Back To It

After dreading it all weekend, I went back to work today.


I feel quite discombobulated! Even after being at work for a week, I feel like I don’t remember what I need to teach the children on the first day. I always feel sorry for the kids during their first few days in their new classroom as it is all about learning the routines. I spend all day explaining and demonstrating how each little task needs to be done. We did survive and I am actually proud of myself for relinquishing control of the rules. Usually I post the same rules each year, but this year I really let the kids go for it. We brainstormed rules and then figured out how to turn them into positive statements. We ended up with:

Be kind.

Ask before you take or touch.

Listen, pay attention and use kind words.

Keep your body and objects to yourself.

Walk in the classroom and hallways.

Are they perfect? No. Will they do the job? Yes!

We had a staff meeting after work which was quite interesting and we finally got our prep schedule, computer and gym times so I can create my schedule tomorrow.

My co teacher and I stayed late and made good progress on the to-do list, but we really need to let go of our unrealistic expectations that everything needs to be ready immediately!


I had walked to school today, carrying my laptop and a big bag of heavy snacks, in order to work on getting the Squad Runner mission. I went out at lunch to finish it up and even though I did 37 minutes, instead of 30, it still didn’t give me the mission point. Grrr😖

I had decided to run after school this year and today was the real test! I got home at 6:30 and didn’t even allow myself to sit down to put my shoes on, just changed and headed back out the door for my run. Thankfully it didn’t have to be super long (I used my walk home towards it) nor did it need to be fast. I ended up doing 5.17km at 7:04pace. I think it counts for double though as it was pouring while I was out there. I did my loop through the park and the water was super high!

I had told one of my Squad Runner teammates that I would work through a marathon training program to give him support so this run got week 1, day 1 done:)


I have spent the evening reading two books- one is my Bookclub book for Saturday. I need to read at least 46 pages a day and so far I am ahead of schedule.

The second book is for NetGalley and I’m quite enjoying it! Hopefully I’ll be able to share reviews soon!

Well I’m exhausted and off to bed!

I must be in a leopard kind of feeling tonight!

Have fun!


Me Weekend

Today continued with the “me” weekend where I accomplished nothing major, but did manage to recharge. I’ll also include a summer bucket list recap.


This morning I met up with three friends for a run, though only one ran with me. Squad Runner required a 7km run today and I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I did and had a really steady pace. I ended up doing 7.18km at 8.8 pace.

This is where I ran again today and I found it amazing that after a very dry, brown summer, it only took one day of rain to green it up again.

I was supposed to go for another half hour run tonight for the Monday mission, but it was absolutely pouring out and I decided one run was enough for today!


I continued with the series I started yesterday and read the third book, Complicating. I again enjoyed this short novel. It definitely didn’t go as I was expecting, but was realistic enough. The main heroine drive me a little crazy with her lack of communication, but the hero definitely made up for it. I love how this whole series includes epilogues so you know what happens next!


I have been working on a water bottle holder for a woman at work who is always losing hers. It’s not quite done, but should be by tomorrow.

Summer Bucket List Recap:

You can find my original post Here.

I think I had a great summer and managed to do a lot of things I had never done before. I even got a few things off my big bucket list! I had 30 items on my list and managed to complete 18 of them:)

I did: visit friends in Penticton,

go on my Parent’s boat,

read at least a book a week (finished 25)

finish my Rug,

Run and exercise,

go for a Hike,

go to a Bookstore

go to Sechelt

make myself a Sweater,

spend time on my Bike (5 rides)

go for Brunch (twice)

make Pizzas

try Bakery in Duncan

go to Golden Spike Days

go shopping (lots)

sit on my deck,

spend time with Friends

and wash my car.

Off the Big Bucket List:

Fly in a float plane

Penticton Channel Float

Walk the SeaWall

I like seeing this as just this week I was talking with my co teacher and saying we should have the children write bucket lists for each season and we should do it too! It definitely gets me doing more!

Well, I have to go to bed as I get my new class tomorrow!

Have fun!


A Slow Start

It was a quiet day with a very slow start. I guess I’m just too old to be out late!


