Today was full of things that were better than I thought they’d be.

I had to start the day by finally getting on the scale and finding out how much my month of holidaying cost me. I was quite happy it was only five pounds and hopefully they’ll be gone soon! You may see more pictures of what I’m eating so that I stay on track and feel free to “yell at me” if I’m not exercising consistently.


I dropped off my library books and started my run from the opposite side as I usually do. I hadn’t gone far when I knew it wasn’t going to be a great run. I actually turned around at one point and then thought, no I’d better get it done first thing. It ended up being a combination of walking and running. I suppose I had it coming as I have been eating unhealthy food and and can tell you I haven’t been drinking enough water. I guess it all caught up to me.

On my run, I was thinking about upcoming workouts. Last year I started the school year running before school at 6am, but it really only worked until it got too dark so I am thinking that I am going to stick with after school runs. I think it might serve as a good way to clear my head as well as get some exercise.

This evening, I wanted to do something to continue to get back to being healthy but I’m still slightly sore from last night’s workout so I decided to do an ab workout as it is the first day my stomach isn’t sore. I did: 10 weighted sit ups, 20 crunches, 30 twisted mountain climbers, 40 static crunch with scissor legs, 50 reverse curls, 60 toe reaches, 70 weighted Russian twists, 80 bicycles, 90 leg drops, 100 dead bugs.

At this point I am thinking that I will alternate an ab workout with a regular workout. We’ll see how that goes.

I guess it was my day to make active decisions🤣


I had made plans to meet up with my friend Brenda to go to Gourmet Warehouse. Neither of us are allowed in this store without supervision so we go together a couple of times a year. It was fun to poke through for a couple of hours and there were lots of things I wanted, but I just came home with this:


Another part of the fun of Gourmet Warehouse is that there is a fabulous restaurant nearby. It is called Scandilicious. It is horrible to find parking around there, but is definitely worth the search! The other two times I’ve been to Scandilicious I’ve had the Veganessa which is a gluten free and dairy free waffle with peanut butter, jam and berries. This time, the girl at the counter said that three other dishes could be made gf/df. I was a little nervous after my recent dairy problem, but went for it and had the Westcoast with lemon dill sauce rather than hollandaise.

It was amazing!!!!!!! Waffle with smoked salmon, capers, lemon dill sauce and two eggs! Oh I could eat that for every meal!! Their chai latte with almond milk was really good too!

Brenda had the ABBA which she was raving about as well. It is Brie, bacon, apple and avocado on a waffle with balsamic drizzled on top.

On the way home I saw the Chomp Eatery I have been wanting to try but don’t know if I can give up going to Scandilicious to try Chomp🤣


I haven’t knitted yet today, though it is on the agenda for after I get this post done, but I wanted to finally show you the scarf I made last week.

It is more purple than it shows in the picture, but I like how it is reversible as the pattern is the same on both sides. It knit up fast and will now go in my basket to be gifted or donated as it is not long enough for my friend Kari. It is the speed bumps pattern on ravelry and just made with red heart yarn I had in my stash.


Instead of the knitting I was supposed to be doing, I sat on my deck reading all afternoon. I finished my last library book, and I’m not allowed anymore until I get caught up on ARCs and the loaned books.

I really enjoyed Moonlight Over Manhattan as it’s the newest in the series. I liked how it brought two different Sarah Morgan series together so I got a little update on the characters from the O’Neil series. The characters were interesting and I especially liked the main woman as there were lots of things I could relate to. I also liked that the book was about self-growth a lot and yet it was laugh out loud funny in parts. A great summer read!


So I caught up on my blog reading today and realized you all are who I should ask. The other night, WordPress told me photos couldn’t be uploaded as I had used all of my 3G. I deleted a few pictures that were duplicated which has solved the problem for the moment, but I am wondering how other people have dealt with this problem?

Well I’m off to knit!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Not As Bad As I Thought

  1. You’re an exercise machine AJ. I struggle just to get my walking in, which I haven’t been doing lately because it’s so hot and I haven’t been feeling particularly well besides. But your posts inspire me.
    For some reason three of your pictures aren’t loading so I can’t see them. 😔
    You can’t go into that store without supervision? 😂
    I haven’t reached my media limit on WP yet I guess. But I’m sure it’s coming. Lovely. I have enough issues with WP to begin with. 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Oh good thing you mentioned it as that probably would have been my first move. It doesn’t say anything but have you found something that works and doesn’t leave marks?

      2. If I make cookies then I will use parchment paper. If I’m roasting potatoes then I just put a little bit of olive oil on the pan and spread it around. I believe the paper on it said not to spray it but my genius self decided that I was smarter than the manufacturer and knew what was best. Plot twist – I was not smarter

  2. Can’t help with the technology question. I am fighting with 3 pounds this summer. We are just going out too much! I need to lose those 3. I cant let it get out of hand as it well could!

  3. I believe one of my other bloggy friends had that issue, so she created a new site with the same name and a 2 behind it, and we all followed her, so it was pretty seamless from my view. She had the new site ready when she announced it on the old, so it was pretty easy.

  4. I’ve never had that problem but in the beginning I used no pictures, then just one up until about the last 18 months, then added more and more pictures. The waffles looked good – you cannot be hungry and venture onto Reader or you will be looking for a snack, especially this late at night!

  5. I’ve never ever needed a candy thermometer, but for some reason I feel like I need to get one!!
    The pictures is a real bummer and I figured you must be getting close to the limit soon because of the amount of pictures you post! Other than deleting old pics (then they are not in the posts anymore) or not putting in as many pics (which wouldn’t be fun) I have no suggestions!:/ other than paying for a blog plan….which isn’t the smartest answer in my opinion!!
    I think Kathy’s answer would be the right/best one!! You might lose some views, but I wouldn’t think it would be a lot! You could always just make a post that says “head to ‘new website’ ” and then post it a couple times in the following weeks after you switch over. because if someone isn’t on for two weeks….when they get back on, if they don’t read all the posts they didn’t read in the last two weeks they may not see that ‘new website’ post because it would be so far back in their feed. So posting it multiple times over a span of time would give the most amount of people a chance to notice it and head to the new website. Make sense?

    1. Right now I’m working on putting a link for the books I read instead of a picture of the front of the book, so hopefully that will help for a bit. I may also do that with the Hallmark movies I watch. Then I may have to resort to Kathy’s great idea! I just hate the thought of losing touch with people, but I like your idea of doing multiple posts about having moved.

      1. Oh that’s a really smart idea for the books and movies that I hadn’t thought of!! Are you going back through all the old posts and doing that or just from here on out? Going back through would gain you a ton of GB…..but it’ll probably be a hefty project too.
        I hope it gains you some space to give you a little more time to think about it and plan

      2. I am going back through the posts as now I have to delete pictures in order to add any pictures to my new posts.

  6. Your blog seems to be making me hungry with the great food photos. Ah the deleted photos and photo management – that happened to me a couple times. I am going to do a future blog post about WordPress and photo management – share my tips and see if others will share those.

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