It was quite the day!


It’s a good thing I woke up early and joined L for a workout! We alternated between the treadmill and the floor. I was a little worried as it’s been a while since I did an L workout, but I did manage to survive. I did about three minutes on the treadmill each time, averaging about a 6.0. In between I did reverse crunches, tricep extensions,Russian twists, hip bridge, knee tucks, bicycles, bench step ups, and toe touches. I always like these workouts because they go quickly as you are always changing activities!


Today was even crazier! I am trying my best to see the positive in the situation. At this time that would be the fact that I guess I get to do what I want if we aren’t going to have direct leadership.

I got up my nerve and went in this morning and asked if having three 1/2 splits had been considered. I was told it hadn’t and she didn’t have time to do that, but that I could have a look at it. I had no idea if that meant we could have them or not, but I ran with it. I had ten minutes to split the children into three groups. I did so and sent the lists to the two other teachers. I had been told I had until recess but about twenty minutes later, I got told we didn’t have time, but thankfully I already had the lists done. We are now a school with three grade 1/2 classes, but I sure hope that the classes I created aren’t horrible as I didn’t even have the chance to check them over:(

The one great benefit is that Liane and I can now collaborate again and I managed to split some of the problems.

There has been a lot of confusion all day which has been very tiring! I didn’t realize knowing nothing could be exhausting!

We got our class lists today after school and we get our classes on Monday morning so I guess I am spending the weekend getting things ready. Oh yay!

At least my classroom is still tidy!


This evening I met up with three other teachers to celebrate the end of the first week and get caught up. It was nice to see them, but way too loud in the pub! Why do restaurants, pubs and coffee shops all have to be so loud now???

We split a whole bunch of appetizers and I had cider and sangria. It was such a lovely night out, but I really don’t know much that was talked about it:(

Well that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “At The Last Minute

  1. The classroom looks lovely! I agree about pubs and restaurants, the loudness makes it truly difficult for me to concentrate on any one conversation let alone the one I am supposed to be involved in. I find it really overwhelming.

    1. I just can’t hear a thing so I’m never sure if I’m responding correctly. Too bad my house was too messy or I could have invited them over

  2. Sending well wishes for a fabulous new school year!

    I remember the weekend work before every week of school. It’s very hard work! I hope each week it becomes less work for you!

  3. oh the joys of confused administration! I hope everything gets settled out and you find a way to make things work.

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