I am almost back to routine.


I dragged myself out of bed for my Sunday morning run. I don’t know why I was so tired, but I really was. I gave myself permission to run even slower than normal, but I had to go as I was meeting people.

I ended up doing 6.5km along the river. I was super slow and it decided to pour rain the whole time we were out there, but oh well, I’d better get used to it again and we definitely need the rain!

My running buddies were awesome as I was 600m short of my distance when we got back to the car and they carried on with me:)

This evening I decided there was no time like the present to get back to routine so I found a workout to do and did it. I often screenshot workouts and then don’t know where I got them. So I apologize to whoever created this great workout. If it was you, please let me know so I can give you credit!!!

20 Around the world lunges

12 stability ball hamstring curls

12 SL Bridges

12 sumo squat calf raises

12 SL deadlifts

12 deadlifts

10 curtsy lunges

10 medicine ball jump squats

10 knee tucks

10 pikes

10 side plank knee tucks

10 banded fire hydrants

10 banded aide leg raises

10 clams

10 plank leg lifts

I love the fact that I was sweaty by the time I got to the end. It felt good to be moving again!


I finished another Susan Mallery library book (it’s due back tomorrow!) called Second Chance Girl. It is part of the Happily Inc series and was quite enjoyable. I think Matthias is my favourite brother so far in this series as he’s more upbeat and personable. I liked that the book featured both of the Lund sisters, but I truly think they both could have had their own books as it felt quite surface for both relationships.

I of course have started another book already which I am really enjoying!


Around my long nap, I have also done some knitting today. I had knit a scarf for my friend while I was away, but it was too short, so I picked up more yarn and have started a new one! The yarn I picked is Loops and Threads Charisma Heather. This friend is not a knitter so I wanted something that wasn’t delicate. I have a week to get it done, and thankfully finally made some progress today while watching some old Hallmark movies.


I spent some more time in the kitchen today. I was amazed to learn that all of my running buddies, past and present have a lovely brunch once they get home from our run on Sunday morning! Why have I never done this??? Today I did. I love breakfast hash and so made up my own. I heated cubed sweet potato, added celery, garlic, purple pepper and onion, then chorizo sausage, mushrooms and spinach. I topped it with some mozzarella cheese and an egg. It was so good I could eat it everyday!

My egg wasn’t pretty so you get a picture pre-egg.

I also tried another recipe from my Ella Woodward cookbook

Today I tried the carrot muffins. They are edible, but I find them too heavy and dense for my taste. I’ve done a lot of gf/df baking and there is better baking out there! I will try a few of the other recipes before I decide whether to keep the book.

Well I’m back to my book, knitting and movie:)

Have fun!


61 thoughts on “Back to Routine

  1. Exercise — I could resonate with one item on your list of exercises — deadlift. I have no idea what deadlift is, but I’m sure it describes my attempt to exercise.

    I’m giggling. I’ve never seen a pre-egg picture before.

  2. Isn’t a routine great? I am the same, today I got up and am trying to get back into my work routine…so I’m ready to go next week when things get going.

  3. That strength workout looks intense!! Also I’ve never made a breakfast hash but that looks so tasty that now I want to try. Thank you for the inspiration!! I’ve been feeling in a funk with cooking recently.

    1. The hash was super easy and yummy! They are one of my favourite things to make!! I’m actually going to use your veggie/potato/sausage recipe to use up the rest of the chorizo sausage:). So thank you for writing about that the other day and reminding me!

      1. I bet it would taste amazing with chorizo!! I absolutely love chorizo though so I could be biased on that 🙂 Definitely keep me posted on how it works together!

    1. Ok so it’s not just me! I know this isn’t her newest cookbook, but I was surprised by the texture and density of these baked goods. The carrot muffins taste good though so I’ll freeze them. I tried one of her smoothies today and it tasted good.

    1. Oh I would encourage you to try it as it’s simple to make, you can use absolutely anything you have and it tastes great!

      1. That’s what you said – I would be up a creek if I lived there, but would rather live there than here – believe me. We have another oppressive-feeling day and I walked at the grocery store instead this morning … I was still hot.

      2. It is nothin’ special these days, I’ll tell you … parts of northern Michigan have severe weather slated for tonight, maybe tornadic activity. That is not close to me, but we may have some potentially severe weather tomorrow. They seem to be downplaying it more today, but still a stormy day on tap for Wednesday. I might be able to squeak a walk in in the morning though thankfully.

      3. Wow I can’t imagine being in or near a tornado!!! We are slated for rain tomorrow too and of course I have to do a long drive:(

      4. I hate driving in heavy rain. We had the tornado not too far from Heritage Park earlier this Summer … it took down some signs and some building roofs. Tornado season in Michigan is April through August … but we are having such hot and unstable weather right now, they had two in northern Michigan – one of the bloggers who lives there said they were not too far from her.

      5. That must be so scary!!!! I’m thankful that we rarely even get thunder and lightning where I live right on the coast.

      6. Yes, you are lucky and we had a minor earthquake and a meteor hit earlier this year, then the small tornado – I think that is enough for one year!

