It was just another day, only enlivened by the fact that the cold finally managed to catch up to me:(


After sleeping for extra time this morning I managed to drag myself out of bed and get to work. I finally finished prepping the primer sight word game; so am very happy to get that off of my desk.

We managed a talking circle about our weekends before we wrote our journals and we even had time for students to share their journals with the class if they wished! I wonder where all this time came from?

We made a graph of early birds and night owls in math as we have been studying about day and night. I have a class full of night owls! We also had a chance to finish our roll a turkey game from Friday.

During my prep I managed two emails and two sets of the sight word game, but that’s it. I’d like to know why my prep time goes so much faster than the rest of the day?!?!

This afternoon we watched a three minute video about why days get shorter and longer as that was one of the questions the class had about Fall. They had a worksheet about drawing things they did during the day and night and they were amazingly quiet!

Finally at the end of the day we took advantage of the continued sunshine and played outside. I had a parent make my day, by bringing me some of the items I had requested in my email. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ


I jetted off after work for a massage. It was fabulous, except I found out that my RMT is only going to work until 3:15 next year. Every year it has gotten earlier and earlier:(. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can try an RMT at the place across the street from my house. Now that would be convenient!


Yesterday I got my food delivery from 2 Guys With Knives.

I managed to get it all separated out, but I think I am very lucky that I didn’t need as many meals as I normally do. Some of the meals are going to be pretty small!

I don’t know that I would order again as it just seems too much like I already make. Maybe I will just use their online menu to come up with ideas of what to make. I had the chicken, green beans and mushroom risotto for lunch today and it was very yummy, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I can’t wait to try the tiramisu, but that has to wait until tomorrow as I had cookies today. (The staff really loved the s’mores cookies!)


I have finished the strap for my bag and still have yarn left, so I will start on the pocket. I’m going to need to hit Michaels or the fabric store for a piece of lining fabric for this bag! Another thing to add to the list to be done before Friday!


As I’ve been working away on the sight word game, I’ve been watching Hallmark’s Autumn in the Vineyard. I really enjoyed this movie about rival vintners. The feud was old, but at least the parents were civil and could work together on things. The only complaint I would have is that it didn’t seem all that “Fallish”.

Well, I’m heading for some extra sleep to try and beat this cold.

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. I always look at food delivery services for ideas on food. Blue Apron even has the recipes up for some so you can take the recipe for free without ordering the food. Highly recommend checking that out if you can!

  2. Sorry to hear the cold caught up with you, hope it is the regular variety that goes away quickly! Those meal companies have always been too spendy around here, but they sure do have some interesting recipes. I was hoping you would feel as though you had a real treat , not the same stuff you already make.

  3. ugh, sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. hope it is short lived.

    I have looked at ordering food from on-line things and then always say “I can make this cheaper myself, so why buy it this way?”

    1. Exactly! I tried it as I was tired of hearing my friend bug me about it. I may look at the menu each week for an idea of what to make, but I wonโ€™t order again

  4. You amaze me how you just push through! Hope you are 100% in no time, & glad your kiddos were quiet for ya. Walking around Michaels is like therapy for me hehe- hope you found what you needed ๐Ÿ™‚

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