Well today had a lot of parts that didn’t quite go as I had planned.


I had a new to our school teacher stop in twice this morning and once at lunch. This ate into a lot of the time I had set aside to work on sight word flash cards, and…my answer and advice never changed!

We had an assembly first thing this morning from our local museum about students doing a presentation board about their family veterans. It was cool to see a WWI officer’s uniform, but I tuned out after that. It would have been much more effective to give the presentation at the PAC meeting!

We went into groups today. I don’t normally let the children sit in groups until January, but there just isn’t enough room in my classroom for pair rows:(. The children were super e cited to name their groups! We have The Boo, the Jack-o-Lanterns, The Megs, and Halloween Candies.

The best part of the day for me was the afternoon. We did our first journal entry. (I can’t believe it’s October before I’m getting to that!) the children can write about anything they want, but I have the prompt, ” I am” in case they were stuck. Not they did amazing! One little guy wrote three sentences when last year he didn’t even know all of his letters!

This greatness continued into gym where we played tail tag. I explained the purpose was to really run and get hot and sweaty, and they did it! Not one person asked to go for a drink or to go to the bathroom and that’s s huge improvement! I love perpetual games like that!

We had a staff meeting after work which was super painful! The only saving grace were the treats!


Speaking of treats, I enjoyed having all my food ready today. I had cream of rice with cinnamon and raisins, yogurt/raspberry/granola parfait, coleslaw, a chicken thigh and chips, mini cookies and chickpea treats.


I did t want to go for a run, but I had to. I used the walk home to get some mileage in (like a warmup) and then went straight out for a run. After walking to work in pouring rain, it was a beautiful afternoon for a run!!! I didn’t wear headphones and just enjoyed my 3.4km:)


I have spent the rest of the evening knitting. I will be trying to get this afghan done this week, but I’m not going to sacrifice time with my mom for it! The Mom list is super long now!🤣

I did get 3/4 of a pattern repeat done which puts me in pretty good place for getting done by Saturday morning. I had wanted to get a whole pattern repeat done but the staff meeting and run meant I didn’t sit down to it until late. I’ll just work away at it! The one nice thing is that it keeps me warm as I’m working on it:)

Well I’m off to bed as I’m super tired tonight!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Not Quite

    1. They did do well with the names this month:)
      It is a nice view, but I have to admit I get tired of it as it’s the only place I can run around my house unless I want to drive somewhere else. I shouldn’t whine though- it is beautiful!

      1. Isn’t it strange how we take for granted the views we see on a daily basis?! I feel like if you and I switched spots for a few days to run then we’d both enjoy the other persons views. It would probably end with us appreciating our own spots more.

  1. I have heard it is tough to get a full time teaching position in Canada so she is probably happy to be there and glad for advice as getting a job may be political but keeping it is due to hard work and sometimes luck.

    1. Lol I had joined the local running club to meet people, but it’s never young single men there! Tell him he will end up with lots of dates if he goes!
      I like a combination each week- some runs alone to decompress and think and some with friends to keep me going:)

  2. sounds like a good teaching day, even if it was interrupted more than you wanted. This is the first position I have where I swear everyone ends up in my room. The kitchen is off my room and so much of the storage is in my room so everyone stops in for something. I’m used to being in my room and can get more work done, oh well I guess I just have to pretend to be social for a bit.

      1. Oh I wish as sometimes I wonder how good of a job I do at those subjects since they aren’t my area of expertise

  3. I’ll bet there will be lots of news events and commemorations for the 100th anniversary of WWI Armistice Day, so I’m sure the kids got a lot out of that visit. Sounds like a busy day. You’ll need to rest those fingers next week for sure after your folks are gone.

  4. I bet it’s so rewarding seeing the improvement in the students’ year to year. And your breakfast sounds so yummy- how do you make that? Is it cream of oats?

    1. It is a box of cream of rice. It took about thirty seconds to make and I added cinnamon and raisins and divided it up for the week. Super easy and filling, though I think I like the nutty flavor of oatmeal more. It is still good:)

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