It was quite a nice day:)


I have no prep period on Friday so it was just me and the children all day. This morning we started our Friday Journal which is something new I’m doing this year. We brainstormed all we had done this week and they then had to write the sentence, “the best thing this week was…”. My grade 2s has to copy off the board but my grade 1s got a sticky note to copy. I was super persnickety about spelling, spacing and printing, but I am very happy with how it turned out!!! I haven’t decided if we’ll write the same thing every week or not.

After recess we had gym by ourselves. I have noticed that a lot of the children can’t run for very long so we are doing run/walk intervals to start Friday gym to build stamina. We then played Dead Nugget. All were huffing, puffing and red by the end!

This afternoon we had buddy time with our big buddies. The children did an interview of each other. It was neat as I have taught most of the 4/5s too, so very cool to spend time with them again. I also learned during this time that “gh” is silent when it follows a vowel. I hadn’t realized there was a rule around that.


I met up with some current and past colleagues for drinks and dinner. My Shrimp Thai noodle salad was pretty good:) It was great fun to catch up!


However, it was also awesome to come home to my couch as I’ve been super tired today. I am just trying to finish up “The Little Paris Bookshop” for Bookclub tomorrow.


There hasn’t been much today. My usual walk to and from school that I don’t actually count as exercise and some ab work. I guess it’s a day off for me.

I’m back to reading.

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Learn Something Everyday

    1. My job is a lot of work but it’s also rewarding when the children catch on to something new.
      Well the walk is up a hill, so I guess I can count it

  1. Sounds like a good day! You could always do the journal prompts as a monthly thing. So September’s weekly prompt would be about the best thing that happened then October could be about one new thing they learned and then November could be one thing they’re thankful for that week. I know Canada Thanksgiving and US Thanksgiving are different but just an idea!

  2. Another week down! I was so tired last night, I did nothing but read my book. I have 12 new students this fall, and am loving them, but it makes for an exhausting first month while we get the basics covered at their individual levels. I think you are in the same boat, so many learning styles to deal with, and habits to take on. Rest well this weekend!

    1. Dead nugget is a game where I throw out a ton of tennis balls and the kids have to keep them moving at all times by paddling them with their hands. If one stops, I yell “dead nugget” and the kids have three seconds to get it moving again.

  3. I too was going to ask what dead nugget was. sounds like a unique game to play. I think I have that book downloaded onto my kindle I can’t wait to hear what you think of it at the end. maybe I’ll read that one next. I like the idea of the Friday journals. I am having my students reflect at the end of each month so we can create a timeline in the classroom, but getting them writing each week about it is a good idea. you could have them write about something they want to improve on the next week or something they feel they need to review

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