Wow! All I want is for my eyes to shut after this day!🤣


The day started very early with driving my parents and aunt and uncle to the airport. I picked them up about 6am, but of course I was up several times before then to make sure I hadn’t overslept🙄

Thankfully the drive went smoothly, they got there and I got back for work in plenty of time, though not in the same condition 🤣

I stopped at my parent’s place to grab the food that needed to be cleaned out of the fridge, and I also grabbed the instant pot😜, but then my water bottle rolled to the middle under my car. It was an expensive Swell bottle so I didn’t want to leave it there, therefore, I had to lay down on the ground to get it. There went bring neat and tidy for the first day of school!


It was an interesting day! With a new principal and a new secretary (has never been an elementary secretary before), and a rascally computer system, it definitely wasn’t the smoothest or most organized first day of school! I’m keeping an open mind though and will just do my best to do my job!

It was great to see my students and I got lots of hugs:). We shared about the best and worst of our holidays or what they were most and least looking forward to. That half hour was awesome as I sure did miss “my kids” this summer!

I am sure it will be the last time that my classroom looks this neat!

L, my co-teacher and I spent time planning and prepping this week, but didn’t really feel like we could move forward as our organization may need to change ☹️😞ugh!


I ran out of school right away to get to my massage appointment. It was pretty painful after missing a month, but N did work on my arm a bit and it felt better:)

The massage did mean that there was no exercise for me today! I hope I do better tomorrow!


I thought I would be showing off my completed rug today, but it was weird! I had a colleague call and talk to me for 45 minutes! It’s strange because we are not particularly close. Oh well, just know I am really close to being done!


I know that Linda really wants to know how I did on my summer bucket list and I will try to write that on my lunch tomorrow. Sorry Linda, I had planned to include it in this post, but I really do need to shut my eyes!

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “Quite a Day

  1. I have loved your school holidays, but I am excited that you are now back at school. I have missed your school related bit of your blog post 🙂 hope today is a bit smoother 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  2. Welcome back!! My girls went back yesterday too! Why is the first day of school so stressful? I dont remember it that way when I was a kid! Of course that was, never mind.. it was a long time ago! Haha🤔💕

  3. Isn’t it funny how when you have to wake up at a certain time during the work week, you can sleep right until your alarm but if you have to wake up for something else you wake up constantly until it’s time to actually get up? How does the body do that haha.

      1. Same! When I was away last week, 2 of the 3 mornings I was wide awake at 3 am. As if I would somehow sleep all the way until 7 missing both my workout alarm and normal alarm to get up.

  4. I’m relieved there were no catastrophic events in the day, other than driving relatives to the airport. I was afraid there would be tales of criers and misbehavers, though not on the airport run.

    1. Lol my dad and uncle together I’m the car could lead to more trouble than Amy child could dream up!🤣
      Hopefully the week continues calmly!

  5. I will indulge you AJ since it was your first day back and will eagerly await your Summer bucket list – you sure did cram a lot of things into your Summer vacation, even if you didn’t get everything ticked off. 🙂 P.S. – Had to share that several of our schools are closed today, the second day back, because of the heat … not just a 1/2 day, nope … an entire day. We are getting up to a “real feel” of 100 F (37 C).

      1. Yes, I’ll keep you on your toes – wait … how will you run then? They closed even more schools as the day went on. Tomorrow it is cooler … I can’t wait!

      1. Yes, it has been horrible here Anne … I walked at the store instead of the Park and yesterday went to actually grocery shop. I saw on Facebook that at Heritage Park just five miles away, they posted a picture of the digital thermometer at 100 degrees at 2:43 p.m.

      2. I have walked at the grocery store only to make my miles and meet my goal Anne, otherwise I’d have stayed in the house. This Summer has been one for the record books and I sure hope it is not the new normal. Finally tomorrow, a nice day, I believe the first totally nice day in a week. Saturday was supposed to be nice, and now I hear Saturday night we may have rain.

  6. sounds like a crazy day. the first day never seems to go smoothly, don’t see it as an omen at this point. You have some time to get life back on schedule.

  7. First days…weeks are like that! I have finished my preschoolers for the week, and they were all an adventure! There’s Mr. ENERGY, Miss Sweetie, and Miss Strong Willed. 🙏🏼

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