It was a quiet day with a very slow start. I guess I’m just too old to be out late!


I have to admit that I spent most of the day reading. I just couldn’t get myself up and going. I read Roomating by Noelle Adams and Speed Dating. I very much enjoyed both of the books. The first book is the enemies to relationship theme, though there is definitely hidden emotion. I loved how it was the father who set it all up. Estelle the neighbor, also stole every scene she was in! What a crazy lady!

The second book, Speed Dating, is the friends to relationship theme. I have to say this book didn’t follow my expectations at all! I’m not sure it was as realistic as I was expecting plot wise, but the characters were realistic. Once again the strong community flavor is there too.

I enjoyed both of these short novels!


I did finally drag myself out to do the half hour run I needed to get done. I was happy that regardless of my tiredness I averaged 9.0 to 9.2 km per hour:). It is nice to have some speed back with these cooler Fall temperatures.


I spent this evening with my nephew Gus as my brother and sister in law were going out with old friends who are in town. It was an enjoyable night as always. We ordered pizza ( I have another two meals worth), we went out for ice cream. We also played basketball and I actually managed to beat Gus at two games of 21. Makes me think that he was taking it easy on me as I’m only good at throwing from the line.

I of course, spent plenty of time with the fur nephew as well:)

Well that’s my day and I’m off to sleep!

Have fun!


50 thoughts on “A Slow Start

  1. Pizza, a dog, yup this is a great post 🙂
    The books sound found. Earlier this year I took a break from non stop non fiction and read Nine Women One Dress which “chick lit” but about relationships too – very fun and quick read. I will check out the books you mention.

  2. Pizza looks delicious, your fur nephew always takes a good picture. We have Fall today too – only 58 degrees today but it rained most of the day. I got a walk in early in the day, but in the neighborhood. The weather continues to be weird. A week ago it was 98 degrees. It feels cold enough in the house to put the heat on.

    1. Yes I got a run in this morning but haven’t been out for the other half hour I need to do as it’s raining out there and I’ve been huddled under a blanket all day

      1. It’s not real inviting to leave that blanket you’re huddled under. I had booked myself on a tour of a little lighthouse today at noon – just a 40-foot lighthouse and it was a drive from here, maybe 20 mile round trip, and it started to rain about an hour before … they only open it once a year, but I figured you’d not be able to see anything so I stayed home. House good a better cleaning than usual.

      2. I don’t do it on a regular basis though. I had decided if I could go today to the lighthouse I was going to skip the housework this year. I had something fun planned after the lighthouse and would have been a separate post. You’d have liked it as my friend Evelyn is a knitter and goes to a “fiber festival” every Fall. This was not a fiber festival but I was going to visit an alpaca farm about 3-4 miles from the lighthouse. They shear and spin the yard right there and you can buy yard and also knitted woolen (I guess you’d call it woolen) items from the alpacas that live on the farm. I think they are really cute and it would be something fun to do and get some posts. Will table it to a prettier day.

      3. Oh that would be so neat to see. I have been to an alpaca farm but all you got to visit was the store there and they didn’t teach you about the process. I can’t wait for you to do that!!🤣

      4. Yes, I thought it would be fun, but not to go there on a rainy day either – would be soggy in the farmyard (assuming they are penned up outside). I understand it is a big farm and one article I read said they have 80 of them now. They got some nice reviews on Yelp too. That is something for a warm and sunny day – not the ugly drizzly day like we had today.

      5. I was mentioning to a fellow blogger who lives in Bergen, Norway about all our rain. He said “I just go out anyway, otherwise I’d never get out” so I told him you said the same thing about Vancouver Island … you said that’s because it was a tropical rainforest, so you got more than 200 days of rain a year. He says “I can top that – Bergen has at least 240 days of rain a year and it is the rainiest city in the world. I told him I thought Bergen would be having records for snowfall, not rainfall.

      6. Oh that is interesting. I hadn’t thought Norway would get so much rain. I do live in a rainforest, but it’s unfortunately a temperate one. Not quite so lovely as a tropical one!

      7. Same here – but he says Bergen is the rainiest city in the world. I feel like we should come in second. It has been raining since 11:00 a.m. Sunday and hopefully over by tomorrow morning (they say so). I turned the heat on this morning – it was 69F (20C) in the house and damp and cold – I succumbed. Tomorrow cold then climbing up the thermometer again. You have no snow so it would be nice for me. Hopefully the smoke is all gone now – they never mention the forest fires anymore on the news – all about politics instead.

      8. Oh they’ve been mentioning the forest fires still here, but the rain definitely cleared the smoke from where I am.
        I thought about turning my fireplace on this weekend, but I managed to hold out so far!

      9. I wanted to hold out too; it would be fine if I was doing things in the house, but sitting here typing all day and not moving much didn’t generate enough heat. Early to turn the heat on, unless you have tropical fish, birds or a baby in the house.

      10. Better to be comfortable though! I was freezing at work today- have to remember to go to the two sweater layers now.

      11. I liked wearing my clothes I sewed and my mom enjoyed when I wore the sweaters she knit for me. I still have the tops in a drawer … I haven’t worn anything dressy since working from home.

  3. Your fur nephew is adorable! Today was a good day to stay inside and do nothing at my house. It rained all day. Hubby and I did go to the rec center for an hour on the elliptical, but running outside would definitely have been wet!

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