Happy Halloween

Well it’s been quite the day!


The children were slightly crazy, but we got a few things done. We made a class book about our favourite part of Halloween. I asked the children to be specific and they did pretty good, though there was a lot about trick or treating and candy!

We carved our class pumpkin and watched Hotel Transylvania around our costume parade.

My students were super excited that I was a bee as I am called Miss B at school.


I finally finished 22.5 Degrees by Martina Behm! I will provide a picture when I get some daylight, but I’m quite happy with it!


I headed out tonight to keep a friend company who was on her own as her husband was at the hockey game.

It was a great Halloween! I got to open the door about five times for kids. This is only the second time I’ve gotten to do that so it was fun! We also watched the Hallmark movie, October Kiss. There were plenty of parts to laugh at, but it was cute and definitely appropriate for the occasion! We are way too many treats!!!

Clean November challenge starts tomorrow!

Have fun!


A Quick Note

This has to be quick as I need as much sleep as possible to deal with tomorrow!


My students are getting crazier by the hour because of Halloween. Today we did a new poem – Skeleton Parade, in many spooky voices and we wrote about our favourite candy.

We looked at the Scholastic Book Fair and had computers. This afternoon we played Halloween games in gym and did some more of our pumpkin investigation. Tomorrow is the big day for counting seeds and carving faces.


On my breaks, I finished up watching Love at First Dance. I really liked this movie. I liked how at the start the female lead stands up for herself and makes the arrogant hero follow the same rules as everyone else! I wish I was better at this. I liked how the characters help each other grow. I also liked how they got to know each other in a non-romantic way for 90% of the movie. The ending was also super cute! I watched it three times!


After work I made pumpkin muffins to use up my leftover pumpkin, once I separated all the seeds out of the school pumpkin guts. I must have been on s pumpkin roll! I used this Recipe and the one I tried hot was really good plain, with vegan butter and with vegan cream cheese. The rest have all been frozen!


Tonight was knit night and I managed to get partially casted off for the shawl/scarf. Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow and able to share it.


I’m looking into blogging plans, but for $60 I only get 6g of storage- doesn’t that mean I’m going to be having the same problem in a year?☹️

Well I’m off to get some sleep so I am patient tomorrow.

Have fun!


On The Go

Today was a day for getting stuff done!


We designed monsters this morning in our journals. They turned out super cute and the kids did lots of writing about them.

We also began our pumpkin investigation- discussing ribs and drawing like a scientist.

This afternoon we tackled a mini book about the pumpkin life cycle.

It’s fun this year to be able to do Halloween things!


After work I had some bonus time as my massage was cancelled so I watched some of the Hallmark movie, Love at First Dance. I’m not quite down so I hope to finish it in the morning.


I went out and got gas and picked up glow in the dark fangs for my students for Halloween. I just can’t bring myself to give them candy!


I decided to take advantage of the no massage and get my first points for Squad Runner in two weeks! I just did a quick 5km in the Neighbourhood. It wasn’t fast, but it did feel great to get out!


I’ve been working yet again on my shawl/scarf. It still doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger:(

I will keep knitting though!

Have fun!


A Few More Things

Well a few more things got marked off the list today. I googled lists last night and so my mom and I are testing out Wunderlist; so far, so good!


I got back to routine today and got out for my Sunday morning run. It wasn’t a particularly great run- slow and my legs definitely didn’t feel strong, but it got done:)

I wish I had gotten out for another run this afternoon as I will yet again not get my mission as I have a massage after school tomorrow:(


My cousin came and dropped off his truck. It’s a good thing I store this for him as it ensures I see him at least twice a year!


I got a baby present mailed away, wood picked up to hang my alphabet rug, a lightbulb bought, figured out my spare room light, and got woolite and a collapsible cart from my parents. I tell you shopping at the house of mom and dad has the best prices🤪. I’m glad the day started off with some success as I checked out another two furniture stores and didn’t find a new couch and I looked into Ting My Doorbell, but it’s $250! I’m going to have to do more research!

I checked out Costco and saw good planners for $10! Oh well, I will have to remember that for next year, but for anyone who hasn’t bought one- look at Costco!!

Cool Moment:

When I was at the store, the cashier recognized me. I taught her daughter in grade two and she is now starting teacher training. It was so cool to have this moment!!

