I was up with the sun this morning to get things done! A friend of mine has a sister with a cabin on the beach. No one was using it this weekend so we get to enjoy it:)


I had to head downtown to meet up M and E. It was going well until a guy stumbled and grabbed my left arm hard. I was in absolute agony as that’s the arm with the pulled ligament. Thank goodness my friend had Advil! The trip over was easy otherwise, though we were really happy to have a ferry reservation as the sailing was full!


Today was a lot of eating! We are in the ferry and thankfully they had an Asian salmon salad I could eat. It was quite yummy but they should have used mandarin oranges rather than navel ones!

We stopped at the grocery store and picked up essentials, like rice chips and cookies 🤣😜

Dinner was awesome as we did homemade pizza.

I will definitely be doing these at home too!


Other than making dinner we hung out on the deck, hung out on the sand and walked the beach. Here are some shots to show you the lovely scenery!

Have fun:)


23 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. Between you and my sister I am longing for the beach! She sends daily video of the Atlantic in Daytona Beach, and now you are tempting me with the water. I don’t have another beach vacation planned this year!!! Ugh!

  2. looks like a fun trip and beautiful place to stay. you have seen a lot of fun and relaxing places this summer. I’m glad you are getting to go and explore

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