I’m almost afraid to see I had another great day in case I jinx myself!


We managed to get printing down, introduced patterns (probably my best math lesson ever), and did some wonder questions about Fall. I had one child away who was diagnosed with autism today, but it was just a great day!

I was super impressed with their “wonders”. I think this is the best it has ever turned out for me!


I finished The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 by Honest Lee.

This book outlines how the teacher and children of classroom 13 share a 28 billion lottery win and don’t learn anything.

The book is a very easy read and I think boys in grade three would find it funny. It is very surface with no deeper thinking required. There is minimal character development as you get just the main characteristic of each student and some are quite stereotypical. It is simply a listing of what each student does with the money. It does however outline what happens to many lottery winners.


I picked my mom up after work and she kept me company as I did my errands. It’s not exciting but it’s quality time and I actually get more done with her along than I do alone! I got gas, groceries, a cable I need for work and looked for shoes. Not bad for two hours. I am working on creating a list for when she gets home again.

Knit Night:

Tonight was knit night at Brenda’s place. She has sent me home with a huge bag of yarn from her friend so I will have to have a look through that.

I have been working on a cowl and got lots done on it tonight- only one skein left to do.

I also got a small, super warm cowl done, which will go to the Christmas market. Not super gorgeous, but super warm!

Well, I’m off to bed! I’m trying to keep the routine that is giving me these good days!

Have fun!


46 thoughts on “Three in a Row

    1. I think I’m going to tackle the idea of whether they’re big questions or small though I think these are almost all small. Then I’m going to use this list to give me my themes for the next couple of months

    1. I’m really happy with what they came up with. I was thinking of doing a wonder wall as I saw one on Pinterest, but I don’t have much wall space:(

  1. I love that you had them write down their “wonders”. It’s so important in learning to fuel that inquiry! It was fun to read their questions. Also, I love those colors of your cowl!

  2. Glad you had another good day, and just think this was all during a full moon! The list is a great jumping off place to pick your new autumn direction.

    I thought you were trying to use up all your yarn, and now you were given more? Oh well more knitting on your list of to dos

    1. I know! I was prepared for chaos because of the full moon but it all seems good:)
      I am trying to use up my yarn, but I can’t resist a big bag! I will donate what I don’t want:)

  3. The lottery. Do you have a lottery in Canada? is the book for an adult or children? Some strange things have happened in Florida to lottery winners. They have even created a 48 hours show about one of them!

  4. That’s a great list – those kids are smart to ask those questions. The cowl is a good idea – colder weather is coming so a good item for the Christmas market. You have to go shopping with your mom for the wool for the boat afghan. 🙂

      1. My mom said that when she made my grandmother the two afghans then one for each of us – she kept buying all this yarn and knitting and knitting like there was no tomorrow – she said “enough already!” when she got them all finished.

    1. Could you please follow me around all day so you can remind me of everything?! 🤣 you obviously have a much better memory than I do!

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