I couldn’t take sitting around another day, but knew I also couldn’t stress my body out more.


I got up this morning and wanted to run the 42 minute Squad Runner mission, but knew I couldn’t. I don’t think I could stop itching for that long, so I decided to walk instead. It felt great just to be outside and moving, though I definitely wasn’t as quick as I usually am!

I had arranged to go for a bike ride with a colleague this afternoon. Though my bike seat quickly grew uncomfortable, it was still an awesome 18km ride. We figured out the path is a 25km loop and one day soon we would like to do it. We just need to find a map for it first!


I stopped on the way home and picked up a few groceries, unfortunately more than I need, but thankfully the extras are fruits and veggies. It will be so nice to get back to eating normally! I have a meal plan made for the week and hopefully tomorrow I will be doing some cooking!


I finished my library book!

About That Kiss was a great addition to this Jill Shalvis series and I finished it in two days. I liked this book for a few reasons. First it had the strong friendship circle that was predominant. Secondly, the characters were flawed, interesting and realistic. Thirdly, the pace was awesome- it gave enough detail without bogging the reader down in description, details or flowery language. Lastly, I enjoyed that the romance actually took a back seat to the central investigative plot!

I can’t wait for the next in the series which is out at the end of September!


This evening I hung out with my friend Michelle ( who has an awesome blog you should check out😀). We caught up as we hadn’t seen each other in at least a month, maybe two. We also watched a Hallmark movie. It was nice to have someone to enjoy one of these with. We watched Autumn Dreams.

I have no idea why they are in a boat as that didn’t happen in the movie! This movie was neat as it was obviously filmed in Vancouver so we spent lots of time identifying locations. I really liked the driver Hector in this movie and he made the movie for me! Michelle liked the personal assistant and she was good too. I would say this movie is worth watching and the ending is very cute!

Michelle, thanks for an awesome night and for being such a great friend!!!

Well, that’s it for me tonight!

Have fun!


36 thoughts on “Active in a Way

  1. Hope you are done itching now and can run a little today! I am sitting in my sewing room for the first time in two weeks, making a list of what I would like to accomplish, and planning out how I’ll send out my parent emails today. I have one week off before the piano studio reopens for fall, and I’m feeling it! Thank goodness we finished the main roof last night. Today we’ll go to the dump and take apart one of the crates and get our cars back in the driveway. I’m glad I can read about your days, AJ, because they make me smile, and the adventures are refreshing to my spirit. Most of my days are good, but this month has been some very hard work, so I’ve vacationed in my mind with you!!

    1. Oh Kathy that must have been very stressful to have to do the roof and a ton of work!!! I’m glad you are finished that one.
      That’s a great idea to make a list as I’m feeling a little like I’m always trying to remember what I need to do!
      I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about my holiday as I really enjoyed having them!! I have just over a week left and I’ll have to try and make the most of each day!

      1. We got all the old edging and gutters to the dump today and took apart the shipping crate, so now the yard and drive are pretty much back to normal. We’ll do a couple of pieces of edging every evening, and it will all be installed in a week or two. No more of those back breaking days!

  2. I wish I had a bike trail that was close so I didn’t have to haul my bike around. But with no good roads to even get to bike trail I will wish in vain.

    1. Oh my bike has been living in the back of my vehicle as I’m not ready to try the path that is by me which is all hills and I’m definitely not ready for street riding, so I will have to continue to drive places. I guess it’s good I have a small kids bike🤣

  3. Might as well enjoy your food treats and mini vacation treats before getting back into the regimen … then it will be easy to keep your nose to the grindstone again … going to check out Michelle’s blog too.

  4. Of course, now I wish I was a Canadian girl as well. 🙂 Well, more than just having lived there 10 years and saying I am Canadian on my green card – I am still a Canadian at heart. The post about Alaska and the cruise and the different ports was awesome. Alaska is on my bucket list – well someday, hopefully.

      1. It has been on mine for a long time … in 1982 I was torn between a Panama Canal cruise and Alaska cruise … I did Panama Canal instead – it was interesting, but I wish I had done Alaska instead. We had many days at sea in the 2-week trip and not much to see those days at sea, where Alaska, at least you’d see whales or glaciers when you were not in port.

      2. Yes, that was a good split – we did have a lot of days in a row at sea, even though it was a beautiful trip. I had worried there may be unrest at some ports of call at some time in the future, so I put Alaska on the back burner unfortunately. I have a friend who goes to Alaska every few years with his fishing buddies. They go to a remote location, are dropped off by plane and picked up a week or 10 days later. They like the ambiance, even though they are all catch-and-release fishermen.

      3. It was an interesting trip and very scenic where we went, especially the San Blas Islands which was my favorite place. It was a tiny island where the people lived in these grass-type huts and wove brightly colored cloth and dressed in the cloth (like a wrapper) … I did a blog post a few years ago as it was so hot and this cruise was in mid-October and it was a steamy hot day when we were there, went in on a small tender and spent 1/2 day there. Ship’s photographer took a pic of me with some native children: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2016/08/11/island-girl/

      4. That is so neat you got to see a culture that is so different from your own. You’re good about experiencing new things!

      5. I saw someone’s comment on the Mack Marie recent blog post about “enjoying your 20s” and it made me a little sad because people used to say that to me and in my 20s I was happily experiencing international and domestic travel and enjoying myself and really didn’t think much about the future at all, just the present. I was done with school (college) and then how quickly the years rolled forward and life events intervened as well. Poof … here I am in 2018 and I realize just how true those words were.

  5. you need biking shorts! I rode on Monday with the boys. I rode 3 miles (just under 5km) and I really wish I had my bike shorts on! they make a huge difference and your backside will thank you the next day (:

      1. look for padded biking shorts. they have them in all kinds of styles. I wear ones that look like khaki shorts, and have another one that is a liner that can be worn under any type of shorts. they have ones similar to running shorts and even have padded underwear now. the padding is the important part!

      2. Oh I didn’t realize there were so many options. I guess I’d better decide what I want to go with and probably have to order them

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