It was quite the day, but I’m proud that I pushed through it all!


The children finished up their bubble letter names this morning, well all but one who has the longest name in the class:(.

I am super happy with how they turned out! They seem to really make the classroom bright and cheerful:)

We had an impromptu assembly this morning and my students definitely need to practice!! We will take care of this during our next gym time!

Most students finished their number printing booklet and got to play a memory game with numbers and number words. When I demonstrate games I always play against Mr. Invisible, and it’s amazing how funny the children find that!

This afternoon we had to do a web about Fall where I wasn’t allowed to help. We did this because we are required to have all EAL students do a graphic organizer independently.

We then went for a nature walk and recorded what we saw, heard, felt, smelled and tasted (they had to get this one from their head). We actually saw two red tailed squirrels!

It was during this outside time that I got a text from my sister in law telling me that a family friend who I had taught in grade four passed away from cancer suddenly. He was only fifteen. This seemed to hit me hard as he had had such a tough life already that it just seemed so unfair! It was a little tough to put it aside and remain a happy, patient teacher this afternoon.

(And no I don’t normally have my phone on me, but I do carry it when we go outside as I’m required to.)


I have to mention two things I ate today. First a teacher brought apples off the tree in her yard. Oh my those taste good! I always forget that apples actually have a real taste to them until I have one off a tree!

Secondly, I had frozen some pesto shrimp pasta a couple of weeks ago and I have to warn people that pasta really doesn’t seem to freeze well. I’m not loving the texture of it after you thaw the pasta. Maybe it’s just because it’s gluten free pasta, but I definitely won’t be doing that again!


It was a good thing I had boot camp with L today so I could work off my emotions, though I still managed to do the circuit backwards😏

We did: pop jacks, bench sit-up to standing, bench lateral lunges, front raises, reverse mountain climbers, hand release push-ups, bench hop overs, bear steps, high knees, squat with side leg lift, jumping jacks, hamstring curls on the sliders, dumbbell double crunches, and toe touches.

I was dripping by the end of it!

I had a former colleague come and borrow supplies off of me and then headed home as I was super tired and hungry. Thankfully I walked through my place, changed my shoes and went back out for my run. I couldn’t chicken out like last night. I got my 5km done as quickly as I possibly could. My tracking program wasn’t saying I was going very fast, but I felt like it was a strong run. It’s done and I’m proud of myself for sticking with my plan to run even though I really didn’t feel like doing so!


I spent my recovery bath trying to figure out what to do with 297 yards of cotton/alpaca/ silk combo yarn. I just don’t know. I have the option of frogging my racerback tank and having 7 skeins to play with or just doing something with the three I still have. Any suggestions are welcome:)

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Push Through

  1. I like the new background picture!

    When I freeze pasta, I always add a little fresh sauce to it. I feel like that helps to make it taste fresh.

    I’m so sorry about your family friend’s passing. At least he is no longer in pain or suffering.

    1. I didn’t know I had changed my background picture. I’ve been going in and deleting pictures of books, movies or doubles. I guess I hit something.
      With your new site, do you have a picture limit? I know deleting will solve the problem now, but not for the long term:(
      I don’t know details, but it sounds like it was fast at least.

      1. It seems new to me! Otherwise I’m completely clueless to details and just realized it.
        No I don’t think I have a limit on pictures.

  2. … Dangerous to ask kids what things outside taste like. I’m surprised you didn’t have to pry things out of their mouths!!
    I’m so sorry to here about this family friend… And only 15. I couldn’t even imagine. It’s sad when people pass… But, so young? That’s absolutely heartbreaking. I hope you’re doing ok. 💖💖 My condolences to you and your family and my thoughts are with you all!

    1. Hmmm that is a good idea, but it would be easy to knit these three skeins up and be three more skeins lower in my stash count before the knitting show next weekend!

  3. so sorry to hear about the loss of your former student that is hard, the connection between a teacher and student is so strong. could you freeze the shrimp and sauce and the make fresh pasta each time you make it? Hope today went smoother for you

  4. I’m sorry for your loss, and yes, it can throw us into a distracted tail spin. And good for you, sometimes the best workouts are the ones we have to really put ourselves out there for. I never regret when I do that.

  5. Aw that poor kid who couldn’t finish his bubble letters!! They do look SO cute though!

    Love love love that you did a nature walk. I think it’s sooo important to get kids out in nature today – I worry about what technology is doing.

    I am so sorry about your family friend That is truly tragic.

    Good for you for getting that run in even when you didn’t feel like it! Those are always the most rewarding runs.

  6. The little desks now look bright and colorful especially with the tennis balls and the nametags – ours with those wooden ones from years ago – I guess those are obsolete now. Sorry to hear about your family friend and another unfortunate trip to a funeral home likely. I worked with a young boy at the diner while he was in high school. Just the funniest kid and he was our grill cook and it was just the two of us for three years every Sunday. He finished high school and got a job as a carpet installer and he coached hockey for little kids. He developed this nagging cough and didn’t know whether he had an allergy to something in the carpet (there are people who get serious allergies to carpet … got off track here, but a co-worker’s daughter was allergic to their new wall-to-wall carpeting and they had to have it ripped out right after installation) … anyway, he didn’t know if he had an allergy to the fibers as he’d be nailing down the carpet so up close to the carpet, or being at the hockey rink early a.m. every day and it was cold there. He just felt unwell. Turned out he had leukemia and was hospitalized and passed away within six months. Such a sad story as he was such a nice kid/young man.

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