I read blogs that set yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals, but do I do that….😝


Well the spider in my bathtub got my heart beating this morning- nothing like seeing movement out of the corner of your eye! Thankfully they aren’t a big problem to me and my shoe took care of it. My running buddies kept my heart racing! I really do have the best running buddies though! I showed up to a planned 5km run and casually mentioned I needed to do 7km today. They said nothing, just changed the route and kept me company.❤️

We ran the river which meant it was awesome going out as it’s a slight downhill most of the way:) we ran from bridge to bridge which is not usual for me, but was fun. The way back was another matter as it was now slight uphill the whole way and actually some of those uphills weren’t so slight!

My average was a 6:38/km pace and I feel like I slowed down at least a whole minute per kilometer coming back! I must have been flying going down!

I also did a walk this afternoon, again in the pouring rain, to get the Monday Squad Runner mission. It was bucketing down and I could tell because I passed very few people which is rare.

I’ve already surpassed my running miles from last year and managed a nice 100km this month. I am thinking I would like to try for 1000km this year which means I need 101km more. It shouldn’t be a problem. Actually I may need to reassess that goal.

The other thought I had today was about running on Thanksgiving. Chelsea of The Dancing Runner was talking about how she runs before eating turkey and that seems like a good idea to me. I started thinking I’d like to try and do two loops of Burnaby Lake to see what kind of time I could get on a 20km. (I haven’t done a half marathon in 8 years and I’m a little worried I would be as slow as I used to be😏☹️). I routinely do about 12km here. This would be a great goal if I had eight weeks, but Thanksgiving is next weekend! Why do I always wait until the last minute to set a goal??? I haven’t decided if this is doable. If you have an opinion, please share it.


After a yummy tea, I had to take care of my adult chores. I got my groceries bought, laundry done, food prepared for the week, plants watered and some tidying done. I didn’t get to my teaching work, but decided I’d done enough adulting for the day!


I got my new stash put into Ravelry as I am slowly trying to get all of my stash on there. I also got caught up on entering my projects.

This is the headband I made last night and the cowl I finished the other day. I really like how the cowl turned out. I had made up the pattern and can’t decide if I should put it on Ravelry or not? I’m sure there’s probably tons on there already just like it, so I’m not sure it’s worth it. Again let me know if you have an opinion.

I also picked up the boat Afghan again today, and here comes the second crazy challenge I have set for myself today. My mom had said that they would be home for the week and I am thinking I should get this Afghan done this week so they can take it with them. This is the time of the year they really need it on the boat, so it makes the most sense, however, it also means I need to get three or four more pattern repeats done by Friday! I am crazy! I should have thought of this s month ago, not a week out! It means 31 rows a night and I’d be done in three or four nights. That’s quite the time challenge when each row has 230 stitches!

I think it will be top priority this week, but we shall see! Maybe I can talk my parents into staying a couple of extra days…

Ok, well I need sleep as there was no nap in my life this weekend:(

Have fun!


39 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Those suspected spider scares are the worst! Today I am pretty sure I saw one in my sock drawer, but I couldn’t find it— so now I’ll be paranoid indefinitely haha. I wish I could convert KM to miles, but I have no clue hahah. I guess a 5k is 3.5.. but that’s where my math ends!

    Every time I read your blog I feel compelled to make a cup of tea 🙂 Hope you still get some rest even thought it’s such a busy week!

    1. Yes as long as I find and kill the spider, I am fine:)
      A 5k is 3.1miles. The general conversion is 2.2km to every mile:)
      A cup of tea is always good:)

      1. That’s so helpful 🙂 Thanks for explaining even though I probably could have done a google search and not been so lazy lol! I am drinking a cup of tea as I write this!! SO cozy. I need to do this more often!

      2. It’s okay- I have that same thought all the time🤣. I’d just rather ask people than look it up.
        Oh I forgot to write about the two new types of tea I had today:(

  2. I HATE seeing a spider when I’m taking a shower. If you really want something to freak you out, imagine how I felt when I filled up my water bottle on my run Saturday and saw a spider in it!! I immediately dumped it all out and had to refill it.

    I’ve run a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember and love it. Look into seeing if there’s a shorter race near you and sign up for that!

    1. Oh my! That would be horrible!!! I’m impressed you didn’t just throw the bottle away:)
      Hmmm that is a good idea. I’ll look.

  3. that cowl is very pretty, I’m sure you will get a lot of use out of it. I say why not try for the knitting goal, if you don’t reach it you will be a lot closer than not trying in the first place. You might shock yourself. Put on one of your hallmark movies and knit away

      1. you should make one for yourself in a dark color it would look really pretty in navy blue or kelly green

  4. That is quite the short-time goal to finish that afghan – good luck – do they stay til Thanksgiving as you at least get the day off … they’ll be needing to cook the dinner then if you are still working feverishly. Ugh to the spider in the bathroom – I am terrified of creepy crawlies and wish I could kill them just like that … I hover, pace and pounce if on the floor … if on the wall, I have to have a “plan” in case they fall on me when I swoop in. 🙂

    1. My parents refuse to plan so I have no idea when they’ll take off. I’m waiting until tomorrow to ask if they want to do a lunch or dinner on Saturday before they go. It would combine thanksgiving and my brother’s birthday

      1. Well that will keep them here a few days longer and keep your fingers flying on those needles to get done. I hope you get a few extra days – don’t tell them you’ll cook, you have no time!

      2. Nope I’m going for a restaurant meal so none of us need to cook! I love to cook and bake, but not when I need to knit!

      3. We have a hepatitis A outbreak in Michigan … I think 26 or 32 people have died since 2012 … this is all from eating at restaurants or attending events where food was served, so I am really leery to eat out, even at a chain restaurant. The alternative is getting a Hep A shot … since I don’t go out that much, I’ve just resisted getting the shot … it is a two-part shot, $106.00 for each “installment” – ridiculous really that this is happening, and none of it is drug-related. On a food note, I remembered after I shut off my computer, I forgot to send you the info re: the individual overnight oats. They had a sale at the grocery store … buy 10 items at a dollar, get an 11th itemn free. So I tried this, but then I was running late one morning and just used it like regular bowl of oatmeal – really not enough for me as I eat a large bowl of oatmeal as I eat early then out to walk … but this is pre-made. I would make my own … when I get some time. Don’t know if this has anything in it that would be bad for your allergies. The one I had was delicious. https://www.quakeroats.com/product/cold-cereals/overnight-oats.aspx

      4. They had lots of flavors, but I’ll try making my own – I have the ingredients here – we are getting to the 80s again in a few days. Summerlike conditions in the first week of October.

      5. No we are not and I just turned the heat off in the house as it was 75 outside … didn’t want the A/C on as we are having some stormy weather overnight and I always turn it off. Just a couple of malcontents we are. 🙂

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