It was a lovely day with my mom. We didn’t do anything super exciting, but it’s just so nice to have company!


This morning I managed to get up another fifteen minutes earlier. One more roll back and then I just need to maintain the time to get used to work. I had to head straight out this morning to get my run in. It was lovely to be able to get out in the cool, fresh air. I did my usual 6.3km route, but cut it a little shorter as I didn’t have to do that much to finish the Squad Runner mission. I did manage to pick it up a couple of times in the speed department. I’d like to blame the lack of speed on my five pounds, but I think it’s more the lack of weight training:(


I ran through the shower, grabbed a carrot muffin and met my parents at my school. My dad took my chair away to attach the new wheels and my mom and I tackled the last few tasks. I’m happy with my classroom but the one thing left to do is to go through my container stash. I seem to find it very difficult to get rid of containers, but now they don’t all fit. I really don’t want to spend more time in my classroom this week, but I also know that if I don’t do it this week while my mom is here to help (they are all well above my head, even on a ladder) then it will have to wait until November:(. Oh well, that’s not the worst thing in the world!


At noon we knocked off for lunch at the pub. Today we got to go to the good pub! My mom and I split the nachos. We get all the toppings on the side and my mom gets the cheese and sour cream and I get the guacamole and salsa:)

We didn’t even manage to finish the half order!!!


I ran down to the teacher store in Vancouver. I needed my bee labels and picked up some desk plates for two other teachers. After making that trek I have decided that if my local teacher store doesn’t have the supply I need, I’ll be ordering it online. I just don’t need enough after sixteen years of teaching to make the trip worthwhile.


I have spent the evening finishing up the scarf I am making for my friend Kari. I am much happier with this one than the other. It is done in Loops and Threads: Charisma Heather in purple. The pattern is double seed which I always love. It is nice and soft so it will hopefully be what she wanted:)

I will grab a photo tomorrow in the sunshine.

Well, I guess I’m back to working on the rug from now on.

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Another Day of Fun

  1. You’re on your way to “The Regimen” and soon you and your fellow teachers and assistants will be counting the days til Thanksgiving Day off and then Christmas vacation. Those nachos looks delicious.

    1. Yup the countdown to Christmas begins almost immediately🤣
      The nachos were really good. It’s a nice change that they are done with potatoes instead of corn chips

      1. That’s funny, but I can’t blame you – it is one thing to be on vacation a couple of weeks, but when you are talking a long period of time being off like you were, it would be very hard to get back into the groove again. I thought that was unusual too, having potato chips and they must have been sturdy, or else you couldn’t eat them as finger food and they would have gotten soggy.

      2. They were sturdy potato chips but not so tough that it was sore to chew!
        Yes I would like shorter holidays more often!

      3. Either my dentist or my dental hygienist told me once that one of the biggest reasons that patients come in with teeth or gum issues (besides bad oral hygiene) is eating nacho chips and the chip tip embeds into their gum and has to be taken out with dental tools. I was surprised at that. I would like if our Thanksgiving was in October like yours. Here, Thanksgiving kicks off this massive gift buying frenzy and now people go out Thanksgiving Eve, or Thanksgiving afternoon to get bargains. Takes away from the Thanksgiving meal. I have a friend who works in retail and she has to be at work at 11:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving and at some horrible hour of the morning on Black Friday.

      4. Oh I hadn’t heard that about tortilla chips though I’m not allowed to eat popcorn with my dental implants.
        I have real problems with shopping on thanksgiving! I’m glad my family doesn’t do gifts!

      5. I haven’t had popcorn in years and I used to just love cheese popcorn, but a friend was eating popcorn and got a piece of the chaff embedded in his gum and he had to have gum surgery – he got an infection because the piece got in between his tooth and the gum and he got an infection. I hate to sound paranoid about it, but that was the last popcorn I ever ate. I don’t buy any gifts anymore as I have no family and don’t get anything for my boss since I don’t work on site anymore. Kind of boring for Christmas. I always buy myself something – this year it will be a pair of photographer’s gloves for in the Winter. Someone recommended the gloves with the flip-up mitten covers and the inside of my coat has Velcro and they caught on the Velcro and were torn up badly. So I have to find a better-fitting pair of gloves but not the price that a professional photographer would use.
        I saw them once, have to look them up again. That will be my Christmas present to myself as I don’t really need anything else. Being practical. 🙂

      6. That’s a great gift as it’s something you want but wouldn’t normally buy yourself. When I make knitted gloves or mittens I only plan on them lasting a year as they get caught on everything!

      7. Yes, these really tore apart, but I think they did not “finish” them off properly either … I could picture my mom (a long-time knitter) seeing those glove/mitts and saying “couldn’t they finish this off better? And then she would sit down and work all the ends in and snip them off – but that Velcro really ripped them up badly. I had thought of a pair of Isotoners as they would be good for using the camera, but I don’t know if they are thick enough to do that and they may not be heavy enough.

      8. I think so too AJ – it got to 90 degrees today – probably still 90 degrees! We had more rain Saturday around 10:00 p.m., then this morning at 5:00 a.m., followed by some murky stuff, not fog, but gray and ugly. I just stayed in the neighborhood as it looked like it would pour raining any second. Hauled my raincoat and umbrella with me – I don’t think it every rained, and finally now the sun is out. I did see some and I think I saved the link, but I stick so much info in my “notes” area of my laptop that it is filled up and today I had to make an actual document to save my tidbits, and start out new again.

      9. I saved that “notes” document at the right-hand side of my screen – unbelievably, it was 22 pages long – I was going to go through and edit it to give myself more room to jot stuff down and I looked at all the stuff in there and said “tomorrow” (like Scarlett O’Hara) … unfortunately you can’t search for anything in the notes document. Scrolling takes too long.

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