Today I learned that I am not a particularly friendly morning person. I need a few minutes of quiet to get my brain going.


We headed out first thing this morning for a hike that my friend’s sister recommended. She would be a great Airbnb hostess! We parked at the end of a road with the expectation that we would walk in to see a waterfall. I texted my mom the details and then realized that it was going to be less than 5km round trip! Obviously my definition of exercise is different🤣. It was a lovely walk.

I have to admit we were a little underwhelmed by the falls.

It turns out we didn’t see the “real” Falls. 🤣. Oh well, it was still a nice walk.


We headed into Sechelt after this to a bakery. It was super cute and had a good menu, but the wait to order was about fifteen minutes and then we had a forty-five minute wait for our food. Good thing it was good, though there was a hair in mine:(

I also had a treat from the Cheeky Monkey bakery.

This was just a few doors down from the bakery. It’s a very small space and I have to admit I am a little confused about exactly how many stores are in the space as there was also Seafoam smoothies and talk of salads. I ended up choosing the chocolate caramel shortbread bar. Only their bars were gluten free and dairy free and they all had chocolate in them.

This was not as sweet as I like as the chocolate was dark chocolate. My friends both chose the earl grey cupcake and said it had a good earl grey taste but the texture of a muffin more than a cupcake.


I finally finished another book for NetGalley.

One More Moment is the story of Charlotte Clark, an overworked social worker and Julian Grayson, the drummer for the band Shaughnessy.

I loved lots of things about this book. There are laugh-out-loud moments, especially the first meeting of these characters.

I loved the band members and how they stood by each other and provided a support network.

I loved how it highlighted charities and simple ways everyone could volunteer and help out.

I loved the pacing of the book as it doesn’t lag or rush. There is a whiff of insta-love but it’s not overpowering. I liked how the characters dealt with this.

I loved how realistic the characters were. They had their problems and had to work through them in their own way. They stayed true to their characters, even the parts of their personalities that drive me crazy!

I would recommend this book for anyone who has enjoyed Samantha Chase in the past or the Shaughnessy family series as they make an appearance. Anyone who likes music romances or those that start with a hilarious misunderstanding would enjoy this one.

Thank you to NetGalley, Samantha Chase and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for the honest review.


I spent some time this afternoon working on a scarf for a friend. She requested a long, purple scarf. I had started an entrelac scarf, but didn’t like how it had a good side and a bad side. It seemed like you’d be forever adjusting to try and hide the “bad” side. I found a new pattern “Speed bumps” on Ravelry and have just finished the first pattern repeat. So far so good!


This evening we are watching Like Father, a Netflix original movie. So far, I have to admit it’s slow, but maybe it will pick up:)

Edit: the movie got way better with some very cute scenes!

Well I’ll leave you now.

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. Wow, the treats look delicious. I made some yesterday at home. Keeping the low carb in mind. The walk seems interesting and you did get exercise. It reminds me of the Catskills where I grew up.

  2. guess you will have go to back and find the real water fall? maybe it will make your walk longer.

    ewww hair in my food would be the end of me eating at the location. that’s just nasty. I’ve watched way too many restaurant shows (restaurant impossible, 24 hours to hell and back etc…) that talk about making over restaurants and that makes me very hyper aware of the conditions of restaurants.

    1. We tried a different one- maybe I’ll try the Chapman again one day.
      That makes me glad I don’t watch tv. It was definitely gross but I found it in the last few bites so I was done anyways and not waiting in the huge lineup again to tell them!

  3. Aww. You are such a sweet reader!! The trail you ran on looks like a mountain bide trail to me. I’m reading a book Al gave me about minor league baseball. AJ Zach took a teaching job in Chicago on Thursday. WE ARE OVER THE MOON. Good school. Great area. Now to help him move!

    1. I was thinking it would be a good mountain bike trail as I was walking it!
      Yay🎊🎉Congrats to Zach!!! You will love having him closer:)

  4. I liked that twisted tree – very interesting looking and that’s a bummer about the Falls. Next time you’ll see everything. I liked the name of the bakery “Cheeky Monkey”. Ugh to the hair in the food.

      1. I hear you on that – last year I opened a can of creamed corn and took a few bites, then saw a big dead fly in the corn. I’m still here and lived to tell about it but it made me feel sick. It was Del Monte corn and the customer service person I spoke with said “well no humans touch the corn, nor the cans – the corn goes into big vats then gets funneled into the cans” … but is there no quality control or someone looking into the vat … I have not bought creamed corn since then and now I move around the contents of every can of veggies or fruit before I take a bite.

      2. Oh, I had that happen with cereal last year. Now, I’m no fan of shredded wheat … to me it tastes like a bale of hay, but, like the peanuts, I thought I’d have it every so often instead of oatmeal every day. We used to have it sometimes for breakfast and I thought, unless this stuff has some syrup on it, or some brown sugar, it tastes blah. So I opened the package and it had three biscuits in one brown wrapper. I opened the brown wrapper, put two in a bowl and turned around to reach into the cupboard to get a baggie to put the other one in … and there were some mealworms inching across the countertop … luckily my countertop is cream-colored. Yikes! I took the biscuits I opened and the whole box and bagged them up and was on my way out to the garbage as I didn’t want an infestation of whatever they were and I opened the bag and got the product info/UPC code and wrote them. I got a new box, but they were not apologetic in the least – their attitude was “well it is cereal, that happens sometimes” … now it is just oatmeal or Kashi. I like the original one as it has some crunch to it and sometimes eat it like trail mix … put a few raisins in it. Here is my cornfly – OMG:

      3. Yuck! And I can’t believe that company’s attitude! Thankfully I usually eat oatmeal each day for breakfast

      4. Me too – I love oatmeal and now they are saying the old-fashioned Quaker may have traces of the ingredient that Round-up has. Only the Quaker and only the old-fashioned. I like the thicker oatmeal but I usually buy store brand, last time I got Quaker as they were out of Meijer brand as it was on sale. That fly was pretty large – OMG. And both companies are large companies and they did not really care – “here, have coupons, don’t tell anyone”.

      5. It sure is and I’m not a chronic complainer but the oatmeal episode happened shortly after the fly incident and I had kind of had it by that point. I just saw you and Diane (from Diane’s Kitchen) are on the MackMarie site – I don’t usually read the comments, but saw both of your names right under each other on the Facebook post – wow to their campus and the amenities to their employees. I’ve heard about how they have even have a drycleaning or laundry service if memory serves me right, but those creative little “pods” and the endless food and drinks – that is likely because the employees never go home!!!

    1. Yes the walk was lovely! We saw pictures of the waterfall lately and I think it’s what we saw, but we’re in drought conditions right now

  5. I’m definitely also a “leave me alone for a little while in the morning” kind of person, and travelling with others, I usually try to wake up before they do to avoid revealing my antisocial tendencies. Looks like a lovely trip!

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