My weekend days where I mostly get to stay home are an advantage as they make my weekend feel so much longer:)


My usual Sunday morning run turned into a walk at the river because I didn’t want to leave one of my buddies on her own. It was okay as I had ran the majority of the two day squad runner mission the day before. It of course, rained the whole time I was out there!

This afternoon, after a lovely nap on the couch, I had to drag myself out to do the Monday mission of a half hour run. It was fine, nothing spectacular, other than the fact that it didn’t rain on me!🎉🎊

I was checking my stats today and I have done more miles so far this year than I did all of last year, my average pace is about fifteen seconds faster per kilometer and I have officially spent the same amount of time as last year and it’s only September! I guess all those “meh” runs I do, do add up to something great:)


I stopped on my way home after tea for some groceries and was yet again pretty good:)

I was supposed to do a whole bunch of other shopping today, but didn’t. I decided to leave buying the boat Afghan yarn until my mom is home so we can get double the amount with a discount and I didn’t go in about running shoes as I hadn’t shaved my legs🤪. I know, I know, not s good excuse for just being plain lazy!


Another great day of eating though I’ve been very full all day. I ate a hard boiled egg, a berry and kale smoothie, steak and a southwest chicken salad (that I made up).


I watched a new Hallmark Christmas movie today. I should say new to me. Christmas at Cartwright’s was quite cute. I liked the premise and the conclusion. The acting is the usual Hallmark style and standard.


I have spent most of the day knitting. I am determined to get my stash count down as much as I can before I go to a knitting show next weekend. Today I got five skeins used up. I counted every ball of yarn as one skein in my stash, regardless of how big it is. My knitting friend Brenda says I should do some small projects this week to use up lots of little balls of yarn.

I finished the top from yesterday. It will make a nice summer top and a great extra layer vest in the winter. It is Knit from a cotton/alpaca and silk blend and has a great weight to it that helps it to hang nicely when worn. I decided that I wouldn’t line it since I wasn’t able to put sleeves in it. I have to say that my local knitting shop, Black Sheep Yarns has an awesome sale bin. I picked up seven skeins of this Marasol yarn in 2013 for $24 and have gotten two tops out of it. I figure I’m allowed to be a yarn snob at that price:)

Amazingly I also got another two skein remainders used up with this headband. I love how it turned out! I used the sock yarn left over from my brother’s birthday socks and I like how the pattern came out. I think this one will be for me:). Just please don’t notice that I have one less row of edging on one side than the other 😜

Well I just had a flying bug land on me and scare me to death. I don’t mind bugs outside, but not inside and not flying ones! I had a horse fly take out a chunk of my shoulder as a child and I’m obviously still scarred! On this note, I’m going to go hide under my covers!

Have fun!


42 thoughts on “It Feels Longer

  1. Whenever a nap is involved it is a good weekend day! That is good you have goals to get your stash down before being tempted my lovely yarn at the show! Oh I did not know horse flies were that terrifying – yikes!

    1. Yup my goal this week is to get as many little balls of yarn used as possible! I see a lot of headbands in my week. LOL
      Yup I was about four and still remember it clearly!

  2. Ok, I LOVED that you watched a Christmas movie- never too early to get in the spirit! And I cannot believe you make your own tops- it looks amazing- love that color!

  3. Isn’t it crazy to see your progress when you look back a year or so? It’s the best because you feel like nothing is happening in the moment.

    The color of that top is gorgeous! Perfect for summer

    1. Yes it’s that progress that keeps me going when I feel like I have one bad run after another.
      Thanks! I’m hoping I get lots of use out of it!

      1. Those weeks are the worst!! Whenever I have them, I try to just remember that not every run is amazing and then do something to forget about it. It can be so easy to dwell on bad runs and get down on yourself.

      2. It definitely is easy to do that! That’s why I went back to look at my stats – figured there had to be something positive there!

  4. I have some flexibility in hours over the summer when school is in session. Rather than take a week off, I took Fridays. What a difference that extra day made. Yes, weekends home are divine!

    1. I think every weekend should be three days – one day for chores, one day for friends and one day for yourself. Just one day makes such a difference!

  5. I love that – using up balls of yarn so you can buy more. I know a lot of knitters and they all do that!

    Congrats on the running stats, too. I am further along this year in miles, in fact I’m nearly up to last year’s total. I’ve got a sneaky target to do 1,000 miles this year, mainly because 20 per week seems to be the baseline for keeping my immune system running well.

    1. LOL yes my stash number is scary right now, but I have a number in mind that I’m trying not to go over!
      20 per week sounds good to me. I can’t make a goal as I become obsessed ( see above for an example, LOL)

      1. I’m mainly obsessed with not catching the million colds my husband gets every year. So it works well for that but I’m not going over the top with it. I’m quite conservative in my approach to things and don’t like pushing myself – useful and not useful at the same time!

    1. Yes I had gained six pounds just since August 20th ( i was good up until then, but then lost control). I just want to ensure it doesn’t go further the wrong direction!

  6. sounds like a good weekend day to me. I wish there were more times for naps, little kids don’t realize they have it good when they have a nap every day

    1. I have been having such problems with the photos lately:(
      I’ve been thinking on the spending limit but as I only go to two shows a year, I may just go for it

  7. That’s a beautiful color AJ and you made a nice job. Since I’m not a knitter, I never heard the phrase “yarn snob” before and now I saw it twice today … first my friend Evelyn, whom I mentioned to you last night with the felting, was telling me about buying some alpaca wool at the fiber festival after reading my alpaca post … she said “you have to get some if you go, not that I’m a yarn snob except when I go to a place like this” and now you. We have to indulge ourselves every once in a while with something special. It makes up for all the rainy runs and your diligence in going out to run, rain or shine.

  8. Sounds like a great day! Good for you on your running! You do so much exercise – glad you had the encouragement of seeing all your progress 🙂 Your top is super-cute – Yay for bargain yarn!

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