There was way too much work involved with my holiday!


I had the Monday Squad Runner mission of 5km to do, but decided to walk it and give my legs a little break. It was so quiet when I set out and nobody seemed out yet. This didn’t last long though:(

I also got out this afternoon for the 45 minute Tuesday-Wednesday mission. I miss summer where I could just run the mission on the day it was for! I did run all of this and had a consistent pace so that was good. Hopefully it helps to counterbalance all the eating!


I sat down first thing this morning to get the ends woven into the afghan so it would be ready for my parents today. I know there are mistakes in it and it is 1.5 inches shorter than I wanted, but I’m still happy with it. The pattern is called Courtly from the Leisure Arts Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans. I really love this book because all of the Afghans are made in one piece so there’s little chance of them coming apart:). I bought the book when I was in junior high and have made many of the Afghans out of it. It has certainly paid for itself many times over!


On my way home from my run, I stopped in and grabbed the groceries I still needed to make my food for the week. I got Greek salad made for my dinners and yogurt and granola made for my breakfasts. I plan on turkey and cheese sandwiches so I’ll have to make them each morning for lunch.

I got started on cleaning my kitchen after this. I have book club at my house next Sunday and have been stressing about getting the place clean enough by then! My lovely mother came to the rescue and helped. She got my spare room tidied enough for the sewing table to go in there. I will just need to mop floors, clean the bathroom and vacuum during this week, much more manageable. This evening I even managed to get my sheets changed and my new pillows put in my bed:)


For getting the kitchen deep cleaned, I decided I deserved ice cream!

I grabbed the vegan pumpkin pie and the vegan everything but the kitchen sink from Rocky Point Ice Cream. It was okay, but I may have to make my own as I didn’t find them very creamy:(

I also had dinner out with my parents at the Coquitlam Grill. They offer a turkey dinner which both of my parents enjoyed. Of course it wasn’t dairy free and gluten free so I had a turkey and cranberry sandwich with a side salad. It was still yummy and nice to get a last minute visit in before my parents leave in the morning!


I finished the book a parent at school had lent me, way too long ago. The War That Saved My Life was an excellent book, though definitely written with a sequel in mind. Good for kids who want war books but are too young for anything too scary. I think a boy or girl aged 9-11 would like this book.

I have now begun my Bookclub book for this month which I need to have done by Sunday. Thankfully my mom and friend Michelle have both said it was a quick read. So far, that is proving true thankfully!

Well, I’m off to sleep off all my eating!

Have fun!


49 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    1. I am really happy with the yarns ive used for the last two afghans. The pattern calls for holding two strands, but I’ve just been using chunky yarn

  1. That afghan looks SO comfortable and cozy!! I’ve been on a huge blanket kick lately to up the cozy factor when I’m just hanging out on the couch. I’m glad you were able to enjoy another meal with your parents before the leave.

    1. Yes I’m super happy with how warm and soft the afghan turned out. I’ve learned to use thick yarn, makes all the difference!

  2. I love the color of that afghan. I tend to like deep dark colors for afghans even though most people like them in ecru. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday with your family even if you didn’t get to eat a whole turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches work just as well.

    1. Yes I avoid ecru blankets as they just get dirty too fast!
      The turkey sandwich was good, though dressing would have made it even better!

      1. That’s for sure – it will get chilly on there. I was surprised how many leaves had fallen that were laying around your feet. You said it had been chilly last week. We have odd weather – it is 11:00 and our temps were at 75 degrees – we tied the record of 86 degrees set in 1949. But Fall will be here in one more day and no more reverting to Summer weather (or so they say).

      2. Yes we had quite the wind last week so lots of leaves come down. The trees are already looking bare and I’m worried I’m going to miss all the leaves before I get to that science topic next week!!☹️😳

      3. You’d better have the kids go scoop some up at recess today … otherwise you’ll be having construction paper leaves like we used to cut out and put on the classroom windows when we were kids. Sometimes we’d just color in the outlines that our teacher gave us, and we used crayons and that was it, but we had a little woodsy area and I remember going and collecting leaves and my mom ironed them between waxed paper and we glued them onto sheets of paper, made a hole in the side and tied the pages together with yarn..

      4. Yes, it would be fun. I can still recall going with my father after he got home from work and walking through the wooded area to get unblemished leaves before they fell on the ground. Waxing preserves them and then glue them on pieces of construction paper, bound with yarn. I guess we had a punch or just used scissors and made three holes to make a book that way. But if you got outlines for leaves and printed or xeroxed them off and gave the kids crayons, they could do that too – easier to do. Here are easy black-and-white leaves:

      5. I was close to him when I was young so it was a fun time gathering those leaves. I probably was about the same age as your students when I did that exercise.

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