I feel like for every one thing I get off my list, I add ten more:(


We planned before school today. It was going well until we got interrupted by teachers who needed to vent because our principal caved to a problem parent and moved her child🙄 It’s a slippery slope!

We talked about family today, with the book Love is a Family by Roma Downey and drew pictures. The children did really well for the most part. We also learned how to put papers into duo-tangs! It’s a tough skill, but someone has to teach it🤣

We worked on our number booklet and played the really cool game called mystery number again (I giggle as it’s just guessing a number based on clues, but they seem to love it).

The children had computers and we created our collaborative art piece. I’ll have to take a picture of it tomorrow to share as I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was neat how the children often represented themselves with where they placed their art in the picture- high, low, behind, backwards, etc.

After school, it was back to prep! I spent 48 minutes tracing my bulletin board letters for the students’ name tags. Who comes up with these horrible ideas?? Oh right, it was me:(. I think we are finally ready for next week! I can’t wait until all the yearly set up is done so that I am then just prepping for the week.


I am a little sore from my workout yesterday (in really good places!) so I decided to just walk the Squad Runner mission of an hour today. It got done and that’s all that was required. I’m hoping to do some abs before bed to make up for the laziness!


I am still working my way through The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. It has been really good so far and hopefully I’ll have it done by Saturday afternoon!!


The ea at my school liked her water bottle holder and actually used it today:)

I’m now starting a girl’s poncho in purple which will be for donation at my school’s Christmas fair, but I also need to get going on my parent’s boat Afghan so they can use it in October when they’re back on the boat.

Well I’m off to relax on the couch!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Prep, Prep, Prep

  1. Boy do I hear you on that list thing!! I am in the middle of sewing one top and have spent all morning trying to gather fabric for 2 more small projects! Why can’t I just stay on one project to the finish? Squirrel!

  2. I love your fish board. There are so many things in my room that I say… why did I decide to do this? it’s too much work for me. but then it turns out good and i remember why I planned to do it.

    hope your Friday went smoothly and you can enjoy your weekend

      1. blogging is a great way to deal with grumpy days. I’m sure so many could relate to everything you said even if they aren’t teachers

      2. Lol probably as I’m hoping it’s not just in teaching where you think you’ll do “x” this way and it won’t take long and it’ll be great, and then it doesn’t work that way and takes forever😖

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