I have to admit that I spent most of the day reading. I just couldn’t get myself up and going. I read Roomating by Noelle Adams and Speed Dating. I very much enjoyed both of the books. The first book is the enemies to relationship theme, though there is definitely hidden emotion. I loved how it was the father who set it all up. Estelle the neighbor, also stole every scene she was in! What a crazy lady!

The second book, Speed Dating, is the friends to relationship theme. I have to say this book didn’t follow my expectations at all! I’m not sure it was as realistic as I was expecting plot wise, but the characters were realistic. Once again the strong community flavor is there too.

I enjoyed both of these short novels!


I did finally drag myself out to do the half hour run I needed to get done. I was happy that regardless of my tiredness I averaged 9.0 to 9.2 km per hour:). It is nice to have some speed back with these cooler Fall temperatures.


I spent this evening with my nephew Gus as my brother and sister in law were going out with old friends who are in town. It was an enjoyable night as always. We ordered pizza ( I have another two meals worth), we went out for ice cream. We also played basketball and I actually managed to beat Gus at two games of 21. Makes me think that he was taking it easy on me as I’m only good at throwing from the line.

I of course, spent plenty of time with the fur nephew as well:)

Well that’s my day and I’m off to sleep!

Have fun!


At The Last Minute

It was quite the day!


It’s a good thing I woke up early and joined L for a workout! We alternated between the treadmill and the floor. I was a little worried as it’s been a while since I did an L workout, but I did manage to survive. I did about three minutes on the treadmill each time, averaging about a 6.0. In between I did reverse crunches, tricep extensions,Russian twists, hip bridge, knee tucks, bicycles, bench step ups, and toe touches. I always like these workouts because they go quickly as you are always changing activities!


Today was even crazier! I am trying my best to see the positive in the situation. At this time that would be the fact that I guess I get to do what I want if we aren’t going to have direct leadership.

I got up my nerve and went in this morning and asked if having three 1/2 splits had been considered. I was told it hadn’t and she didn’t have time to do that, but that I could have a look at it. I had no idea if that meant we could have them or not, but I ran with it. I had ten minutes to split the children into three groups. I did so and sent the lists to the two other teachers. I had been told I had until recess but about twenty minutes later, I got told we didn’t have time, but thankfully I already had the lists done. We are now a school with three grade 1/2 classes, but I sure hope that the classes I created aren’t horrible as I didn’t even have the chance to check them over:(

The one great benefit is that Liane and I can now collaborate again and I managed to split some of the problems.

There has been a lot of confusion all day which has been very tiring! I didn’t realize knowing nothing could be exhausting!

We got our class lists today after school and we get our classes on Monday morning so I guess I am spending the weekend getting things ready. Oh yay!

At least my classroom is still tidy!


This evening I met up with three other teachers to celebrate the end of the first week and get caught up. It was nice to see them, but way too loud in the pub! Why do restaurants, pubs and coffee shops all have to be so loud now???

We split a whole bunch of appetizers and I had cider and sangria. It was such a lovely night out, but I really don’t know much that was talked about it:(

Well that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


Should Have Been Great!

Today’s post should have been one of celebration as there have been lots of good items in the past two days, but then one sentence ruined everything! (Yes I can be dramatic!)


Let’s start with the great news. Drumroll please!🥁🥁🥁

THE RUG IS DONE! Every stitch has been completed and now I just have to figure out how to hang it up. I’m going to put it on the wall as I can’t stand the thought of anyone stepping on it after all this work!

Crafting wise I am also up to date on my temperature scarf finally. I will be glad when it begins cooling down and I can go back to my favourite colours!!


Yesterday, I hit the gym with L and two other staff members for boot camp. It was nice to get back to routine, but also tough to workout. I had to change a few moves because of my arm, but definitely tried my best! We did: bench step ups/ bench toe taps, wall sit with bicep curls/ squat with medicine ball, swimmers/ heel reach crunches, banded front raise/ reverse curls, crunches/ walking lunges, Bridge with triceps/ Bridge with knee clam knees, and two other stations that I have completely blocked from my head. My colleagues were complaining of soreness today, but I’m not bad so I obviously didn’t push myself hard enough! Tomorrow will be another chance and it really did feel great to get back to routine!

