It was a gorgeous day here, but unfortunately I spent way too much of it inside:(


I got out this morning with my usual Sunday morning crew for a run. I have to admit it was slow and short after yesterday’s half marathon distance. 5.1km was just enough to earn me my morning tea:). Thankfully it was a gorgeous day for a run, through boy was it ever cold!


After a lovely tea, I had to stop for some groceries for Bookclub. I had decided to do the s’mores cookies that Teacher Turned Mommy has done a few weeks ago. They were easy to make and to adapt to gluten free, dairy free, but the true test will be whether they get eaten tonight!

Otherwise, I am also providing baked potatoes for our camping theme Bookclub.


With my house tidy and my food prepare, Ive been back working on the purple bag. I’ve even made progress as I have finished front and back and am working on the strap. I decided to do the strap before the pocket etc, in case I don’t have enough yarn. We’ll see. I am hoping to get this done this week so I can take it over to my niece.


It’s always a good time! We spend just as much time, actually probably more catching up on each other’s lives than discussing the book:). There were seven of us tonight and one extra who stole the show:)

The food was a camping theme and was too delicious!

This month we read Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel. We all liked it which always makes the discussion less interesting.

The girls also introduced me to a new app called Libby on which I can get library books on my phone. This is going to be scary!!!!

I was pretty impressed with myself. The girls all left at 7:46 and I was completely cleaned up with the dishwasher on by 8:03pm. I have a friend named Kari who is an incredible housekeeper and I decided to channel her. It’s quite nice to have the place clean enough that it only took moments to get it clean again.

I’m now in bed and thinking of closing my eyes!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “A Perfect Crisp, Sunny Fall Day

  1. That’s great you were able to get out for a short run after your half marathon. That baby is so cute! Those camping food are so creative. I would have only been able to come up with s’mores haha.

  2. I love how easy it is to maintain an already clean house, but my children find it just as easy to destroy! It is wonderful coming home to a tidy space though.

  3. You had a great follow up day to the half marathon, even progress on your not so favorite project! Your group reads some pretty diverse books, and cute babies too. 🙂

  4. sorry to hear that most people didn’t eat the cookies, did your co-workers enjoy the treat instead? Glad you were able to enjoy your book club and continue to enjoy the clean house

    1. When I looked this morning I realized that actually a lot of the cookies were gone so I guess they were popular:). The staff at work finished off the last of them

  5. Oh my!!! Those s’mores cookies have me droooooling! And what a little peach that stole the show at book club ❤ That book sounds interesting- I'll definitely have to look into it!

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