      7. Oh my that is definitely enough!!!
        We get lots of earthquakes as we are right on a fault line, but I’ve only ever felt a couple of them. I should look up and see if there is a website that tells you how often there is an earthquake. I seem to recall it’s every few minutes in our area

      8. Wow, that many! I think we were a 3.6 if I remember correctly. I felt the movement and ran to the front door – everyone was on their front porch saying “did you feel that?”

      9. I am going to unplug the computer and waiting on the A/C to go off and shut it off – one weather forecaster says we may have the tail end of the storms but not severe, the other says “no” … I am concerned I won’t hear it and have a lightning strike on the A/C unit. Then I don’t have to sleep with one ear open. 🙂

      10. Got it done and didn’t have to walk in between the frozen peas and the peaches. 🙂 I went out and still hot but there was a breeze (yeah) so I stayed in the neighborhood just to get my four miles in – I figure I can do 5 miles tomorrow and 5 miles Friday and then 350 miles left … it is rumbling out there now, we are supposed to have a rainy/stormy day.

      11. Oh that’s great you didn’t have to resort to the frozen section and that you have a plan for the next two days:)

      12. I do think it is doable and it is starting to cool down to 50 degrees overnight – it had been only going to 75-76 degrees overnight – just crazy weather. And, then I start marching forward for the final push. You’d think it was a matter of life or death for goodness sake, but I know you know how it is with goals. Enjoy those last few morning runs before they are limited to weekends after Labor Day. The sun is not getting up until 7:00 a.m. now – I hate that. A few schools in Michigan opened this past Monday as they said the sports teams had been back practicing anyway, the cheer squad, the band … might as well open up school. So, that was all good but yesterday and today they closed the schools as it was too hot and they had no A/C. P.S. – we had no A/C when I was in school, but I’m not going to harp on it. 🙂

      13. Yup goals are tough not to meet! I always find myself doing crazy things to meet them!
        Wow no AC closes the schools! We don’t have AC in schools up here

      14. I’ll have to figure out my next stepping stone and time frame for it … September has to be the big push before it gets too much darker in the a.m. and the black ice worries will begin mid-October.

        Maybe Canadians are more adaptable to the weather? They have opened 143 school districts this week and I was surprised as our Governor mandated no schools would open until after Labor Day to help the tourist trade (Northern Michigan … lots of people go camping or have cottages up there). So 143 districts got permission to open in an effort to meet their 180 days of school in the school year … then they close due to heat. The kids were probably hoping the heat would last thru the end of the week. I had to laugh. I don’t even think we had the tall, stand-up fans in our classes and we had a dress code. The kids are allowed to wear shorts in our school system – I see them walking to school in shorts (I mean all grade levels). And they close in the Winter on really frigid days so the kids don’t have to walk or wait for a bus (a City bus for the Detroit kids or a school bus for other kids). The Catholic schools are already in session since last week, but they get out super early, end of May.

      15. Wow we have a fan, but I don’t think we get the crazy heat or the crazy snow that you guys have. Never really have trouble getting out 180 days in🤣
        Probably a good idea to break your big goal down and get lots done in September:)

      16. I need to live in a nicer weather climate; enough of this nonsense. I’d better make a deal with Mother Nature – she comes through, so will I!!

  4. I just delete photos because I am not willing to pay for an upgrade. Now and then I just clean out fluff photos that were posted on past blogs. I figure nobody is going back to read what I wrote about 5 years ago. LOL!

  5. I just read this blog post and so identified and you will too as we discussed … ahem … housekeeping when other more important things take precedence. I’m not an author, just a blogger but this made me laugh. These are a group of women mystery writers and they all contribute to this blog … I wish I had time to read as they often mention books or are writing mystery novels. When I retire – perhaps I will make a “retirement bucket list” like you have your “Summer vacation bucket list” … https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/2430346/posts/1977060952

    1. Lol that post is perfect!! I say this as I sit in a condo that should be cleaned before I go back to work, but instead I’m knitting

      1. I know, I laughed too and sent it to Anne Mehrling as she and I have discussed housework as all … she shares our attitude toward it. I sit here at 11:09, knowing I should be sleeping and I used to try to get house things done in the morning before I went out, but that was when I went to bed earlier and was not doing blog comments or replies in the a.m. I shut my eyes to dust. 🙂

      2. I am so not a night owl! I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up once I am back at work:(
        Ah the dust will still be there when you’re ready to deal with it! That’s what my mom taught me:)

      3. I was on my way to shut down and wanted to check the weather forecast and came back to send it to a fellow blogger who lives north of me – she wrote a post about her chickens – she has 8 of them, herded them back in once the bad weather started and could not find one. She was worried so was out in the storm, with a cane, knocking on things trying to roust it. She found it, went into the chicken coop and another chicken walked out – they got disoriented in the storm. It was kind of a funny post, though not funny at the time. But I read the recap of that bad storm by the local meteorologist and sent it to her – her and her husband live out in the sticks and are really into following the weather. I was keeping up with Reader til about a month ago when I got so busy at work, and now I can’t seem to keep up – I left about 8 unread because I will surely groan when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning now. I never have been a night owl and I cannot remember the last time I went out in the dark. 🙂

  6. The workout seems quick and efficient. I love that you can use up some leftovers for hash. It’s a quick, budget friendly, and filling meal.

    I need to get back into my running routine. I miss it. This article really made me feel that. Thanks for the reminder!

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