Today Dennis stopped by my school for work and we arranged to run. Probably a good thing as running has definitely slipped to the wayside this week:(. We did Coquitlam River and perhaps I should be upset and angry more often as I was definitely doing that run much faster than normal. We ended up doing 4.94km which is good but definitely not enough to get me the Squad Runner Mission today:(


Yesterday was a great day with the grade ones. I am definitely getting to know their personalities. One little guy really gets the message behind books, but he literally lives in a different world! Two whole classes were yelling his name on the playground yesterday and he didn’t hear them! I will definitely be putting him forward for hearing testing!

Today we were doing stations so that every teacher got to meet every student and vice versa. Liane and I were doing the nature station so we had students matching paint chip samples to pieces of nature, creating their self portrait using items found on the ground, going on a bird watching walk and picking up garbage. It was a great day outside in the sunshine until lunch:(

We were called to a meeting and with one sentence, “we are down a division”, life at school imploded. One teacher has to pack up her class and leave and all of the other classes have been impacted. I have lost working with Liane who will now be doing grade two with a different teacher while I am doing grade one. I don’t really get why we can’t be the two grade 2 classes:(. The classes also have some major issues student wise, but we’ve been told that this is how it will be and there won’t be discussion or changes:( It’s tough to see situations where my students are going to regress instead of grow. Especially when it seems unnecessary as it appears three grade 1/2 splits would have worked and allowed for good division of the problems in grade one and grade two!

Staff have also just been assigned to a class with absolutely no conversation so there are a few staff members who are very unhappy with what they’ve been assigned:(

It was not a happy world at my school today!!! It’s tough to feel as though you’re not heard and have absolutely no say:(

Well I’m going to go read a trashy romance I think to take my mind off this!

Have fun!


Quite a Day

Wow! All I want is for my eyes to shut after this day!🤣


The day started very early with driving my parents and aunt and uncle to the airport. I picked them up about 6am, but of course I was up several times before then to make sure I hadn’t overslept🙄

Thankfully the drive went smoothly, they got there and I got back for work in plenty of time, though not in the same condition 🤣

I stopped at my parent’s place to grab the food that needed to be cleaned out of the fridge, and I also grabbed the instant pot😜, but then my water bottle rolled to the middle under my car. It was an expensive Swell bottle so I didn’t want to leave it there, therefore, I had to lay down on the ground to get it. There went bring neat and tidy for the first day of school!


It was an interesting day! With a new principal and a new secretary (has never been an elementary secretary before), and a rascally computer system, it definitely wasn’t the smoothest or most organized first day of school! I’m keeping an open mind though and will just do my best to do my job!

It was great to see my students and I got lots of hugs:). We shared about the best and worst of our holidays or what they were most and least looking forward to. That half hour was awesome as I sure did miss “my kids” this summer!

I am sure it will be the last time that my classroom looks this neat!

L, my co-teacher and I spent time planning and prepping this week, but didn’t really feel like we could move forward as our organization may need to change ☹️😞ugh!


I ran out of school right away to get to my massage appointment. It was pretty painful after missing a month, but N did work on my arm a bit and it felt better:)

The massage did mean that there was no exercise for me today! I hope I do better tomorrow!


I thought I would be showing off my completed rug today, but it was weird! I had a colleague call and talk to me for 45 minutes! It’s strange because we are not particularly close. Oh well, just know I am really close to being done!


I know that Linda really wants to know how I did on my summer bucket list and I will try to write that on my lunch tomorrow. Sorry Linda, I had planned to include it in this post, but I really do need to shut my eyes!

Have fun!


Labor Day

Happy Labour Day!! It was lovely to have a day off, but it’s definitely been overshadowed by the loom of going back to work tomorrow.


Last night I realized that I would have to do the Squad Runner mission all at once so I arranged to meet Brenda to go around Burnaby Lake. I picked her up with no problems, but then couldn’t get my phone to connect to a satellite forever! I swear I lost at least half a kilometer of the lake. I decided to run all the extra trails that come off of the lake loop. This would give me the twelve km I needed at a ten km lake.

I ended up walking a half kilometer with Brenda at the beginning and then again when I met up with her at the halfway point. I’m always so serious about my runs and decided today, just to enjoy myself. I ended up walking about thirty seconds every five minutes, but did finally make it around the lake. It was slow at an average of 7:27 per kilometer and ran a total of 12.1km. I did like my calorie count at the end!!!

