 😊 Loved all your pics and the tarts look and sound yummy! How funny about the garage bakery. Sorry you have to go home tomorrow, but I have had a lot of fun following your adventure with your parents!

    1. Yes I was disappointed in the restaurant too, but supposedly they are known for their curry. Too bad I didn’t know that when I ordered!
      I’ve had a good time and have a couple of more adventures to go on so can’t complain.

  3. looks like another great day for you. those tarts look good. I like the idea of the lemon raspberry one. I find myself drawn into stores that smell good too. people often forget that sense when planning stores.

    1. The tarts were really good! My mom and I were just talking about that as we both seem to be bigger on the sense of touch and smell than on the sense of sight.

  4. I love trying out a bunch of different things from bakeries. How crazy that it’s in someone’s garage but set up like a bakery storefront almost. The sign is super cute too!

    1. I decided that I would have a taste test so that if I ever see their products again I would know which I liked best. Of course, I’m not sure I would turn down any of their tarts🤣

    1. Yes my dad and I both commented on the fact that the pastry could have been cooked a touch longer. Most of their products are buy and cook so I guess they rely on that.
      Yes I always sleep well on the boat with this lovely rocking:)

  5. I once bought a lemon tart from a group of French nuns who sold pastries at a market. I GOT SO SICK. I swear the eggs were the culprit of some sort. Now I cant look at them. But it was so good going down.

  6. The tarts looked good in the picture and I was sure the pumpkin one was a butter tart – haven’t had a butter tart in years. Every time we went to my grandmother’s house we would get them to take home. My mom didn’t make butter tarts, but made little pecan tarts which tasted similar, not quite as sweet/syrupy. You went to some awesome-looking places. Sorry to hear your vacation is over … I’ll bet it flew by as most vacations or getaways are.

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