Today was another busy day!


I gave a friend a ride from the dentist back to work in exchange for 45 tennis balls for my classroom. Lol she had given me some last year but it wasn’t enough for my entire class so I asked for more and just by luck she had gotten some yesterday. I picked them up and had a tour of her new school. We’ll have to eat together soon when we can actually catch up!


I was all for going shopping to finish my mom’s list but she said I had to go in and finish putting sliders in the dollhouse and tennis balls on the chair legs. These things got done and I am as ready as I’m going to get!


I picked up some dolls for my classroom centers. We found a black cardigan, running shoes, socks and black capris for my mom. Not everything accomplished but a good job overall!


I was off this afternoon to visit the PNE fair with a couple of friends. It is one of our summer traditions. I carpooled with a friend and I now have a secret parking place that doesn’t cost $25! I’m so glad as that was one of my least favourite parts of the PNE- paying too much for parking!!

We were laughing when we met up as there must have been a subliminal memo go out!

Jean capris and Skechers for the win!

We went and lined up to see the show house right away.

I wasn’t impressed as it has a very weird layout! The two guest rooms, a bath and the laundry room are on the ground floor and then you go upstairs for your kitchen, dining room and master suite. It also seemed like there was a ton of wasted space!

We also did the farm country, the dragon exhibit, the classic cars,My favourite from my childhood! I was determined to have a 1956 Chevy Belair when I was a kid! Now I don’t want to pay the fuel bill for that!

We also saw the superdogs show which is always cute and the new jousting show which I found boring as there was too much talking and not enough action!

My friends ate a ton of food. I think that might be part of the experience for them, but I didn’t find much I could eat:(

These tacos were good, but extremely small and overpriced!

The final thing of the evening was that an Irishman got me. At the start of summer Gus and I were at an event and he was super interested in this paintball company. I said no, but this time the gorgeous Irishman with the amazing accent got me.🤷🏼‍♀️

I just hope it wasn’t a scam! I already almost regret this purchase, but maybe Gus (and Dawson cause I’m not going paintballing) and I will get one good outing out of it! Though I already know they’ll make their money off the purchase of paintballs:(. Why is taking kids out always so expensive?!?!

Well I have come home to remember that I had ripped my bed apart so now I have to go make it so I can crawl in!

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “The Irish!

      1. I’m looking at it at least hopefully I’ve bought his ticket in. I think they get you on paying for the paintballs once you get there but hopefully not anything else!

  1. sounds like a good day. and trading a drive for 45 tennis balls sounds like you got the better end of the deal, but hey it works!

    1. Yes they go on the chair legs to decrease the amount of sound. Some of my students are too small to actually lift the chairs so the noise of them sliding the chair across the floor is painful!

    1. My mom has made sure that I am very ready for the school year:)

      I am trying my best not to think about actually having to work on Tuesday!

  2. Great minds think alike when it comes to dressing sometimes! That sure was a small order of fish tacos wasn’t it? Are the tennis balls on the bottoms of the chairs so they don’t squeak and make noise on the floors? Good idea … I have baby socks with ribbons on the cuff which are then tied onto the kitchen chair rung so it doesn’t scratch the floor … it works, but sometimes slips around … after a while, the wooden chair leg goes right through the baby tube sock and scratches the floor. What do you do, split them in half and stick them on?

    1. Yes we put a cut in the tennis ball and then stick them over the bottom of the chair leg so when the kids drag the chairs they don’t make as much noise!

      1. You just slit them with scissors then? I never thought about doing that – I just need to glide over the floor, not over the braided rug under the table. That would be great. We bought “chair boots” one time from a catalog. The house is Early American furniture but the kitchen has knickknacks all in country. So these were cows I think. Looked really cute, but slid right off the bottoms of the chair feet. Saves waxing the floor – I haven’t waxed in a while (not that it doesn’t need it).

      2. OK, thanks – I imagine it saves your ears … that squeaking, grating noise that is worse than chalk on the blackboard. Do they still use chalk and blackboards … I imagine for elementary school they do? Or maybe the wash off white board instead though?

      3. That is interesting. My friend who is the same age as me started grad school in August of 2017 – she was really hung up on Blackboard in the beginning, until she got the hang of it.

  3. I don’t understand the overpriced taco thing. We’ve had 3 new taco places open near us in the last year and it’s like $4 for a 4″ taco and a tablespoon of meat 🙄 I just don’t understand because the ingredients it takes to make them are so cheap!!

  4. What a funny exchange!!! I might have read that sentence a couple times to make sure I was reading right lol. Also, that is hilarious with the jean and sketchers! Can’t go wrong with that combo though. I am on a taco kick right now and those look delectable!!

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