I am so glad we didn’t have to rush home today as it gave us another awesome day of fun!


We went for another walk today. This time we hit Cliff Gilker Park which we had read online had a better waterfall than the one we missed yesterday. Well we walked every path in the park, which were much more technical than yesterday’s

And this is the only waterfall we saw!

Maybe I should give up on waterfalls for this holiday!

This was my only exercise for the day and I feel like I’m going to have to go home and run all day every day!!!


We hit another new restaurant today. Unfortunately we were hungry. I really wanted the avocado breakfast bowl with chorizo sausage, but they were sold out so I ended up with a beef burrito bowl with an egg on top. Along with this I had a glass of red sangria, which I had to doctor with simple syrup as it just wasn’t sweet enough!

The food was good, but I’m not sure it was worth the forty five minute wait nor the obnoxious guys sitting behind us.

The view was awesome though!


I spent most of the afternoon knitting on my scarf for my friend.  It was an awesome place to do some knitting, though I was under a blanket because the wine was cool!


I read a couple of short novellas last night so I could finish off a series I have been reading.

Rock With You was insta-love but for some reason it didn’t bother me. Maybe because it was set in a bakery or because how else could it be with a rock star. It was a short but enjoyable read.

I also finished this short story, All I Want For Christmas Is You which was like a little extra scene after the book ended. I loved a peek at life after the book ends and I wish more authors did this!

Product Review:

I found some Ben and Jerry’s dairy free Cherry Garcia almond milk ice cream today and I loved it!

It was incredibly yummy!!!! I got this because there wasn’t much non dairy voice where my friends got ice cream.


We’ve been watching Something Borrowed as we ate dinner. I had forgotten all about this movie/book since it’s been years since I’ve read or seen it.

I’m off to finish the movie and maybe another one.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Another Day of Fun

  1. I guess your water stick wasn’t tuned into the big water falls this trip? At least you got a hike in even if it wasn’t a super long/hard trail. I love the color of that scarf, and I’m sure your friend will appreciate the work/effort

    1. Yup I’m giving up on waterfalls right now🤣
      Thank you- I’m hoping she’ll like the scarf. I’m happier with this design because it’s the same both sides so she doesn’t have to be careful when she wraps it.

  2. What is it with waterfalls and you? LOL! Maybe someday you will see a big one. The largest one I have seen is Niagara, so yeah, hard to beat that one. Bwahahahaha!!!

    1. I’ve seen lots of waterfalls so it wasn’t a big deal. A few years ago I was in Princess Louisa Inlet with my parents and there- every time it rains, there are hundreds of waterfalls. It was very cool! These were still nice walks

    1. It was very yummy and thankfully I finished it this morning so it won’t be coming home with me! That would just be too dangerous!!
      The food this weekend was really good!

  3. That ice cream looked amazing! The purple color of the scarf is beautiful!

    Don’t stop waterfalls hunting! The hunt is what makes it fun… well perhaps! Lol!

    1. The ice cream was really good, but thankfully it’s all gone!
      The hunt is good because it gives me lots of awesome hikes and walks.

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