It was quite the day!


Seven years ago I was knocked over by an SUV while I was out walking and I haven’t done any long runs since. Physically I wasn’t sure how my knees would do and mentally I wasn’t prepared to be disappointed by not being able to run or by being as slow as I used to be. I have, from time to time wondered if I could do it. A few weeks ago, after a 12km run, I started to wonder if I could do more. I often run Burnaby Lake when I need to do a 10km run and thought it would be interesting to see if I could do two laps.

I saw this the other day and loved it as I’ve often thought that! I just keep upping what I expect my body to do.

Well this morning I woke up, got dressed in my favourite running outfit, picked up my friend Brenda (who was willing to walk for 2.5 hours or more) and headed to the lake. Every half marathon I did I got the time of 2 hours,44 minutes. It was not the time I wanted and I dreamed of being able to do a half marathon in the 2:30s.

I set up my phone for intervals of six minutes and one minute. I usually make myself run the first half hour straight but with trying to go longer, I decided I should start the intervals right from the beginning. As I started off, I think I was running fast as I was afraid I would still be doing a 2:44:54. I did the first loop in one hour, nine minutes. I considered stopping, but my Squad Runner team knew what I was planning and had triple boosted me and I decided that a triple boost couldn’t be wasted on ten kilometers, so I turned around and started back the other way. It was a beautiful morning which really helped! I passed Brenda while I still had 8km to go, which was way sooner than I was expecting:(

I just kept thinking that I just had to run for six minutes each time. I also got to look forward to seeing the cute guy in the green toque who had a great smile:). I noticed on the second loop that I was getting more tired by the end of my six minute intervals, but wasn’t too bad. I hit 18km and thought, huh maybe I should try to do 21.1 instead of just the 20 around the lake, so I did! I skipped my last walking interval so that I could finish in 2:27:58. I surpassed my goal🎊🎉.

I know I can do even better since I skipped that last walk interval. I looked it up and the average for women my age is 2:09 which is not going to happen, but I wouldn’t mind seeing 2:20:)


I dropped Brenda back off and then headed home. I parked on the road as I knew I’d be going out again, but then headed straight over to vote in our local election and pick up the groceries for dinner. While I was out, I decided to celebrate my run with a new running shirt from my local running store. There is a Smartwool top I really wanted, but $135 was just too much.

When I got back from shopping, I suddenly wondered that I hadn’t brought my headphones in. I went down to get them from the car and found them on the ground beside my car😳. Thank goodness I went down before they got run over or taken!!!!

Socializing/ Eating/ Knit Night:

After enjoying a lovely nap, I picked up turkey from a friend and headed to Brenda’s for dinner. We had amazing shrimp tacos with avocado and pico de Galla. It was so good, though I ate way too much!

We then enjoyed a lovely knit night. I am still working on the super boring bag, but am at least almost finished the second side! I’ll be happy when I’m done so I can start my scarf!

Well, I’m off to sleep as I have a run in the morning and Bookclub tomorrow.

Have fun!


44 thoughts on “Unofficial PR

  1. Wow! I am so impressed by you and your running, AJ! Great job! I stopped running for a long time because I have been a little heavy. This past month, I started running on Sundays and it feels so good now that my body hurts less. I feel so inspired by you and will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am out on my run 🙂

      1. I hope you will have a great week, AJ! I might have to take up knitting this winter. At the end of this school quarter in December I am heading east for my first east coast winter. There will be a ton of snow and it will be nice for me to have a warm indoor hobby. ❤

  2. Wonderful, well done and my half PR surpassed there (my halves have ranged from 2.47 to 2.30.30). How lovely to surprise yourself like that and what a confidence boost!

      1. Yes it wasn’t until last night that I remembered that people train for half marathons, and don’t just go run them🤣. I’m happy to be in the 2:20s, just want to get lower in them now. Isn’t that just like a runner, beat one goal, set another🤣

      2. That’s very true but you managed to PR and beat what you thought you would finish it in. Yes!! Once you reach one goal you have to set another haha. It’s what makes running fun!

    1. I am super happy! I was told enough times to not run, but I just can’t do that! I’m emotionally, physically and mentally healthier if I run. I’ll have to start paying attention to races now:)

      1. Good deal! The first year I had my walking regimen, it was beautiful weather and I kept walking and walking and paid the price the next day with shin splints. Of course I felt great at the time … it was the next morning when my feet hit the floor – OMG!

      2. Hopefully that doesn’t happen – for me, it is usually the next morning. On another subject, if you run out of things to knit, and you have friends with chickens, here are some free patterns for chicken sweaters you can made. A friend posted this on Facebook as she has friends who live in cold states and raise chickens. Who knew people made chickens sweaters? 🙂

      3. Me neither, but I passed that same link along to Faye (Chicken Grandma) and she has written back so I’m going to catch up on comments and Reader and see if she could use it on her “girls”.

  3. Wow that is impressive! I am so inspired! I started running (read kind of jogging) when I first read your blog a few months back. I haven’t made any great progress … being heavy and 4 past ankle injuries and running does get tough … I am always scared to push myself to go faster. I always want to run a marathon… maybe I will one day. Thank you for inspiring us to go get our goals.

  4. what an awesome day for you. some days you have to push yourself beyond what your brain says and realize that your body can do more than you give it credit for.

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