My day changed slightly, but I think it was for the better:)


My alarm went off this morning and I slept solidly for another half hour. That means I got ten hours of sleep last night, but I obviously needed it as this was the first morning I’ve gotten up without a sore throat in a long time!

Our day was okay, though we had to change items around as our special helper was out of the room first thing. The children did great with their journal and I taught about exclamation marks which they all used today, whether they needed them or not🤣

We also had science this afternoon where the children looked at different signs of Fall with a magnifying glass and drew what they saw. It was a highlight for some which I was happy about as I think I looked pretty odd walking up the hill this morning collecting and carrying those signs of Fall.

After school I was slated to go to an I service workshop, but I had mixed up who it was speaking and decided that while it would be great, I just didn’t need to add another item to my list. I stayed at school until 6:15 and got a few jobs done that I’ve been hoping to. It felt pretty good:)

I swear this is a job I could work at 24-7,365 and never be done!


As I was working, I listened to/watched a new Hallmark movie called The Sweetest Heart. I enjoyed this movie, perhaps because it was based around a bakery. It had a cute guy and a semi-realistic plot:)


I made myself exercise as soon as I walked in the door. It was a short, but cardio intense workout. I had to do one minute of skipping and between each minute I had to do plank jacks or burpees counting backwards from 20 by 2s- so 20 burpees, 18 plank jacks, 16 burpees, etc. I was definitely breathing hard by the end!


I then made myself unload and load my dishwasher and mop my floors before I got to sit down. The house is getting there- just the bathroom and vacuuming left to do:)

I did get home to a nice picture of my dad using the blanket:)

I hear he is trying to claim it as his own and not let my mom use it. I’ve sent the message that he is welcome at my next lesson in sharing!🤣

Well, that’s it for the day! I’m off to read more of my Bookclub book.

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “A Change of Plans

  1. I’m like you, I have to get the chores done before I sit down, or its all over!! That was me this morning, vacuuming and doing my daily pumpkin and dishes before I allowed myself to knit. No lessons this week, so I am trying to really cram in the needle projects and finish listening to Moby Dick. My goodness, is that a haul. Mr. Melville has written a story around a scientific explanation of the whale and whaling, in the 1850’s, with a few added whaling stories/myths thrown in for good measure. The allegory is great, but you could miss it if you get lost in the scientific journal parts!

    1. Yes I’m not allowed any fun until the work is done!
      Wow that sounds like quite the book. I am looking forward to some mindless knitting when I can listen to an audiobook again!!!

  2. sounds like you now know what your next big project is…. another afghan for your mom. maybe make her one that is a different color so they each have their own.

    I like the idea of having the children do fall observations with magnifying glasses. I’ll have to remember that for next year.

    1. It went really well! The kids were fully engaged and we reviewed as we went. I had them explore to see if leaves of different colours looked different

  3. You’re funny – teaching him a lesson in sharing. I think they should each have their own afghan. Bloggers like exclamation marks too – I use them all the time!

    1. Yes but I try to only do one afghan per year so the next ones will have to wait!
      I seem to use so many exclamation marks in my posts!

      1. Yes, remember I told you when I first started following you that my mom got carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands/wrists as she did two afghans for my grandmother, then liked them so made one for each of us … then she ended up having surgery on both hands and never touched her knitting again. Her problems were compounded in one hand as she used a cane (that cane was wider/heavier than a “stick cane” … it looked like an oil derrick with a handle on top as it made her feel more secure/steadier on her feet. So she was gripping the handle with her dominant hand. She had to use the cane, but didn’t have to knit, so had to give up the knitting. 😦 I use exclamation points all the time. Go easy on those youngsters for using them. LOL!

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