September is a tough month as its school startup and I want everything in my classroom to be ready and great immediately! Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way:(


I started my day off great by sewing the headband I finished last night before bed.

I used the free Ravelry pattern Mobius Headband. The only change I made was to only use 12 stitches as it looked too wide to me when I tried 20 and 16 stitches. It’s done, it fulfilled the Herbology class this month on HPKCHC, used another skein remnant and will be donated to the Christmas market at school. A win win:)


We wrote about our expectations for grade one and two this morning. I regularly do a piece of writing where I do not provide any support other than a brainstorming session. These works are then posted in the hall under the child’s picture with a bull clip. At the end of the year they are made into a Book and it is very cool to see the progress the students made. From these, I would say my students are a little higher this year.

We also worked on our math printing numbers booklets and our bubble letter art.

It looks like so little when I write it out, but it took us six hours to accomplish🤣

After school, I finally managed to finish off labeling all of the children’s books for the year. They are put away and it feels good to finish this big job! Now onto the next one.


I have to admit I watched a movie on my laptop while I worked on these books during my prep and lunch. I managed to find the movie Yes I Do. This movie was nice to watch as it had the very handsome Marcus Rosner in it. I also enjoyed it because it seemed different from the usual Hallmark movie. She is having to win him over:)


My squad runner mission was a 45 minute run. I just didn’t have it in me, as for the second day in a row, my feet were sore. I took my walk home from work and another half hour and did a 55 minute walk to get the mission. I do feel very guilty for not running though:(

I got the bad news that my running shoe is no longer being made in my size:( I was ready to cry as I don’t have a ton of options in my size. What am I going to do if I can’t find a running shoe that works for me???😢

Well, that’s another work day done and now I shall collapse into bed! I really need to become more exciting or you all will stop reading. I’ll try to come up with something soon:)

Have fun!


54 thoughts on “Getting There

  1. The color of the headband is gorgeous! I watch a movie or show all the time while I work. I just carry my laptop around with me if I’m moving to different spots in the apartment.

    For your running shoes, can you try going to a specialty store? I know you have small feet so I’m not sure if that’s an option for you or not. Another option is to buy multiple pairs of your current shoe in your size before it’s gone. This will give you more time to find a new shoe.

    1. I had gone in to my local Runner’s Den to get a pair of new runners on Sunday but I got a call yesterday to say they weren’t making them and couldn’t get any. I checked online but haven’t found them there either. Maybe I will try Sport Check or something and see if they have any left.

      1. Oh no!! That’s terrible. I just thought you saw a post online saying they weren’t going to be made anymore. Did the running store suggest any other options for you? They would know way more than either of us

  2. Great headband!
    I think buying multiple pairs of running shoes before they’re gone is a good option. I was going to suggest New Balance. They tend to run a bit small which is helpful when you have small feet. I wear them as my everyday shoe and have been pleased with how long they last.

    1. Thank you.
      I’ve been searching and can’t find anyone with any of my shoe left:(
      I’ll be checking out New Balance as it’s one of three that makes kids running shoes.

  3. That headband is SO cute! I love that color purple.

    I love that exercise!! I bet it’s so rewarding for you and the kids to look back and see all that has been accomplished at the end of the year!

    How did they stop making a running shoe in a size?! That sounds like a crime! Oh no- I hope you find a good replacement soon! Maybe try ebay and find all the leftovers?!

  4. I love the changes you made to your blog background, very cool. I enjoy reading about your day and can totally appreciate the feeling that you didn’t do a lot during the day even if it filled up the day. there are so many little this and that things that we do that suck up so much time.

    1. Ok I didn’t know I had made changes to my blog background!🤣 I wonder what I did???
      Ugh even putting a sheet into the duo tang seems to take 15 minutes:(

  5. Your purple headband looks warm for those chilly runs – how is hair coming along AJ – is it longer and easier to work with now? Easy Spirit discontinued my first pair of walking shoes and I had the same reaction … the place where I buy all my shoes carries a line of walking shoes and she said “Well the Punters style is almost the same!” I held my breath and it was okay, but still. I’ll bet contacting the manufacturer directly for any that are still available might get you a few pair or try here – they are discontinued running shoes and you are just needing a discontinued size but worth a try:

      1. Aww that is so sweet of you to look for me. I have a size one foot so wear a 2.5 women’s and I order from the two sites listed already:). Not very often though as they are so expensive!

