My day was okay, but it was going kind of crazy around me!


Today was a fire alarm testing so I had to change routine to drop my key off with the building manager. She didn’t connect me to my text and so there were some desperate “where are you texts” right after I left her. She was much calmer as I came rushing in at the end of the day, with seconds to spare, to get my key back. This surprised me as I never survive fire alarm testing!!!


Another Day of every activity taking twice as long because I had to explain each minute detail!! I still feel like I’m forgetting routines I should be teaching! I wish the hamster would get moving on the wheel that is my brain!!!!!🙄

The day started with me talking a child with a “sore tummy” into staying at school. It all went great all day though!

We had our first sharing circle and talked about our names and then practiced printing our names properly. I noticed last year that it bothered a lot of parents that names weren’t done properly so we decided to start there this year.

We also did our first class book which was, “The Best Part of Me”. We were going to do black and white photos but had the children draw instead. I’m not really sure why a leg or a left arm is the best part, but it will definitely be cute!

While my class was putting along, there were kids being moved in the grade 4/5 classes. Really? The teachers should have been consulted on class placements and then this wouldn’t have happened!

As well, the third grade 1/2 class had hysterical kids! Oh my!

I had one child who was anxious today, but mom stayed in the foyer and hopefully that is all it will take.


Once again, I got home knowing I needed to go out for a 5km run. I sat down and started reading, but then realized I had to get up and going or I never would. The run went fine- 5km at a 6:42 pace. I can live with that! I’m so glad I went when I did as it started absolutely pouring buckets when I got inside! I had a video of it, but it refuses to upload:(


I have spent another night reading two books! I really don’t like reading more than one at a time. I am ahead of schedule for the Bookclub book and am mostly enjoying it.

I finished my NetGalley book this evening. No Kissing Under the Boardwalk by Kate Angell.

This is the story of Tori and Zane. They meet and fall in love as high school seniors, but are torn apart by life and non-communication.

I loved many things about this book and had to resist staying up all night to finish it in one sitting!

The book is written in two sections, 18 years apart. I was surprised that the first section was longer than the second. Usually it is the opposite, but I enjoyed this variation.

I was also surprised by Tori’s plot line in the second half, but again it worked, as it was very realistic.

I enjoyed the secondary characters and plot line just as much as the primary one. It was funny and enjoyable and didn’t follow my expectations either!

The pacing of the book was a little slow in the first part, but I think it emphasizes how much importance this stage of life had on these characters.

This is a second chance romance and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys that scenario.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley who provided me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


I’ve been asked what I buy at Costco and I’ll have to think about this, but I did pick up a new product on the recommendation of a running buddy.

This avocado salsa has been excellent. It has a little spice to it so it’s memorable and tasty, but not overwhelming. I have had it on shrimp, toast, veggies and taco chips and it has been great with all of them. I would highly recommend this one.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Calm Within a Storm

  1. Each day will get a little smoother plus the students will start to remember how certain activities go so you won’t have to explain every little thing.

    Thank you for sharing that salsa!! I’m going to keep my eye out for it when I go to Costco this weekend.

      1. I really hope my Costco has it!! That’s the one downside to Costco, inventory isn’t the same across every store. Doesn’t stop the love affair though haha

    1. Yes this is the crying child from last year so I am looking at the sore tummy as an improvement! I haven’t even had to carry her in yet:)

  2. the whole fire testing thing sounds like it would be a bit crazy to deal with, but at least it is done.

    I too hate how long things take at the beginning of the year, but it is so worth the time now so you don’t have to retrain them later.

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