It was a day filled with things I love, but boy am I tired now!!


Well this was the second best knitting day this year! We only seem to have two yarn events a year in Vancouver and this was the second one- Knit City 2018.

I grabbed coffees for Brenda and I (on a side note- the tall at Starbucks seems to be getting smaller!) and off we went to Knit City. We were shocked when we got close and saw how long the line was to get in. It turned out it wasn’t the line we had to stand in, but there was easily triple the number of people than last year!

It was great fun looking through all the booths though some you couldn’t get near. Sweet Fibres seemed to be constantly lined up all day. I wonder what is so special about them? We went through the whole place twice. You should be very proud of me, I managed to only spend $160! Way less than I was expecting to spend! I was disappointed that there weren’t as many sales as there were last year ☹️. I guess they’ve determined they sell enough to not need a sale bin. I did wonder why people would pay the price for some of the skeins, though I almost bought a hand spun skein for $224!

This is what I ended up buying! I loved the stitch markers as they are the first I have seen in colours other than green and purple that are soft and flexible so I bought a variety of sizes. I also bought the scale as I looked at it last year and have determined I don’t like having to clean my kitchen scale every time I want to weigh my yarn!

I bought the bag as I like having project bags and my oldest brother always says, “sucks to be you”, so this reminded me of him!

The pattern is gorgeous and I like how the lace is on the front and the back! Brenda bought another simple sweater pattern that I will use the blue yarn I bought for.

The last skein of yarn is my favourite colour and the same colour as the $224 skein that I couldn’t bring myself to buy. I was going to make a triangle scarf out of it, but think I’ll use it to make the other sweater pattern my friend bought.

I am extremely happy with what I bought and have no buyer’s remorse:)

One of the neatest parts of the show was seeing all the knit goods everyone was wearing! It just made me want to get home and knit!

This evening I am working on the boat Afghan for my parents as the new month for HPKCHC doesn’t start until Monday. Oh, it was so cool that the first person I saw, actually the woman who sold me my ticket was Mel who is the lady I met last year at Knit City who told me about HPKCHC. Maybe next year I should volunteer to help at Knit City. That might be fun:)

I have decided that I want a scarf/shawl to wear with t Shirts. If anyone knows of a good pattern, please let me know!


We had planned to eat at the food trucks at the show, but they only had five (I don’t think they were expecting the number of people the got) and they were horribly lined up. We ended up going to Pasta Polo so my friend could have the carbonara that she has been craving. I did try something slightly new this time. I had the shrimp and scallops marinara:)

I also ended up going out for Pho today as well. I feel like I don’t need to eat for a week!!


The fun wasn’t over with the knitting show as I met up with my friend Sarah and her dog Kula for a trail run. We did 1.5 loops and it was so awesome to be out in this gorgeous fall day! Of course, I saw a student right at the start, but that was fine, just a quick hello. Sarah fell, but was fine and I managed to stay on my feet:)

We also had a quick look through chapters and the grocery store, but I managed to come home with nothing:)

Now I’m tucked up on my couch and I’m hoping everyone else had as good a Saturday as I did:)

Have fun!


37 thoughts on “A Very AJ Day!

  1. Mine was not as exciting as yours and believe it or not it is already Sunday. Your dinner looked delicious – I am suddenly hungry but will go to bed and wait until tomorrow to have some boring oatmeal. 🙂

    1. Lol you know my days aren’t usually that exciting either!
      Oatmeal is awesome, not boring:) Try putting a spoonful of peanut butter in it- so good!
      I have oatmeal everyday, and always add something different. I think cinnamon and raisin or peanut butter are my two favorites!

      1. I will try that – I slept in as I was here very very late and knew it would pour this morning. So I have not even had breakfast – very unusual for me as I am usually eating oatmeal by 5:00 a.m. daily – 365 days a year. I used to get up earlier til the blogging the past year. I will try the peanut butter. I sometimes get the Craisins and put in some of those and walnuts, but mostly I do the raisins and cinnamon. It’s good for keeping your cholesterol down. I love peanut butter.

      2. I tried crunchy peanut butter stirred into my oatmeal, well OMG … that was wonderful. Do you ever make the overnight oats because I have seen a suggestion to put peanut butter in there as well. I want to try that sometime but Summer would be better. In the morning it is nicer to have a warm bowl of oatmeal to warm up in the a.m. especially now that Fall is here.

      3. Yes I do overnight oats in the spring, but this time of year I want something warm. This week I am having cream of rice to use it up. Actually I’ll probably have to have it next week too. I love putting my smooth peanut butter in oatmeal!

      4. I have to try it – I bought one in a canister already made up and you just added water and one morning I was in a hurry and just made it with hot water and had it hot instead. Your peanut butter is the natural type I think you said so the oil would mix easier with the oatmeal, but mine mixed in easy and made it crunchy. I added another tablespoon – couldn’t help myself!

      5. I often find myself eating peanut butter by the spoonful so I won’t say anything about that 🤣
        I didn’t know you could buy overnight oats!

      6. Oh I am guilty of that as well … I bought the cans of nuts in the Summer to be more mature and eat nuts as they are good for you, but I sat and ate all of them, so have to resort to peanut butter by the spoon again. 🙂

  2. You amaze me with how much you can knit! It’s soo impressive. I love that shawl look. And as always- that pasta looks like perfection! I already had dinner, but I could go for a bowl of that!

  3. sounds like a great day for you, you should have baked something or watched a Hallmark movie to create a trifecta day! can’t wait to see your new creations

    1. I like the bag too! It makes me smile!
      Yes I just have to find a pattern that will end up looking like that! We’re wet and cool now so perfect sweater, scarf, shawl wearing weather!

    1. It was a great day!
      I’ve actually already made a Reyna shawl and so am hoping to do something new and something smaller as it is quite big on me

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