      2. That is a really small foot – and a small shoe size. My mom wore a three but she had to have orthopedic shoes and they were specially made. They looked like they might be expensive – some designer names in that list that I saw. I hope the manufacturer is able to find some at places they have shipped to before – surely there are some languishing around and not on the store shelves. My shoe store is a family-owned shoe store and been around for fifty years or so. It is big for kids shoes as they measure the kids like they used to do years ago – I can remember going and standing on the metal measuring gizmo on the floor. So kids’ parents take them to McLinden’s for proper shoe fitting. And for adult shoe fitting as well – they take their time. Like when I wanted to get a boot I could wear to walk in the Winter. I e-mailed the owner who is an avid walker and asked her recommendations. I did it in September thinking I’d ask when they got them in for the best selection. She didn’t hesitate and said New Balance … I got these boots and they were a little pricey but my boss had given me some money for birthday or Christmas and I had hung onto it to get the boots … now, as much as she fit those boots, I must wear bubble wrap inside them as there is some friction on the outside ankles. I thought I was not lacing them right as they have hooks like ice skates, but I Googled “lacing hiking boots” but no issues there. I didn’t want to hurt Margaret’s feelings, but … I started following a blogger who lives in Alaska … only because her blog came up one time and she is a runner. Runs in the snow. She mentioned “Icebugs” and she found them after searching for running shoes which do not slip and slide on the snow/ice. I wish I’d known about them. I could have worn these – not crazy about stuff over the ankle, but they are a little pricey.

      3. Hmm that is very interesting as I’ve never heard of icebugs. I actually bought myself a pair of yak trax for walking to work on the snow. They just slip over my usual shoes. You could look into them as they were quite reasonable.

      4. I’d never heard of them either but this runner in Alaska swears by them. I wished I’d read that before. My New Balance boots do have great lug soles and I feel secure walking in them if there is a little ice or snow on the ground, but not comfortable (without the bubble wrap – if it works, it stays). I have the yak trax … my mom ordered a pair for me the year before I stopped working on site as we had had a very icy Winter the year before, but it was a mild Winter so they are still in the package. However, my mail carrier has an 11-mile route. She is nice and we often chat when I see her when I am out walking. Jenny told me she fell twice with the yak trax premiums (which is what I have – stronger coils I believe was the difference) and went down on the ice, so be careful with them. I get ice at the side of my house and it is treacherous going to the garage to run my car – I don’t drive it enough in the Winter, so I run it every morning … I run it every morning all year round, but can skip a a day if it is pouring raining. I have to access the garage by going outside – it is a sheet of ice and even in the hiking boots, I am concerned walking…baby steps all the way. I hate ice and now that I am getting older, I worry more about taking a tumble.

      5. I don’t like walking on ice either. My path to work can have a lot and it all uphill or downhill so some days it takes me a long time to get to and from work. Better to be safe than sorry!

      6. Yes, you’re right – maybe you ought to consider those ice bugs if they are really good gripping running shoes. I’ll see if I can find that post about the ice bugs if she has a search feature on her blog or ask her. I think I started following her after that post so it might be easy to find. Maybe ice bugs
        are in your size …. for walking it might be okay. Can you wear a children’s shoe? My mom had some galoshes for over her orthopedic shoes and she had them in a children/youth’s size. We are having a torrential rain out there now and starting to storm a bit as well. My feet get a break … oh well.

