Yesterday was another busy day!


I showed up for my Sunday run group and stupidly told them I needed to do 11km for my Squad Runner mission. We weren’t positive so I laughingly said we’d run until Dennis turned around. Well at 2km I was ready to make it a 6km run and be done with it, but Dennis never even looked back until I caught up to him stopped at the 5.6km mark. I guess they really are the best running buddies as they make sure I get my miles in whether I want to or not🤣


After a shower and a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with my new jalapeño cheddar cheese I headed out to grab my mom.

We started at the furniture store my brother got his couch at. I found one I liked the shape of, but it wasn’t that soft and it was grey:(

We also hit Winners to look, but all I found was the last pair of boots I needed to replace.

These are all the shoes/boots I have bought over the weekend. I should be good for a couple of years. Oh and just to put it in perspective the youngest boot I am getting rid of is 8 years old!

We then carried on and tried another 8 furniture stores. I came home with nothing, though I did refine what I wanted with each store:). My couch needs to have legs, be a lower back, plain seat, tufted back, textured material, lower arms, not too big- just big enough for me to lay on for a nap, be comfortable for other people. Now I just have to find that!🤪

Eating/product Review:

I really wanted dairy free seasonal ice cream so we stopped at the cafe I thought we had the best chance with. They had regular pumpkin pie, but that was it:( My mom said it was really good!

We stopped at Pomme so I could check out the sales and they had a Daisy Pumpkin Spice cheesecake. I bought one, even though it wasn’t on sale. I quickly cut it up and put it in baggies for individual servings when I got home. I did half serving sizes as I don’t need 350 calories of cheesecake at one time! I tried some frozen and some thawed and while I like the texture a lot better frozen, the taste definitely comes out more when it is thawed. I think it would be a great dairy/ gluten free alternative, especially with coco-whip on top!


I spent the evening knitting and managed to finish my parent’s afghan!!!!🎊🎉. I just have to weave in the ends and I will share a picture.

Well that was my Sunday and now I’m off to start my day!

Happy Thanksgiving and have fun!


29 thoughts on “Sit, Assess, Repeat

  1. Jalepeno cheese is delicious! One of my go tos.

    You’ve had shoes for 8 years?! Dang girl that’s so impressive! I wear my shoes out so quick compared to you.

      1. Yup I definitely get my money’s worth! It’s usually when I’m looking at pictures from years before and I’m wearing the same clothes that I realize I need to get rid of them and get new ones

      2. I swear I wear the same 3 outfits haha. I always have to confirm what I wore last year whenever I go somewhere for picture purposes.

      3. Lol yup! When I told my mom it was picture day- she said I must be wearing my blue shirt and black cardigan. I ended up wearing the same thing three years in a row!

  2. good luck finding the couch you want. finding furniture is hard when you have an image in your head and can’t find one that exists like it.

    love the boots. glad you found some you can use and enjoy

    1. Yes it was interesting quality time, but I know I need to start looking as it will probably take me forever to find something

      1. Thank you! It was interesting to make, but unfortunately the pattern wasn’t one to zone out with. I think I need to make a mindless item next!

  3. Jalapeno grilled cheese sounds like the most genius idea ever, and I’m kinda baffled why I haven’t heard of this yet?!?! SO excited to try it out!

    And girl, you deserve those boots! This is a great haul… & 8 years old were your youngest pair?! So glad you invested in some new ones. Actually come to think of it… the ones I wore today were 11 years old… and now I feel really old. When you become an adult I feel like shoes and clothing hang around SOO much longer. Have a great rest of the week, AJ 🙂

    1. Oh the jalapeño cheese was so good, but I have to admit my fake smoked Gouda and turkey was equally delicious today!
      Yup when I look at my shoes a lot of them were bought when I lived at home so at least ten years ago!

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