I slept for fourteen hours last night and have had several naps today. Hopefully this will make for a good day back at work tomorrow! I want to leave my condo and feel healthy!

I can’t wait to get back to some exercise!


I finished my latest NetGalley book, Exclusive/ Touch of Heaven by Samantha Chase

This book contains two Samantha Chase novels. The first, Exclusive is about a journalist, Taylor Scott who gets the opportunity to interview a star,reclusive author, but instead finds her way back to her old friend Mike Greene.

This story was almost like waiting for a train wreck. You know from the start what is going to happen and spend the time wondering how badly it’s going to end.

I loved the characters in this story! Taylor is all about her job and being professional and I could completely sympathize with her and relate to her. Then there’s Mike Green who seems to be the embodiment of every woman’s fantasy- physical and intellectual and trying to give Taylor everything she wants.

The setting is also amazing! Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous fairytale home in the country and a boat at the shore. The one thing that bugged me was that a 55’ boat was described as a yacht needing a crew. Maybe Ms, Chase isn’t a boater, but that needs to be at least 10-20 feet longer to need a crew and be impressive!

The pacing of the story was fast, but it made sense as the characters had been involved before. It truly was an enjoyable second chance romance with a lovely ending!

The second story in this book was A Touch if Heaven which has Regan Amerson and her mom winning a home makeover with a hot TV show. Who knew they would both fall for the father son team who comes to complete the renovation.

This was a super cute romance that just felt natural and was very feel-good. I liked how the mother daughter relationship was very realistic with them squabbling and not always seeing eye to eye and yet loving each other undoubtedly.

I also liked how the drama was kept to a minimum and care from an outside force.

Once again, the hero in this story is every woman’s fantasy! Ms. Chase does a great job portraying her hero’s as loving and wonderful, but not perfect!

I really liked the ending of this story, though the pace was a little fast for me!

I also noticed that the two stories hit the mark on a balance between hot and steamy.

Thank you to Ms. Chase, the publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.


Between naps I have managed to get cinnamon raisin oatmeal ready for my breakfasts, and taco salad ready for my dinners. I also made some pumpkin pie ice cream for my snacks this week. I got the recipe from Minimalist Baker and it was very easy and quite yummy!

I finally got to my creamy vegetable curry this evening, only to find out I had no curry powder in the house, after I had assembled everything. My mom came to the rescue with this Recipe that is again from minimalist baker. It tastes much better than the powder I usually buy. I always feel like much more of a real cook when I use fresh garlic that I chop (which I did today) and making my own curry powder definitely makes me a real cook:)

Well, I’m going to bed extremely early today since I’m going to go back to work tomorrow. Too bad those children refuse to take naps! Can’t we reinstate nap time?

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “I Want Out!

  1. Oh dear, really hoping you shift this soon. Have you seen a doctor? Sleep is a good healer, though, and pumpkin pie ice cream sounds helpful, too. LOVE how you correct the author’s boating assumption – it’s not hard for authors to check these things, is it, and there will always be readers who know more than one!

      1. So do I! I try to be super healthy but I think it’s just the bad odds of 22 kids around me all the time. I swear they come over just to sneeze on me!

    1. Yes my food tasted good today which is a good thing as I haven’t had much appetite lately. I am hoping to start feeling more energetic

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