      7. AJ – It is still a torrential rain out there and good thing the leaves have not come down yet or they’d be clogging the sewer grates causing some damage. I stayed put and sometimes that’s nice (especially if you don’t have a goal to get to) … now I checked out Keenan Powell’s site and here is the blog post she wrote about the Ice Bugs running shoes and running in the snow … in Alaska where she lives. And, I just Googled and found out they make them in kid’s sizes and they got a nice review and including that link too – pricey, but for walking back and forth to work on the icy days only, they could last you the rest of your life. And who knows, the trail shoes they mention if your manufacturer totally stops producing in your size which appears to be the case. As for Keenan Powell, she is part of a group of writers of mystery novels … these women have a site called “Mysteristas” and they all contribute to the blog. I’m so behind in reading these days and mystery novels were not a big draw for me (except I loved Lawrence Sanders’ “Deadly Sin” series, especially the descriptions of his big sandwiches that he’d have to eat over the sink as they were so messy.) My mother loved mystery novels. But I read their posts, and often comment – the group of women are quite nice. So this is Keenan’s post re: the shoes:

        Here is a story re: the kids trail running shoes made by Icebug … I think it is one word actually, not Ice Bug:

      8. That is very neat! Thank you for the information. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one behind on reading blogs:)

      9. I’m behind in reading everything … even before the blogging took off last Thanksgiving. I am years behind in the one magazine I subscribe to … AARP which comes with my AARP membership … I’ve had the membership since I turned 50 as it discounts some items. I am hopelessly behind with everything else too it seems. I hope that info can help you find substitute shoes, but even better if your running shoe store hooks up with the manufacturer to somehow locate the straggler pairs out there.

      10. I don’t blame you and I’d buy them all up. The first law firm I worked for we were not allowed to wear pants, even dress pantsuits. Just dresses, skirts, and suits. So I am tall (5 ‘9″) and I had a favorite pump made by Selby. They were not a squat heel, but a nice and comfortable dress pump. Then Selby went out of business. I went to McLindens to buy a new pair of black pumps (even wearing flats back and forth to work on the bus or walking around downtown, they still showed wear after awhile) … I walked in and bit sign “all sales final – Selby discontinuing classic pump” … so I know how you felt. I bought every pair they had in every color – they were going for $15.00 – $20.00. I have some in rose-colored and medium-green colored suede. I couldn’t resist. But no basic leather black, or brown, even navy. I just had the brown and navy ones reconditioned when they got beat up – cost about $30.00 but it preserved them. Had to find black shoes – took a while but they were never the same. Now, I wear moccasins in the house … the idea of wearing pumps again … I tried them on one time and my feet have spread and gotten wide from wearing wide walking shoes and soft moccasins in the house. (Same thing happens when you don’t wear pants with waistbands – I dress very casual in the house, too casual.)

      11. Yup my grocery bag was extremely healthy today after I wore my dress pants tonight!🤣
        I will for sure buy any shoes I can find!

      12. I hope the link works – It was cute. She taught elementary school kids for decades and after moving to North Carolina at a school for gifted kids (whom she said were more difficult to teach than regular kids).

      13. I’m not on Facebook all that much either and I have turned my friends’ posts off … when I do get a chance to go on Facebook, (which is less now that the blogging has picked up, between blogging, comments and Reader). I go to Facebook and want to be able to read the news, or check out events like walks, nature events … of the people I am friendly with on Facebook, most do not “over-post” which is fine with me as I never post anything on my wall and have my privacy settings very high so no one posts on my wall. But, I have one friend who only communicates through Facebook – no more e-mail and she posts incessantly … I’m talking 20-25 or more posts a day. A lot of it is politics (versus Trump) but she posts everything she and her sister eat (her sister is in her early 50s and developmentally disabled). I am saying everything, not just a restaurant meal or something she bakes … if she has a snack and a glass of water she posts about it. And every time she feeds her cats and sometimes what she feeds them.
        So anyway, I just check out four friends’ posts once a day and the crime sites so I know what is going on in the neighborhood and the rest of the sites’ posts go into my News Feed. My friend probably spends 1/3 of her day on Facebook. This video was cute from a woman who was an elementary teacher for decades.

      14. It did so I turned them off and just peruse once/day. Right now one of her three cats is sick. The cat has been sick for months and vet can’t figure out what is wrong … running tests, changing the diet. So, more tests today – a MRI to rule our a brain tumor or obstruction in the ear making the cat dizzy. I went there to see what the verdict was as she was upset and waiting on the vet to call after the MRI (they lost power while Carol was at the vet’s office so she came home and left her cat there). I had to wade through so many posts and news articles shared that I almost gave up. 🙂

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