Today just felt busy, though I had less happening than yesterday.


I started the day with three rows of my next afghan pattern and am back working on it now. I’m hoping to get this afghan done, though I’m thinking I might need one more ball of yarn as it is only my height so far, and I come from a tall family! We shall see though as I don’t want any leftover!


It was a pretty typical day. We had our Friday journals where I was surprised the children named the turkey activities as their favorites before the science activities.

We had some math and it showed me the children are good at making patterns, but not at continuing them so we’ll have to do more on that next week. It was unfortunately a very rushed math class:(

We had gym where I finally figured out how to hook up my phone to the sound system so we could listen to music. It was so cute to see them dancing away to the music during our games.

Finally this afternoon we had buddies and started our STEM project surrounding the book, The Rusty Robot. It was a little crazy as the older children didn’t know as much about measuring as we thought, but everyone survived:)


After work I hit up the gym with L for a workout. Boy did it seem tough today, but all I kept thinking was that it would make me a faster runner!

It was bike and treadmill cardio intervals alternating with a ladder workout. We did DB power squats, DB power jacks, v sits, push-ups and squat with press. I don’t even want to think about how many reps I did of each move in the end, not about how sore I will be tomorrow! I really wish I could run as fast outside as I do on the treadmill!


I have two books on the go right now and am making good progress, but Bookclub is next weekend so I decided I’d better get the book. My mom kept me company as I drove a town over to get the book from their library. I restrained myself so well and only got seven other books too🤪

This morning I had mentioned to my mom that I needed new Barbie clothes for my Barbie centre. If you want something done- tell your mom:)

She hit the jackpot and I am going to have some very happy little girls on Tuesday afternoon!

Well I need to get back to knitting or this afghan will never get done!

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead

    1. My mom made me a lot of Barbie clothes as well. The children are really tough on them though so I don’t want to take my own in. Those are reserved for the little girls of my family:)

      1. Ugh my mom is here this week so I am not cleaning and I’m out on Saturday next weekend so not much is going to happen

    1. Oh my students get done centre tome about once a week- it’s play time with certain materials. The most popular are LEGO and Barbies.

  1. I wish I could run on the treadmill period!! 😂
    Those Barbie clothes sure bring back memories. When my daughter was a little girl our living room would look like a Barbie doll explosion!!

  2. sounds like a good day. I love that you still have play centers in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms there. I know a lot of kindergarten teachers who have to fight to have play centers in their classrooms.

  3. Look at all the clothes for Barbie. Back in the day my mom used to knit me outfits for Barbie. I remember a wool two-piece suit and little hat and a swing -type coat and they were in a speckled wool (cream and dark brown). I know she made a few knit sheath dresses as well. Hmmm, you are looking for ideas to use up skeins of wool. When you’re finished with the afghan of course. There are many websites I found when I Googled “free knitting patterns for Barbie clothes” … this is just one of them:

    1. Oh I have definitely made my share of Barbie knitted clothes. It’s just that these girls are really tough on them so I prefer not to put that much work into the clothes for my classroom!

  4. Aww so fun! Those barbie clothes took me back to my childhood- I’m sure the girls are going to be so excited ! Moms always come in the clutch don’t they?!

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