Today was a very non routine day, but it went pretty good regardless of that.


I got a bit of time to knit this morning:) I was very determined to finish my cowl so I could deduct another three skeins from my stash before tomorrow’s event. I managed that tonight and I’m surprisingly happy with the result. Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do with it! I wanted to show you, but it is a white cowl blocking on a white towel right now so it will need to wait until it is dry.


Today we had another assembly right at nine am for orange shirt day. It was fine, but I tuned out so I can only imagine the children’s response.

We got our Friday journals written. It is neat to see what the children remember for the week. Playing outside, the Terry fox run, writing about the run, and writing our Fall bucket lists were some of the highlights.

We also had our first fire drill where I had three little people who needed to be corrected:(

This afternoon we decorated a Terry fox shoe with our buddies and had a compliment circle. There was marked improvement in the children’s ability to give compliments:)


I had my last berry kale shake this morning as the kale is all gone. I had two tangerines, a veggie sushi roll (lunch lady very kindly dropped this off to make up for yesterday), my southwest chicken salad, and a ton of appetizers! I need to eat healthy this weekend to make up for that!


We had a staff social after school at a local Boathouse Restaurant. A lot of the staff were unable to make it and it was a weird vibe. I was only able to eat edamame off the happy hour menu so that’s what I had.

Slightly disappointing when I thought I’d be having dinner. What was even more disappointing was the service! It was atrocious!!! The only thing that came quickly was the bill and for the first time, I left no tip!

I get the impression that some of the people left to go elsewhere with other staff members. I actually ended up doing that as well as I had carpooled with two women. We stopped at Brown’s Socialhouse and shared a lot more appetizers!

I hope that our staff is not fracturing already, but it wouldn’t really surprise me:(


I didn’t get much time for reading today, though I did get some more of Great Expectations by Charles a Dickens listened to on LibriVox 🙂


Finally, I made 1000 followers today which amazes me. Thanks for following me along in life:)

Have fun!


34 thoughts on “What?! Another Week Gone?

  1. ‘ Edamame’ is Japanese. ‘Eda’ means branch of the tree, ‘mame’ means bean. They are my family’s favorite side dish. Many Japanese love to drink a glass of beer while they eat Edamame. Enjoy your weekend !

      1. I know what you mean. I don’t cook much fish at home as I am the only one that love fish in my family. When I go out I like to eat fish.

    1. I hope so too as in the past it’s been a really good staff, but there are a lot of new people now.
      Thank you, I’ll be enjoying every minute!

  2. I always wondered if teachers paid attention during assemblies or if they tuned out!

    Southwest chicken salad is the BEST!! Although I’m probably biased since I like anything southwestern flavored.

    1. Most of the time I pay attention, but this one was pretty boring!
      I’ve been loving the salad and also love anything southwest flavored!

  3. That’s so sweet the lunch lady makes sushi! How cool. And congrats on 1000 followers! So awesome 🙂 Not surprising at all though, I just looove reading your blog!

    1. I do t think even a tenth of them actually read my blog posts so I’m not worrying about it! It actually came as a shock as I never check my stats, just read, message and write:)

      1. That is a lot of people though – but I only had 18 last November around Thanksgiving and then suddenly a few people followed me (I never tagged before this year) and it started growing in leaps and bounds. I am still overwhelmed how many people are following and commenting and I struggle to reciprocate – it is a whole process, but an enjoyable one.

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