Every day I seem to find something else I need to learn to do!


My day started with a couple of rows on my afghan pattern. I got the pattern finished and a new one started late this evening. I now have until Saturday at least to get it done:)


The children were a little off this morning, but then again, so was I. My student services time was cancelled due to meetings. This happened way too often last year so this year, I’ve decided to ask questions. I sent an email, but got the usual spun answer😖. Our two student services teachers “work closely together” meaning they both go to every meeting. Unfortunately that means our students get half the service they should get. Ugh I wonder if these two teachers truly don’t get it or if they pretend to not get it as they know it’s wrong? All I know is that it’s incredibly frustrating! I’ve decided that this year I will keep track and call them on it when my service is cancelled.

Otherwise, the cutest thing was when my students surprised me after lunch by being absolutely silent and ready to do planners. I surprised them back by taking them outside to play before we did planners. For all the hugs I got you’d think I’d sprung them from jail🤣


I have added shopping to my mom list as it became clear on my way to work that I need to do some! I couldn’t figure out why my feet were getting wet, until I got to work and inspected my boots.

I don’t think these are doing the job anymore!


I had a ten kilometer run to do for Squad Runner and it was a beautiful day so I got out. It was colder than I expected so I ended up doing just over 4km and calling it a day. Just means I’ll have to do more tomorrow!


I finished the book After All (Ever After in Sapphire Falls). I have enjoyed many Erin Nicholas books and this one didn’t disappoint.

This book tells of party girl Peyton and small town cop Scott. They have been circling each other for a while, but want the opposite thing from each other right now.

I really enjoyed this book. Normally I avoid books that have a lot of thinking and self-talk in them as I prefer a faster plot line, but this book was excellent. The characters are super realistic and complex and aren’t stereotypical.

The plot goes fast and is very satisfying. I would definitely recommend this book for a light, fun read:)

Well I have to get to sleep as it’s photo day tomorrow and I don’t want bags under my eyes!

Have fun!


40 thoughts on “Need To Learn

  1. There is always always something new to mesmerize the eye and coax us into learning yet another creative craft! I always hate getting rid of well loved shoes. It looks like you do too! Enjoy the pictures tomorrow!❤️😊 —Tracy

    1. Thank you!
      Getting new shoes is very difficult with my size feet so I do have a tendency to wear my shoes to the bitter end!

  2. Lol 😆 you definitely need new boots 👢 My boots fell apart the other week. I thought I must have got miss called on them as that is how they felt, so I scraped the bottoms and the soles crumbled off! I was happy that it happened as I got home.

  3. Frustrating your services got cancelled this morning. At least your students were nice and quiet after lunch!

    Oh my gosh your shoes!! You definitely got your money’s worth on those.

    1. Lol yes I now need to go looking for new shoes, but it’s horrible having to show shop for me, that’s why I delay it as long as possible!

  4. Yes, boot shopping is in order. There used to be a boot company that custom made boots, and you could send them back to be resolved. DH has had a pair for 30 years and they are still going strong. They are very expensive up front, but last a long time. If you are interested, I’ll look for the company and send it to you.

  5. everyone should learn something new every day.
    I fought so often for my kids to get their services. ummm the iep you know the legal document that we all signed said they get these services for this length of time each day. (oh and I’ve argued that as a parent on the number of days my kids didn’t get their gifted services as well) What would happen if the other classroom teachers said, nope I can’t meet with my students today?
    I do believe you are due for a bit of shoe shopping

  6. You sure did wear those boots out – no wonder they rebelled for keeping your feet wet in all the rain. Being sprung from indoors on a nice day is fun – must’ve been a rare nice-weather day after all your rain and cold days.

      1. My mother’s new shoes fell apart in a store while she was walking. They were new, but she had them in a box for a long time before wearing them. But still…new shoes shouldn’t just come apart. What in the world are they making them out of these days?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. I work with Title One teachers who pull out children for reading and math services. We have three or four big data meetings a year and miss the kids then but otherwise we are pretty consistent with services. If we are sick, though, we have no substitutes for us.

    1. We have substitutes for our student services teachers. They just like to attend all meetings and presentations together which means our service is cancelled completely. I’d rather just one of them went and our service was cut in half.

      1. I guess that makes sense. We also sometimes have lunch informal meetings where we communicate about students and situations, when the kids are in lunch and recess.

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