On Friday, I also got presented with my 15 year pin at work. I’ve been working 16 years, but they don’t count my first year towards it:(


I had a lovely long nap this afternoon on my comfy couch:). Then I enjoyed watching several Hallmark movies on my new large tv. I so enjoy “Cooking With Love”, especially the moment where Kelly sends Steven a picture of her spaghetti as that’s something I would do. This movie always makes me want to cook!


I am working along on my 22.5 degree scarf. It really is taking forever and definitely doesn’t reward me with much progress:(


Ugh! I can’t include any pictures today as I have no space left:( I’ve already taken out all my book and movie pictures and so don’t really know what else to do:(. Any suggestions are welcome as I am getting tired of writing about this problem!

Oh and if anyone knows how to get to other people’s posts you’ve saved- can you please tell me🙂

I’m back to my Hallmark movies:)

Have fun!


The List

After a lovely hour of extra sleep this morning, I spent the day working on my “mommy list”. It’s the list of things I want to do while I have company.


We started with Michaels to look for a new agenda, but boy were they expensive!!! I liked the looks of the create your own ones, but forget it at that price!

I had a look at Pomme while we were over that way and picked up a few new things to try. I had a tough time resisting the coco whip and the umaluma ice cream!

We then hit Walmart where I found a great planner for $17:). It’s not perfect as it is bigger than I wanted, but I liked that it gave me a monthly view and a weekly view and had lots of pages at the back for notes. It ended up being a Blue Sky planner which was recommended to me by Maureen. I even liked the simple black and white cover of this journal so it will look professional in my meetings too.

Well other than getting a journal, a tensor bandage to replace one Brenda has given me and mascara, I didn’t get a lot accomplished today.

We did have a very yummy lunch at a local pub:)


I am on the hunt now for an app that would allow both my mom and I to see the list for when she is home and add to it. If anyone knows of a good one, please let me know!


I got busy and made my granola bars for the week. I used the same recipe, but changed it up a bit.

2 eggs

1/2 cup brown sugar (decreased from one cup in the recipe)

1 1/2 cups oats

1 tbsp oil

1 tbsp flour

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

1/3 cup raisins

1/4 cup coconut

1/3 cup dried blueberries

1/3 cup mini marshmallows.

Spread in a small cookie sheet and bake at 325 for 30 mins. Let cool and then cut into bars.

They definitely smell good, so hopefully they taste good too!


I finished another NetGalley book, Christmas Comes to Snowfall by Erika Marks.

This is the story of Maggie Iverson, a website designer who comes to Snowfall to redo the town’s website in order to improve the town’s tourism. She meets Alden Marshall, the town vet, right away. They end up spending lots of time exploring what the town offers, but only as friends.

I really enjoyed this novel. The story takes place over a week, but somehow the pacing seemed perfect and not rushed. The characters don’t see each other every day, but the time they have together counts. Perhaps it is because they spend the time together as just friends.

The town characters are wonderful. I loved the matchmaker who is unabashed about what she is doing and is obviously successful. It was nice though that the town is realistic in that there are curmudgeons and grouches too.

The ending of this book was lovely! Both characters grow and it is that growth that allows them to come together in such a sweet scene.

It is a wonderful book to put you in the mood for Christmas!

Thank you to Erika Marks, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Did a bit more on my 22.5 Degrees scarf. I think this scarf is taking me longer than most sweaters do!


I met up with two friends and their kids to take in another Halloween event tonight. We did a local haunted house. It wasn’t very much, but very hands on. It was perfect for the youngest kid we had with us and me🤣. Hopefully next year we can graduate to the real haunted house that is near us. Unfortunately it was pouring the whole time we were there:(

We ended the night with wine at their house and it was lovely!

Now I’m off to bed as I have to run in the morning.

Have fun!


Out of the Ordinary

Today was really a day out of the ordinary at work and after!


I’ve been getting up five minutes earlier each day, so my mornings are starting to be less crazed.

Today we got our Friday journals done and a little bit in our math number word booklet, but that’s it.

We had a practice for the hip hop and then the actual hip hop performance this afternoon. My students did great and looked very cute! So many parents came after and took their children home that I only had nine kids left for last block!


