I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from me! For some very strange reason I wasn’t getting service suddenly while I was away and there was no WiFi at my friend’s place.

I had a lovely few days visiting the Sunshine Coast and visiting the couple who taught me how to run and then we’re my running buddies for many years.

Wednesday was a very busy day! I awoke to G making me a tea and everyone else very fancy lattes. He had one of those big machines and I have to say his drinks are more beautiful than anything I’ve seen before!!


We wanted to take them for a meal and they chose the Basted Baker. I had a better experience here this time. It took about ten minutes to get our food and the egg bennies looked great. They did mess up and put butter on my gluten free dairy free biscuit but quickly fixed it. I loved my biscuit with avocado and egg!!!


After sustenance we checked out the balsamic vinegar shop next door. I learned a lot- there is white balsamic vinegar and also there is infused and fused balsamic. The infused flavor will last during cooking while the fused won’t. I ended up buying a bottle of cilantro garlic balsamic vinegar for my salads. It was neat though that the shop owner was actually from my town and we recognized each other, but couldn’t figure out from where.

We then proceeded to look at the sports store and a bead shop. We also stopped into the Cheeky Monkey for treats. I’m becoming a regular at some of these places!

We made our way to this very cute little gift shop!

It so reminded me of my grandma as everything was painted. I looked out the back window of the shop and saw her Adirondack chairs were painted as was her watering can:). We used to say that if you stayed still too long at my grandma’s house you’d end up painted🤣

We ended up buying my friend a tea pot here that she fell in love with:)


We had a look around Robert’s Creek and amazingly they managed to show me things I hadn’t seen in my previous two visits.

The first stop was the mandala that an artist outlines each year and then people of the town get to fill in one square. There were some beautiful pieces and some fun ones.

The scenery around the area of the mandala was gorgeous as well and was originally an 800meter pier for the steamship to moor at which is how people originally got to this area.


Of course after this strenuous morning we stopped for more food and ended up eating at the Gibson’s Market. It is quite new and very bright and beautiful. I think it would be a great place for a wedding. I had a half order of a curry and it was delicious. I hear the BLT and the classic Mac and cheese were also good.

I found this awesome beeswax wrap which is reuseable Saran Wrap, but my mom got it cheaper elsewhere so I’ll pick it up there. They were also filming a movie outside so the gorgeous gate was covered in wreaths. I’ll have to keep my eye out though because it definitely had a Hallmark movie feel to it!😀


The last stop of the day was to grab this ginger brew that was amazing!

I don’t normally like ginger all that much, but I would definitely recommend this!


We hung out back at the house talking and finished the night with dessert and three games of Yahtzee. I managed to win the last game, though all three were super fun! My friends all had lemon curd cupcakes from the Cheeky Monkey and raved about them. I had the oat fudge bar and it was good too, but I really wanted something lemony!

Today was a little quieter. My friends had made an amazing breakfast of fruit salad, yogurt (not for me), hard boiled eggs, cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter and Holy Crap cereal, which is made in their town. It was all so yummy along with many many cups of tea:)


We finally moved our bodies again on a little walk around Kinnikinnick Park. There are many easy trails in here but we did the main one that was just 3km.


I finished a scarf I was working on for a friend after breakfast, but it turned out to be too short. It will go into the charity basket and I’ll have to start over for my friend. I’ll share pictures of it tomorrow:)


On today’s agenda was a cidery that was just up the road from my friend’s place. The cider ended up being way too dry for my tastes, but the property was super cute as are all of their signs as they feature bears. For example, I think this is the true meaning of a growler.


The cidery has a good trick at it, but we decided to go for lunch at the local pub.

It’s hilarious that I really have spent my summer on the water as here again, I ended up.

I had the special of a seafood curry along with salad. This restaurant unfortunately didn’t understand gluten free, dairy free though as they left off the rice but put butter in the sauce.

I knew I was in trouble right away, but thankfully my body waited until I got home to be spectacularly sick many many times!!☹️

I suppose the silver lining is that feeling this way definitely makes me not want to eat which will help me get back to normal!

I’m now back home and in bed and at the end of my holidays almost. Hopefully I can pack a few more fun things into my last week off!

Have fun!


38 thoughts on “Last Hurrah

  1. sounds like a lot of fun. looks like you got in some cool sight seeing. that painting project sounds like so much fun. It would be cool to go see it when it was in progress. sorry your last meal ended up made incorrectly, but at least it was at the end of the trip and not the beginning?

    1. Exactly! I’m glad I wasn’t this sick the whole time I was away!
      I hear the mandala is done during a festival so it would b neat to be there!

  2. I love when a place makes a mistake and quickly fixes it! I know it sounds silly but doing that and not giving the customer a hard time is just great customer service.

    Holy Crap cereal makes me laugh. What a fun name haha. It sounds like you’ve been having a great time!

