I guess I have to admit the rain is here to stay.


I met up with my running buddies at Colony Farms this morning as there would be no Terry Fox Run there. The rain was literally bouncing off the ground! For only the second time in ten years, we went for coffee/tea without running first. I felt guilty immediately, but enjoyed my warm tea!

Fortunately I had completed the Squad Runner 10km mission yesterday so I didn’t have to worry about that, but this evening I had to go out and get the new 7km mission done. It poured the whole time!! I was literally soaked through just walking across the street to start the run! Amazingly I had a great run and ran into quite a few other people. Wet Coast people go out in rain:). I ended up doing 7.25km at. 6:28 per km pace. I am happy with that!

I don’t think there’s anyway I could convey how wet it was,but this is my attempt.


I spent the majority of my day first waiting for and then recovering from a funeral. My mom’s godfather, my Uncle Willy passed away and since she couldn’t be there, she asked my brother and I to go. It was a lovely service with lots of awesome stories. I of course, just proved my social awkwardness once again:(. My brother is so good at these situations and I’m a wreck. I didn’t recognize my mom’s cousin and so didn’t get that he knew me and was teasing me. Ugh🤦🏼‍♀️. I am just horrible at recognizing faces, though I can remember names forever.

Unfortunately I was mad at myself and ate my feelings:(. I did go for a run and vacuumed and was fine after that, but it just makes me shake my head:(


After the tough school year start up I had ordered some Hallmark movies as a treat:) I got to pick them up today and watched the first one tonight as I ripped out my knitting. The Nine Lives of Christmas was super cute! I will be super happy to watch this again come Christmas. A fireman finds a cat, needs help with it and a veterinary student comes to his rescue. Cute cats and cute men😀. It does remind me there was a cute fireman at the funeral today and one of the few I don’t know.

Well I’m off to sleep so I can be kind, patient Miss B in the morning.

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Did I Really Just Do That?

    1. Nope I do too so it’s not just you! I kept hearing the Rocky soundtrack in my head🤣. I also always feel that my run counts for double:)

  1. That’s a shame that you didn’t recognize your mom’s cousin. You did the best you could, and he teased you. I sometimes miss things like that and feel terrible after. I’m glad you got over it.

    1. Yes my grandma’s both came from large families so it’s easy to run into a cousin you don’t see often. I’m sure I’m already known as the family disaster, so this will just continue the pattern

  2. I’m terrible with adult names. I can remember and match all kinds of kiddos to names and faces, but once you get past about 12… forget it your name goes in one ear and out the other. I guess it is the number of kids inside my brain that makes it so there is no room for adults?

  3. I know you and others keep telling me “it is nice to walk in the rain” and I keep bowing out … I admire that you ran in this rain – it looked like it could climb up to your soles for goodness sake! I am glad I am not the only one uncomfortable with the whole “funeral process” … I do not like to go to the funeral home and when my mom was alive, in later years she did not get around especially well, so I had to “go and represent the family on her behalf” and I was the obedient daughter and did that but after my mom passed away, no more. I am uncomfortable and don’t like to go – luckily I have no relatives so no obligatory visits. I have had co-workers who lost loved ones and even a beloved boss of mine (my first job at the diner) and I could not bring myself to go. I tell people I prefer to remember them vibrant and full of life.

    1. My grandma would never go to funerals either, but with my big extended family I have been To way too many. I’m usually okay if I just keep my mouth shut!

      1. And my grandmother used to go to all her neighbors and friends, not necessarily the funeral, but the funeral home. She’d touch their hand and talk to them while they were laying in the casket. But then again, when she was growing up and in her teens and early 20s, they laid people out in the parlor, so it was a little different than going to the funeral home. I am very uncomfortable with going. My mom wanted to be cremated and her ashes scattered – I have no family and we had no service. But we had planned it that way – for both of us many years before.

      2. Yes, we made our plans a long time ago since it was just us – no other relatives. My mom’s ashes were scattered in Canada in Amherstburg. She did not want to be over in the States – that is one thing she did request.

  4. I love running in the rain which is useful being in the UK. I got really freaked out reading about a load of US runners who did Chicago Half and had not run in the rain before/for ages. You’d have to work reawlly hard here to do that – that’s why we all found the summer extra hard even though it wasn’t as hot as in some places!

    And I wonder if you have prosopagnosia / face blindness if you’re “horrible with faces”. It’s a thing, and it’s a relief when you know you have it. I just tell people now as it’s easier. I don’t even recognise that I have ever met the person before, let alone know who they are, esp out of context. But not sure how you’d manage teaching if you have it.

    1. Yes I run in the rain for most of my runs as I live in a temperate rainforest so it rains a lot. I definitely can’t stay home when it rains or I would never get to rain.
      Hmmm that is very interesting!

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