My co teacher is back after having been off sick for two weeks and boy was it ever nice!!!


I started the day getting three rows done on the afghan pattern and managed to finish that one up later this evening. I am on my second to last call of yarn, so we’ll see if I’m going to have enough or have to go buy more. It seems unbelievable that I am so close to being done this big project too:)

I’m starting to daydream about what I will make next.


The day went pretty well! We finished our seasons mini book and the children all practiced reading it. I changed math to a 100 chart picture of a turkey. It was very interesting to see who knew the numbers well and who didn’t and got frustrated.

This afternoon I was the one frustrated as we tried to cram too large a project in the afternoon space. It got done and turned out well, but I just felt that I was always after the children to hurry and worried about running out of time. That’s what I’m trying to avoid this year!

The directed drawing turkeys did turn out super cute, even though I did the steps in the wrong order. And yes I did say this was one time they didn’t have to colour realistically:)


I got home to beautiful sunshine and just felt like baking. I have a super easy granola bar recipe that turns out great no matter what you put in it, so I whipped up some of those:)

The recipe comes from Lunch Box: Creative Recipes for Everyday Lunches which I have had forever.

2 eggs

1 cup brown sugar ( I use less)

1 tbsp canola oil

1 tbsp flour ( I used millet)

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp salt

1.5 cups oats

1/3 cup raisins

1/3 cup dried fruit

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup chopped nuts or seeds

This time I used oats, raisins, craisins, dried blueberries and chopped pecans. I have done all different mix-ins though and it’s always turned out great!


This evening I went back to athletic yoga with my friend Corianne. It was still a great workout, but I did like that there seemed to be a bit more stretching in it this time:)

Well I’m off to sleep so I can survive Friday tomorrow:)

Have fun!


41 thoughts on “She’s Back

    1. Yes it made all the difference yesterday:)
      Thanks! The granola bars are good! I actually thought of you as I was making them because they’re so customizable:)

  1. I hate when you feel rushed at school. there is just something when you feel like… oh no I’m not going to finish. I never know why I don’t just say “oh well there is always tomorrow”

    I almost asked why you were drawing a turkey, but then I remembered that Thanksgiving in Canada is in Oct.

    I haven’t made granola in a while, that bar looks tasty

    1. Yes I am such a better teacher when I’m not rushed! I take the time for teachable moments and everything then!
      Yup! Long weekend🎊🎉
      The granola bars are so worth making! I have made them countless different ways and they always taste good!

  2. Your granola bar photo is fantastic! I don’t even have the artistic words to describe it. The background is perfect in density and color. The bar has a similar nap. It looks like a work of art! I’d say frame it for your kitchen.

  3. Yay on getting your Co teacher back! Did she have the flu? Your granola bar looks delicious and I’m saving recipe! Have a great weekend AJ and try to relax some!💕🎃💕

  4. Athletic yoga sounds so fun! What does that entail vs. just typical yoga? And so awesome the kiddos finished up their season books- that sounded like a fun craft for sure 🙂

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