I rushed out of work and joined my friend downtown. We hit dinner at Meet Yaletown. I’ve been here before, but it is a favourite as it is a vegan restaurant that clearly labels the few things that have gluten in them! It was a perfect night for tonight. My friend and I shared the mucho gusto burger which had pico de Gallo and guacamole and crispy onion bits on it. It was very good as were the fries and salad that came with it! We shared so we could have dessert and I went with the chocolate ganache torte with salted caramel ice cream while my friend had my usual lemon tart. I think I may stick with my usual next time:)

After dinner we hit a new to is Halloween event called Glow in the Garden at Van Dusen Gardens. We have been to the Christmas version several times, but decided to try the Halloween one. It was a reasonable price- about the same as a movie. It was very cute to see the little kids in their costumes and doing crafts as well. We got lucky and went in at the end of the time slot before us, about 7pm. Our time slot started at 7:30, but they let us in and we were super happy as we definitely noticed a lot more people on our second round at 7:30! There were two sections- Hänsel and Gretel and the pumpkin patch and it took about a half hour to do both. We took photos the first round and then just did a second round to look and make sure we didn’t miss anything. It was neat- we got a walk and some fresh air and a new Halloween event. It would be better for little kids though we did see lots of young couples too. I was just happy that it wasn’t too scary!

It was great to have time with my friend and yet not have a super late night after we have both taught all day!


I finished my latest NetGalley book last night. Snowed in For Christmas is a collection of three novellas.

Thank you to the authors, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed the three holiday novellas in this book.

First, I really liked how all three stories had the man speaking up about his feelings first. It was a nice change from what often happens in romance books. I quite enjoyed the last one as I could picture the character almost telling his feelings.

Secondly, I enjoyed how each story outlined how we don’t know how others are feeling or really how their pasts have affected their lives. The second story definitely brought home the idea that we shouldn’t make assumptions about people as they are often wrong.

Thirdly, I enjoyed how all three stories ended. I really liked how the first two stories had epilogues that caught us up on what happened to the characters later on. The last story had such a cute ending that it’s forgiven for not having an epilogue.

Thank you for three great stories to start getting me into the holiday spirit.

Well, time for some couch!

Have fun!


A Little More

I got a little more back to normal today:)


Once again I gave myself some extra sleep this morning so was a little late for planning. We did get the week planned and prepped and that felt great to be back in routine!

The students stopped in the doorway this morning at the sight of the Halloween decorations. They’ve declared me amazing at decorating and say it’s not Miss B’s room anymore, but Miss Halloween’s room. How could anyone not enjoy spending the day with that?!

We got some printing catchup done and learned why the seasons are called what they are. We also worked on our number words booklet and had computers and hip hop. A pretty nice day:)


I can officially call the yogurt experiment a failure. I am definitely left with just a lot of coconut milk:(. I used it to make some hot chocolate for myself today. That’s very rare as I don’t really like chocolate, but I wasn’t sure what to use all this milk for? It turned out that wasn’t the answer as it was way too rich for me and I had to come home at lunch for some ginger ale.


This evening I got back to my athletic yoga class. It felt good to move a bit again and get back into routine more! It was an an heavy class so I’m pretty sure my abs are going to hurt tomorrow!!! The craziest move was eagle crunches – get into eagle pose while on your back and then do crunch after crunch. Ugh!


Coming and going today, I have run into tough rather interesting looking people going into the apartment two away from mine. I try not to judge people on looks, but they don’t really look like the type of people I want hanging around my home. I’ll see how it goes…

Well I’m off to finish the third novella in my current book as I want to finish tonight! I feel like I haven’t talked about a book in forever!

Have fun!


My Buddy is Back

It was so great to have my co-teacher back today!!!!


I slept later again this morning trying to give myself as much rest as possible.

We had workout Wednesday which is when we walk, run, skip, jump, etc around the school. This morning, I think I crawled🤣

We started pre reading strategies with predicting today. We also did a pumpkin 100 chart picture, practice of number words and hip hop.

The children were a little crazier today and I had to talk a lot about self regulation and impulse control!😖

After school, my mom came up to help me decorate my classroom for Halloween as my class has been asking daily when I would decorate.

This is a little of what I put up. I try to concentrate items in a few areas so it makes impact and still allows me some visually quiet space. I hope the kids love it. I always like seeing their reaction!


After tea with my mom where she dropped off an amazing felted bag and a larger tv for me, I watched Love On the Slopes on my new big tv. I enjoyed watching that movie because it is filmed in Whistler! I can definitely relate to the main female character who is a klutz who is breaking out of her comfort zone. It’s so nice to actually be able to see the tv from the couch, even better that it’s a smart tv!


I dragged my mom out to pick up a birthday present for my friend C this evening. We hit Chapters and I found two really cute bags and a great scarf for her.

I spent way longer trying to find a new agenda for next year. My agenda this year has been all about goal setting and I find I don’t need that stuff. There are just too many options! I want something I can record plans in, record meeting notes and keep a running to do list or write myself a list for a day. I’ll take any suggestions you have!

