After dreading it all weekend, I went back to work today.


I feel quite discombobulated! Even after being at work for a week, I feel like I don’t remember what I need to teach the children on the first day. I always feel sorry for the kids during their first few days in their new classroom as it is all about learning the routines. I spend all day explaining and demonstrating how each little task needs to be done. We did survive and I am actually proud of myself for relinquishing control of the rules. Usually I post the same rules each year, but this year I really let the kids go for it. We brainstormed rules and then figured out how to turn them into positive statements. We ended up with:

Be kind.

Ask before you take or touch.

Listen, pay attention and use kind words.

Keep your body and objects to yourself.

Walk in the classroom and hallways.

Are they perfect? No. Will they do the job? Yes!

We had a staff meeting after work which was quite interesting and we finally got our prep schedule, computer and gym times so I can create my schedule tomorrow.

My co teacher and I stayed late and made good progress on the to-do list, but we really need to let go of our unrealistic expectations that everything needs to be ready immediately!


I had walked to school today, carrying my laptop and a big bag of heavy snacks, in order to work on getting the Squad Runner mission. I went out at lunch to finish it up and even though I did 37 minutes, instead of 30, it still didn’t give me the mission point. Grrr😖

I had decided to run after school this year and today was the real test! I got home at 6:30 and didn’t even allow myself to sit down to put my shoes on, just changed and headed back out the door for my run. Thankfully it didn’t have to be super long (I used my walk home towards it) nor did it need to be fast. I ended up doing 5.17km at 7:04pace. I think it counts for double though as it was pouring while I was out there. I did my loop through the park and the water was super high!

I had told one of my Squad Runner teammates that I would work through a marathon training program to give him support so this run got week 1, day 1 done:)


I have spent the evening reading two books- one is my Bookclub book for Saturday. I need to read at least 46 pages a day and so far I am ahead of schedule.

The second book is for NetGalley and I’m quite enjoying it! Hopefully I’ll be able to share reviews soon!

Well I’m exhausted and off to bed!

I must be in a leopard kind of feeling tonight!

Have fun!


51 thoughts on “Back To It

  1. I feel like the first few days at school are tough for everyone! I remember feeling like I didn’t remember how to learn or write good notes haha.

    What book is your book club reading?

  2. Glad you had a great first day!! I know what you mean about routines…I remember having my students practice lining up and walking into my room around the circle twice, and on the 3rd time, their faces were begging me “Not again!” But in the end it made for a smooth start for every class time to have them know exactly where to go. Having your kids help you create the rules for their classroom is such a great idea!

    1. I just keep thinking that I’m forgetting routines that I should be teaching them. I know it will pay off in the end, but it sure does make every task take twice as long!

  3. ugh! I hate the first few days of school. it feels like running uphill backwards. setting the routines and expectations are so important, but life sucking moments in the teaching day. I hope your class smooths out and you have a fantastic year

    1. That is exactly how I’m feeling! I also feel like I’m forgetting things I should be teaching them and everything takes so long because I have to explain every minute detail!!! Ugh! Ok rant over:)

  4. That last shot feels real snug and gets me in the mood for chilly days. Soon!
    Meanwhile after a week of eating and inhaling the mountain air, I am back to my regular runs and my legs are protesting. It started raining at my end too while I was in the middle of my run today, but it felt so good to complete it.
    Have a productive week AJ. 🙂 xx

    1. I ran again today and I admit my legs are feeling it too, but it does work to calm me down after work!
      I actually had perfect timing as it started pouring right after I came in.

  5. Be glad you teach elementary school AJ – today we had two high school girls “duking it out” over a boy. Many years ago, it would be just words when two teenaged girls discover they are dating the same teenaged boy. But no, words are not enough and in a full classroom, the one girl attacked the other with a steak knife while everyone watched. She stabbed her and she died one hour later. Both were straight “A” students. I have no words.

      1. Yes, it is really terrible. I don’t read the comments below news stories because people go off on one another and on tangents, etc., but what they say is true. Years ago, students would argue with words, maybe a fight, but a steak knife? Who brings a steak knife to school? Not a bullying situation/retribution either, just over a boy. Feel free to delete this from your blog post – I just wanted you to see it and could have sent it to your e-mail, but did it here.

      2. I just can’t believe it! I try my best to avoid news as it’s just depressing how you only hear about the bad things:(

      3. I think so too … they are full and far between though. That is the problem, and even this story has not taken precedence as the day wanes. Meanwhile one family makes burial plans and another looks at their finances to decide how fancy of a defense lawyer they can afford.

      4. Perhaps, but I think we have slid too far into an abyss … at least over here; I don’t know if it is as bad in Canada. That was a trending story on our local news most of the day – the school is still closed today and they have a candellight vigil this afternoon. It seems that every day there is some type of vigil or memorial for something that could be prevented. Today, the big story is about a special needs student that was punched and thrown to the ground by her bus driver.

      5. Ok I would quit listening g to the news! That’s an awful way to start your day. I also wonder about the bias in news. You rarely get the whole story:(

      6. Well, that’s true too – I don’t watch the TV news since I cancelled my cable years ago; I listen to one radio station (all-news station) and get the rest of my news off their internet site and a TV station site. Every day I am amazed a little more about what is going on in the world.

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