The tea afterwards definitely made up for the long run!!


I got home to my mom at my place hemming my pants. She’s amazing!!! She’s leaving tomorrow and she’s still spending her time hemming my pants!

While she slaves away at the sewing machine, (they were Lululemon with ruching so I was scared of screwing them up), I worked on my rug. I am on my last square!!! My mom and I were discussing how to hang it once it’s done and we have an idea.

Sorry I don’t have that exciting a day to tell you about, but tomorrow is more than going to make up for it, I’m sure!

Have fun!


Fun and Errands

My day wasn’t super productive but at least there was some fun!


I got myself all confused this morning as my run was a half hour later than normal. It was worth it though as two sets of my running buddies came back to join us this morning. It was awesome to run with three other people, even though I fell three quarters around the park!

My run was about 33 minutes and covered 4.7km with an average of 7:08. We were actually running way faster than that, but had to stop st each intersection to wait for one guy to ensure he didn’t get lost. This timing doesn’t bother me at all because today was about friends, not about time!

I did get out for a walk after I got home to finish up my squad runner mission because I couldn’t stand being in 12th place.


After our run we headed to the Coquitlam Grill for brunch. Going to a new place for brunch was on my list , but this place is so quick and good and cheap that it’s our usual:). I had the same breakfast as usual- the sunrise jumpstart with two eggs and hash browns, but I switched out the toast for fruit salad. I figured it was the healthier choice as when I have toast I want ham on it!!


I grabbed my mom and we hit the mall for the last few things she needs for her trip. It wasn’t the most productive trip, but I think we managed to get it all. The mall was crazy busy today!

We also stopped at the drugstore, the hardware store for lightbulbs (I could do surgery in my bedroom now🤣) and Michaels for a gift card for my cousin.

I dropped my mom off and then went and finally got a car wash and some gas.


I finished a square today and have started in my last square. It’s hard to believe that I’m so close to being done this huge project!

On another crafting note, my friend liked her scarf and loved how soft it was😀

Well there’s my day:)

Have fun!



A day full of family visits.


My mom noticed that I have been saying that my runs aren’t great a lot lately…well today, I can say I had an amazing run!!! I was back to my pre-summer speed and actually managed to knock five seconds off of my 5km time. I have a goal of running a 5km in 30 minutes. I realize this is slow for a lot of people, but it’s a goal for me. I have taken 12 minutes off my time and have 2 minutes left to get rid of. I think these last two might be the most difficult!

Family Visits:

I picked up my mom and we went in to have tea with my aunt, uncle and cousin. It was nice to catch up with them and my mom got some great hand-me-downs from my cousin. Thankfully they are about the same size and have similar taste! It saves me from seeing my mom in the same shirt continuously as she hates shopping for herself.

From there, we picked up my dad and headed out to visit my brother, sister in law and nephew. It was so great to see them!! We don’t do anything exciting, but it’s nice to catch up. I definitely have Gus withdrawal after a while. It can be quite funny though as my dad, brother and nephew are super similar and can get into trouble just sitting down. Today they did this and talked my mom into it too!

I won’t be surprised if my parents have scooters soon!


My parents and I hit the Meridian Arms pub afterwards. Now my brother and sister in law love this place, but I don’t think any of us were all that impressed with it today. I ended up with just a side green salad as the waitress looked aghast when I asked if there was a gluten free menu. My dad sent his fish and chips back as he said it was too chewy to eat and ended up getting bacon and eggs instead. My mom said the cheeseburger was pretty good and I have to admit the Orange Breezer drink I had was good.


After lunch we hit Costco to outfit my dad for the trip. He got a vest, two long sleeve shirts, a heavy sweater and underwear so he’s good to go:). I wish I found it this simple to get ready for a trip!

We also managed a stop at Art Knapp’s so I could finally get my herb plants and dirt. I even got them all planted today! I can’t wait to do some cooking so I can use them! I just realized I didn’t take photos of the plants so I’ll do that tomorrow.


Finally I added just under two more feet to the scarf for my friend and am much happier with it. It may even be too long now 🤣

I have also been working on my rug and should be able to finish this square tomorrow!

Well I’m off to bed as it looks to be another busy day tomorrow.

Have fun!