I can run really fast when I need to:)


My day with the children went really well. I don’t know if it was because I felt very teacherish and good in my outfit, because I had that extra sleep yesterday, or if it was because I reminded myself of my goal to be calmer in my classroom this year? Whatever the reason, I hope for more days like today. It did surprise me as my co-teacher is away so I was feeling slightly off this morning. Amazing how routine oriented I am!

We got our calendar done, jobs chosen for the week, a cut and paste activity on bucket dipping versus bucket filling, music class, planners, silent reading, a lesson introducing Terry Fox and some outside playtime. LOL looking at this list- maybe it was a good day because we only did one piece of work!

After school we were supposed to have a dairy foundation workshop, but it turns out each grade group has to be done separately. What a pain! I probably won’t bother to try and set up a younger age one as I wasn’t impressed with this!

I did take advantage of this change and left work as quickly as possible!


I stopped on the way home at The Runners Den and the owner helped me to find a pair of shoes to try now that I can’t get my beloved ASICS GT 1000 anymore:) I ended up with a pair of Saucony runners. I would have been fine if I’d left with just this, but somehow a new sports bra and Smartwool top ended up in my bag too🤣

My students seem to be running off on me as I came straight home, put my new stuff on and went for a run! It was beautiful and sunny and I had a really good, short run. I ended up doing 4.15km with a 6:33/km average. I can live that:)


After my run I finally got to come home and have dinner:). I’ve had a berry kale shake, a hard boiled egg, my southwest chicken salad, a larabar and a baked potato today:)


I finished the ARC that Kait Nolan sent to me of her newest Wishful book called, You Were Meant For Me.

This is the story of Mitch Campbell that series followers have been waiting for. It details his romance with Tess Peyton.

I still love the family and town dynamic in this book. They are realistic characters who meddle and speak their minds, but they’re also amazing for being there for each other.

I also especially liked the dynamic between Tess and Norah. Their feelings are inevitable and realistic.

Mitch is a swoon worthy hero who shows his gentlemanly behavior right from the first page. He’s sweet, strong and has dimples- how much better can it get?

The ending of this story is very romantic and satisfying!

My one complaint is that the book started with a lot of coincidences. I realize the world is a very small place, but this seemed a little too small. Thankfully I got pulled into the story and got over this feeling quickly.

Thanks to Kait Nolan for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.


The only other thing I have done this evening was knit. I seem to be slightly obsessed with destashing before the weekend. Today I used some bubblegum pink to create two headbands. It wouldn’t be my first choice of colour, but I think it might go over well with the girls at my school.

I really liked the XO pattern called Hugs and Kisses Headband on Ravelry. The other is just a simple rib with a twist. These will be donated to the Christmas market and it got rid of another skein:)

Well I’m off to sleep in the hopes of having another great day at work tomorrow:)

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “Like a Kid

  1. Isn’t it cool how your outfit can make you feel amazing? Love when that happens!

    So glad you found new running shoes! I love the color and hope your feet enjoy them.

    1. Yes I love how a good outfit makes me feel! Wish I found that every day, but too often I just throw on whatever🤣
      The shoes were good for the first run:). I love the colour too😀

      1. Glad I’m not the only one!
        I hope so too as I really don’t want to have to spend another hour at the running store!

  2. Which trainers are they? I’ve just stopped agreeing with Saucony Guides (their toes are pointier than mine for the 10s, just a personal thing though) and have a trip to the running shop planned for late October. Cute headbands, well done. What a good day!

    1. Lol you know I do r even know what version of Saucony I have🤣 I will look:)
      I had a difficult time finding a shoe that had enough room in the toes for me, so we’ll see how these ones go.

  3. I love those days where you feel like “oh I’m having a good teacher day” finding the motivation to keep calm and enjoy the day is so worth it. Glad you were able to find sneakers that will fit and work for running

  4. Fingers crossed the new shoes fit the bill and you have many miles of running in them … and you celebrated them with new running gear – good for you! The moon and stars lined up perfectly for you – hope today went as well.

  5. Wow, you had a great day! Your shoes look great, but how did they feel?
    I was thinking if you this afternoon…I met a new student, kindergarten boy that is over the top wiggly.😳 He’s not shy at all, and can barely focus for 30 seconds, but I think he may be over the top smart too. Things started badly because he had gotten a paper cut on the way over, so was yowling to beat the band when they arrived. The longest he was quiet and seated was while I played Twinkle variation A. It was an experience!

    1. Ooo a busy little guy!! Can you have him dance to your music in between his exercises or tasks?
      The shoes felt okay last night and we’ll see how they do tomorrow!

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