The weather has been a prankster here lately, but nothing like back East!


Thankfully I heard from my mom first thing this morning as she is in Ottawa where two tornados touched down last night. This is not something we deal with out here so I was worried. I don’t think they’ll ever forget this trip!

I looked out the window and people weren’t using umbrellas or windshield wipers so I decided to try my run in first thing. I got dressed, went downstairs, and open d the door to torrential rain. T poured the entire forty minutes I was out there. This afternoon, of course, there is beautiful sunshine🙄

It was interesting on my run this morning because I hit the stop button by accident at the furthest point on my run so it got broken into two separate runs. I was 15 seconds faster per kilometer coming home than I was going out. I wonder if I run faster than I think and just can’t overcome my slow start?


I am working away on my top that I started last night. I am onto the third skein of yarn and the torso. So far it’s going well, but I’m wondering if I’ll want to line it.


I decided that since I was staying in today, it was a good day to get my food intake back on track. I don’t eat unhealthily, just too much. I’ve had a half a banana and peanut butter, an omelette, pesto pasta with chicken and corn and a mini blueberry bar.


I really wanted to make blueberry granola bars, but I didn’t want yummy baked goods in the house today, so I stuck with getting my chicken carcass boiled down into chicken broth. Not much, but at least something.


I finished my NetGalley book, The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan today.

This book is about the McBride sisters. The oldest Hannah is a very smart and serious business woman. Beth, the middle daughter, a former PR woman and the perfect mother. The youngest sister is Posy who has stayed at home in the Scottish Highlands, helping to run the family cafe. The story tells of how three very different women support and love each other.

This is not the typical Sarah Morgan romance novel and I have to admit it took 20% of the book for me to get into it, but then I was hooked and read it in a day! At first I found the characters annoying, but then I realized they were realistic! These women, all in different ways, make assumptions that lead them down the wrong path and let poor communication rule their lives at time and I realize that 99% of the population does this too.

I loved how the characters are flawed and annoying and interesting. I like how it takes time for them to get things and deal with them.

The book’s plot is lovely as there is some mystery to it and a couple of plot twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

This book gives hope in humanity and family and our ability as people to learn from our mistakes and grow, and that makes it an awesome Christmas holiday read. The satisfying HEA doesn’t hurt either!

Thank you to NetGalley, Sarah Morgan and the publisher for the free book in exchange for an honest review.

This day has not been extremely exciting, but it is what I needed. I definitely feel more relaxed now than I did this morning.

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “Prankster

  1. I hope your mom is okay! Tornados are so scary! I am with you – I eat so healthy but I eat every hour of every day it feels like 😂That book also sounds fascinating!! Thanks for the suggestion, AJ 🙂

    1. Yes I will be glad to see her in one piece on Tuesday!
      I eat so little before I’m full that I do end up eating often, especially when I’m running.
      The book was really good!

    1. Yes I was worried as it’s not something we deal with out here!
      Yup I’ll definitely be writing about it. Hoping to finish the sweater today and then I’ll decide if it needs lining

  2. glad you had a good day. I often find that quiet at home days are the ones I snack less where as when I’m in and out it’s easy to grab a bit of this and a bit of that. Sorry your run was soggy, but at least I’m sure you feel great that you got it done

    1. Yes I was really happy to get it over with. I definitely need a couple of days to get my eating on track so hopefully this weekend will be good for that!

  3. Glad your folks are doing okay – tornadoes are so scary. We had that one touch down near Heritage Park, just 6 miles from here. It was small and did not wreak havoc, but they can be so devastating. Tornado season has lingered this year – weird like all the other weather this year. I don’t know how you run in all the rain – you rare much more determined than I am and I really want to make my goal. Blueberry granola bars sounds so heavenly next to a chicken carcass!

    1. Yes I wish they had been able to avoid the tornados, and I’m glad we don’t have to deal with them here!!!
      I just like to eat and bake and therefore, I have to run🤣
      Yup I have four granola bars left and then I can make new ones:)🎊🎉

      1. In blogger “In Diane’s Kitchen” post today it was West Coast Chicken … lots of likes but no comments, except mine (I said “Sunday chicken dinner.”) and when she does dessert always lots of comments. People love their sweets!

      2. I saw that post too! I do love my sweets, but have to limit what’s in the house or I’ll have to run even farther!

      3. Me too! I gave up sweets in 2011 so I don’t buy them anymore, but I can’t have anything treat related in the house as I have to go into them. The peanuts and cashews were the perfect example. No self-control. Then I felt compelled to eat them to get them out of the way so no temptations.

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