Well, I’m back to reading, knitting and watching tv or maybe I should just get to bed and get some sleep!

Have fun!


You Think You Are

When you’re wandering the triangle between your couch, bed and kitchen you think you’re healthy. That all ends within a half hour of having twenty two children ask you question after question!


The day wasn’t bad, though I had to retrain them after having had two TOCs in three days. It’s amazing what the kids try to get away with.

We didn’t get a ton done, but we did get the math assessment of patterning done which was the main objective of the day. It will be interesting to see what they look like tomorrow!

We had hip hop this afternoon and they looked pretty cute! I’m always amazed by how good they can get in just a week. However, I know that if it was me teaching it, I would deem it not ready and yet the parents are always so impressed! Maybe I put too much pressure on me and the kids.

I snapped this picture on my walk to work this morning- such a pretty street!


I got approved for a five more books on NetGalley but I see that some of them are dated October 23rd. I just got them yesterday!!! Can anyone explain if you can review a book after that date or what happens after that date. I don’t want a bad reputation just because I got the book late!


I had walked directly to the grocery store after work to get milk and yogurt as I wanted to try making yogurt in the Instant Pot and I knew that my mom wanted it back. I of course, bought the wrong milk and had to walk to the other grocery store to get some. Then I found out my instant pot didn’t have a yogurt program and the website I was following said the coconut milk I got with guar gum wouldn’t work. ☹️. Ugh later this evening, I finally found a different website that said guar gum was a good thing and gave directions of how to make yogurt without the yogurt program. We shall see in the morning how it turned out! I hope I won’t be throwing away all those ingredients!

Well I’m now off to bed so that I can be as healthy as possible for tomorrow.

Have fun!


I Want Out!

I slept for fourteen hours last night and have had several naps today. Hopefully this will make for a good day back at work tomorrow! I want to leave my condo and feel healthy!

I can’t wait to get back to some exercise!


I finished my latest NetGalley book, Exclusive/ Touch of Heaven by Samantha Chase

This book contains two Samantha Chase novels. The first, Exclusive is about a journalist, Taylor Scott who gets the opportunity to interview a star,reclusive author, but instead finds her way back to her old friend Mike Greene.

This story was almost like waiting for a train wreck. You know from the start what is going to happen and spend the time wondering how badly it’s going to end.

I loved the characters in this story! Taylor is all about her job and being professional and I could completely sympathize with her and relate to her. Then there’s Mike Green who seems to be the embodiment of every woman’s fantasy- physical and intellectual and trying to give Taylor everything she wants.

The setting is also amazing! Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous fairytale home in the country and a boat at the shore. The one thing that bugged me was that a 55’ boat was described as a yacht needing a crew. Maybe Ms, Chase isn’t a boater, but that needs to be at least 10-20 feet longer to need a crew and be impressive!

The pacing of the story was fast, but it made sense as the characters had been involved before. It truly was an enjoyable second chance romance with a lovely ending!

The second story in this book was A Touch if Heaven which has Regan Amerson and her mom winning a home makeover with a hot TV show. Who knew they would both fall for the father son team who comes to complete the renovation.

This was a super cute romance that just felt natural and was very feel-good. I liked how the mother daughter relationship was very realistic with them squabbling and not always seeing eye to eye and yet loving each other undoubtedly.

I also liked how the drama was kept to a minimum and care from an outside force.

Once again, the hero in this story is every woman’s fantasy! Ms. Chase does a great job portraying her hero’s as loving and wonderful, but not perfect!

I really liked the ending of this story, though the pace was a little fast for me!

I also noticed that the two stories hit the mark on a balance between hot and steamy.

Thank you to Ms. Chase, the publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.


Between naps I have managed to get cinnamon raisin oatmeal ready for my breakfasts, and taco salad ready for my dinners. I also made some pumpkin pie ice cream for my snacks this week. I got the recipe from Minimalist Baker and it was very easy and quite yummy!

I finally got to my creamy vegetable curry this evening, only to find out I had no curry powder in the house, after I had assembled everything. My mom came to the rescue with this Recipe that is again from minimalist baker. It tastes much better than the powder I usually buy. I always feel like much more of a real cook when I use fresh garlic that I chop (which I did today) and making my own curry powder definitely makes me a real cook:)

Well, I’m going to bed extremely early today since I’m going to go back to work tomorrow. Too bad those children refuse to take naps! Can’t we reinstate nap time?

Have fun!