    1. Yes everyone makes mistakes so that doesn’t bother me at all as long as I still get to eat with everyone else in my party!
      Holy Crap cereal is really good!! And neat to say🤣

  3. I always forget you have a shorter summer and longer winter break. School is gearing up, here too. The Christian school started this week 😳 and the public and Catholic schools next week. More beautiful views this week, that is some gorgeous countryside you live in!

    1. Yes we get two weeks at Christmas and Spring. I am very grateful for the area I live in, though I assume everywhere has something beautiful:)

  4. Wow awesome pictures AJ! I hope you feel better! Nothing like sleeping in your own bed when you don’t feel good! What the heck is holy crap cereal?😊💖 Why are all the Hallmark movies made in Canada?🤔🤔

    1. I am definitely appreciating being in my own bed!
      Holy Crap cereal is a line of cereals produced on the Sunshine Coast that are all natural and all organic. There are several different kinds, but this holiday I had a granola type one. They are very yummy!!
      I think the Hallmark movies are made in Canada because it’s cheaper for US companies to come here and make them, plus we have a ton of different environments in BC so its easy to find a place that looks like somewhere else

  5. You sure are making the most of your waning weeks of vacation. They had some cute stores here – laughed about your grandmother painting everything, but it looked cute and quaint.

      1. I try to make the most of weekends … weather is not cooperating this year. I have a 5K walk at 10:00 a.m. today and we are having a rainy/stormy mid-morning and late afternoon/p.m,. I hate to not go and the rain doesn’t happen, but I hate to get there and it rains (or storms) … it is not on a track, but through a neighborhood and I’m not familiar with the neighborhood …. guess I will play it by ear, but I could walk here this a.m. and beat the rain and get a walk in at least … can’t do both … too much walking and our heat and humidity have returned. Ugh.

      2. Oh I so dislike having to try and judge what Mother Nature is going to do! Can’t wait to hear what you decide to do!

      3. Well AJ, I should have gone earlier and just walked in the Park … one radio station called for rain at 8:00 a.m., the other one at 10:00 a.m. I figured I’d give it a shot. Looked out at 9:00 a.m. – it was fine and got dressed and walked out the door and thunder rumbled … big rumble. Got outside and in the garage and big splats of rain and before I could walk back to the house, torrential rain. So I was mad I didn’t just go earlier, but I likely still would have gotten wet. Sigh. So no walk at all. It just poured and stormed a good two hours. It has stopped raining now but very gray and very humid and we have storms coming late afternoon/evening. Decided to take a break now before the storms roll back in. Disappointed and they would not have cancelled it and rescheduled it as it was sponsored by a rehab center, but run by the organization to cure arthritis.

      4. The rain there may cut the smoke – we had rain off and on and this morning it is foggy!! I’ve not looked outside yet, but they keep mentioning it on the traffic and weather reports every ten minutes. Hope it is not dense so I can get out there before it shoots up to unbearable temps – we are getting 90 degrees today.

      5. Well, I did go out AJ, but I think if I was not chasing this goal, I would have stayed put. It was 75 F (23 C) and almost 100 percent humidity at 9:00 a.m. so I left the camera at home, as I thought the humidity may not be good for it. I walked four miles and said “enough!” It was so hot and humid and so gray out that I thought it’s not a good day for the butterflies – last year I was there and it was overcast, hardly any butterflies, but it wasn’t so hot. The lady who owns the house said the butterflies come out more for the sunshine. My friend Ann Marie just texted me at my e-mail address with some pics she took at 3:15 … she said it was hot, and very crowded. I wanted to go when it began at noon as it is wall-to-wall people, mostly people taking pictures. But it’s a good cause – donations for animal shelters. Whew! I don’t even think I’ll write a blog post because it will be just whining about yesterday and today. 🙂 So I’ll hope next weekend is better for the long holiday, but they said it may rain a couple of days. My boss usually goes away for every long holiday to Canada (his wife’s family has a cabin in Wiarton, in Georgian Bay) and no one uses it but her. I hope the weather cooperates … I realize I could have gone later … this event ran til 4:00 p.m., but it would have just been hotter. We have a carnival in our City and I was going to pop over yesterday or today and I didn’t do that either – kind of a wasted weekend!! This is a blog I wrote about last year’s event: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2017/08/27/butterflies-are-free/

      6. I know, that is why I thought I would not write a post about it – I’d probably whine too much! 🙂 My friend Ann Marie sent me another text – not a single butterfly there. I just wrote the woman and told her I’d be there next year.

      7. 🙂 I think they don’t come out except in sunshine. Oh well, I look at the weather in other places and should be grateful all we had was rain/storms/fog. I’ll take the Pollyanna approach.

  6. The town mandala is such a cute idea and very community building. Our town did that once, but it was just to have the longest stretch of chalk drawings for a world record or something. So it was fun but it only happened once.

    1. Oh that is very cool still. I was amazed that this has been happening for thirty years and each year just gets out on top of the previous years. That community is very inclusive and has a lot of events to celebrate it

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