When your day starts out a certain way, it pays to listen and change your plans!


I met up with Sarah and Kula for a morning trail run today. I arrived early and so went for a little jog along the road to warm up. It was a slow run, but still nice to get out and since we were early it was quiet.

I’m always worried about slowing people down when I run with them, but today Sarah slowed me down and it didn’t bother me at all as having someone to run with was more important. I need to keep this in mind as perhaps those other people feel that way too!

This evening after dinner I got out for a bit more of a run. I started out on the trail, but decided it was going to be too dark and so went out onto the sidewalk. I felt like I was running really fast, only to get home and realize I wasn’t. It was funny that I wasn’t feeling my legs at all whereas this morning they were tired and sore from my workout yesterday.

I was hoping to get to 10 or 11 km today as I have to do 21km for the mission this weekend, but I only got to 9.81km. I sure hope my running buddies are flexible tomorrow.


After a quick shower, I picked my mom up and we headed out to tackle my list.

We started at the brewery so I could pick up a hat for my brother, but unfortunately they weren’t open yet. I really should have taken this to heart and gone home at this point as it didn’t turn out to be a super successful shopping trip until late in the day. I stopped in to order Birkenstocks and got the impression the guy really didn’t want to deal with this. I tried to buy Woolite and couldn’t find the size of bottle I wanted. I looked for a duvet cover and couch and didn’t find either. I then went back and got the hat, but the woman in front of me took forever!

At this point I decided I needed food and introduced my mom to Freshii as she had never had it. I guess I’ve never been there so early and hadn’t seen their breakfasts before.

The Huervos bowl was awesome! I liked how it was smaller than their usual bowls.

At this point I decided to head for West Van to look for new shoes. We got stuck in horrible traffic for an hour!!! I turned around and headed to my least favourite mall which turned out not to have the store I wanted. We walked around the block to it and on the way back discovered there was an easy pedestrian overpass.🙄

It was finally on the way back to the car that my luck changed. I stopped into Zara and hit paydirt! I found a pair of tall brown boots I had been looking for, along with some cute shiny blue galoshes and a super warm coat:). It’s a good thing I walked that way through the mall or the whole day would have been a wash!


My friend Sarah has been loving having a meal delivery service and has talked me into trying one. I found one, 2 Guys with Knives, that does a gluten free, dairy free version and don’t charge for delivery to my area. I ordered two meals as I am hoping that will get me through lunches and dinners for the week, but we shall see next week. I really don’t think this will become a regular thing, but it will be neat to try it out.


For the first time in a long time we had a family dinner with one of my brother’s, his wife and son, my parents and I. We were just missing my other brother and his family. We were once again at Pasta Polo and called this our Thanksgiving/ my brother’s birthday dinner. It was so great to see everyone and catch up!

I had an orange drink which still wasn’t sweet enough and the salmon with potatoes and veggies- still way too much food. It was all lovely though! I think they are going to start calling us by name!🤣


I am halfway through my pattern for today, so must get back to knitting!

Have fun!


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