Yesterday morning I threw my freshly washed clothes back into my bag and headed out the door once again. This time I was with my friend Brenda and heading to visit our running buddies who moved earlier this year.

It was a smooth trip with no problems. We even got an awesome spot on the ferry so a just sat in the car and knitted.

We thankfully had great directions and found their house without incident. It is such a cute little place!


The rest of the day was spent talking and catching up over an awesome meal of salmon, carrots, salad and fresh fruit for dessert.

This couple has a dog so the evening ended with a lovely walk along the water.

As you can tell we still have horrible smoke here from the wildfires, but supposedly it will clear out tomorrow.🤞🏻

Well I’m off to see what adventures today brings:)

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Off Again

  1. Wow, you just keeping going!!😊 It looks like a lovely place! We have smoke here in New York from the fires in Canada as well but it cleared out overnight……stop sharing! Lol

  2. Zach just found his apartment in Chicago yesterday! He got a job teaching Spanish at a Magnet school in the city. HE is very happy they hired him. We are busy helping him sign contracts and the like. He reports for work MONDAY. School begins day after Labor Day for Chicago. His view of the skyline from the school is amazing

    1. Oh that is great that he is excited!!!! We start with kids the day after labour day too, but of course have to be there before to set up.

  3. wow are your summers always this jam packed with fun or are you just having a fun/busy summer? hope the smoke clears for you and you get to enjoy your visit.

    1. This is probably my best summer ever. Usually they are much quieter!!!
      We’ve heard the smoke is supposed to clear soon so fingers crossed!

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