When you’re wandering the triangle between your couch, bed and kitchen you think you’re healthy. That all ends within a half hour of having twenty two children ask you question after question!


The day wasn’t bad, though I had to retrain them after having had two TOCs in three days. It’s amazing what the kids try to get away with.

We didn’t get a ton done, but we did get the math assessment of patterning done which was the main objective of the day. It will be interesting to see what they look like tomorrow!

We had hip hop this afternoon and they looked pretty cute! I’m always amazed by how good they can get in just a week. However, I know that if it was me teaching it, I would deem it not ready and yet the parents are always so impressed! Maybe I put too much pressure on me and the kids.

I snapped this picture on my walk to work this morning- such a pretty street!


I got approved for a five more books on NetGalley but I see that some of them are dated October 23rd. I just got them yesterday!!! Can anyone explain if you can review a book after that date or what happens after that date. I don’t want a bad reputation just because I got the book late!


I had walked directly to the grocery store after work to get milk and yogurt as I wanted to try making yogurt in the Instant Pot and I knew that my mom wanted it back. I of course, bought the wrong milk and had to walk to the other grocery store to get some. Then I found out my instant pot didn’t have a yogurt program and the website I was following said the coconut milk I got with guar gum wouldn’t work. ☹️. Ugh later this evening, I finally found a different website that said guar gum was a good thing and gave directions of how to make yogurt without the yogurt program. We shall see in the morning how it turned out! I hope I won’t be throwing away all those ingredients!

Well I’m now off to bed so that I can be as healthy as possible for tomorrow.

Have fun!


31 thoughts on “You Think You Are

    1. Yes every year we have a company come in that teaches each grade a different hip hop dance and then on Friday afternoon there is a performance

  1. Right, on NetGalley it doesn’t matter when you review the books as far as I can tell – what matters is a) if the email you get says don’t publish a review until the review date, don’t do it early and b) trying to get up to the 80% reviewed level because they say that’s what they like. I’ve had some books for aaaaages and sometimes the PDF ones do seem to disappear if you try to go back to them like months later. But otherwise you’re all good.

  2. I noticed that recently (last year) subbing after working with college age kids. The college kids don’t ask questions and the elementary asked questions after questions after question. It was at times exhausting!

  3. Teaching is tough when you feel not 100%. I’m sure your children were excited to see you back at school today. Can’t wait to hear about the yogurt you make

  4. I love the colorful trees – my favorite time of year. Now they are predicting rain for this weekend – originally it was beautiful. It was beautiful here today and I got my five miles in – hated to come home. I love yoghurt … Chobani and Oikos brands are my favorite and I’ve never tried making them before – good luck with that. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

    1. I had borrowed my parents and enjoyed it, but would definitely wait for a sale before buying one for myself. I just don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen for storing that type of thing.

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