I was just tired today!


I got two rows of my next pattern done before school and about four after school. I will have to spend more time tomorrow night, though I now have until Monday to get it done:)


Our day was better today! We spent most of the morning getting our photos taken. It was definitely the longest it has ever taken so I hope the pictures turn out well! I had to assure my mom that I changed it up from my blue top and black sweater this year! I wore a pink top and grey sweater🤣🤣🤣

Math and science went well and I can confidently say that my students seem to be understanding patterns and seasonal changes😀. We’ll move onto more complicated growing and decreasing patterns next week to keep their interest.


Today I had to run home at lunch to get my workout clothes for boot camp as I had forgotten them. It did help me get my Squad Runner mileage in though:). It was a tough workout today as almost every station worked upper and lower body and abs at the same time! We did:

Weighted lunges off the bench

Weighted 1/2 gets ups

Weighted power jacks

Weighted cross country skiers

Shoulder press to get up

Bench sit up to burpee

V sit with press

Bench tap downs

I was definitely sweating doing the cross country skier while holding a medicine ball over my head! I need to be nicer to L so maybe she’ll take it easier on me!


I grabbed my mom after work tonight to hit up Costco. I had an interesting list- laundry soap and pillows. I got both but also new jammies. I don’t think there was any food in our cart!


I obviously have the best parents ever as they brought me home treats! I got vegan cheese, more of the okanagon rawsome crackers


And a new water pitcher!

It was like Christmas!!!

Well I’m off to sleep early as I’ve been tired today.

Have fun!


29 thoughts on “Tired Today

    1. Thank you! I love getting spoiled on occasion. Nice to heft something new! My mom and I ended up picking out the same pair 🤣

  1. sounds like a good day. I love getting new pajamas it always seems like a nice bedtime treat

  2. Whew – your parents are staying through Thanksgiving Day – lucky you, you have some breathing room to finish the afghan, as long as you don’t have to do the cooking!

  3. I’m sure you looked lovely in that pink and gray sweater!! Love that color combo. Bootcamp sounds like a fun, hard workout. & those crackers looks scrumptious!!

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