It was so great to have my co-teacher back today!!!!


I slept later again this morning trying to give myself as much rest as possible.

We had workout Wednesday which is when we walk, run, skip, jump, etc around the school. This morning, I think I crawled🤣

We started pre reading strategies with predicting today. We also did a pumpkin 100 chart picture, practice of number words and hip hop.

The children were a little crazier today and I had to talk a lot about self regulation and impulse control!😖

After school, my mom came up to help me decorate my classroom for Halloween as my class has been asking daily when I would decorate.

This is a little of what I put up. I try to concentrate items in a few areas so it makes impact and still allows me some visually quiet space. I hope the kids love it. I always like seeing their reaction!


After tea with my mom where she dropped off an amazing felted bag and a larger tv for me, I watched Love On the Slopes on my new big tv. I enjoyed watching that movie because it is filmed in Whistler! I can definitely relate to the main female character who is a klutz who is breaking out of her comfort zone. It’s so nice to actually be able to see the tv from the couch, even better that it’s a smart tv!


I dragged my mom out to pick up a birthday present for my friend C this evening. We hit Chapters and I found two really cute bags and a great scarf for her.

I spent way longer trying to find a new agenda for next year. My agenda this year has been all about goal setting and I find I don’t need that stuff. There are just too many options! I want something I can record plans in, record meeting notes and keep a running to do list or write myself a list for a day. I’ll take any suggestions you have!

Well, I’m back to reading, knitting and watching tv or maybe I should just get to bed and get some sleep!

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “My Buddy is Back

  1. I went slightly round the twist trying to find an academic year wall planner to write all the athletics officiating jobs I’ve got coming up on in a place where I could SEE them, not just on Google Calendar. Had to go to Amazon in the end. I presume you’ve looked at bullet journals, which seem overly complicated to me, but still, a lot of people find them useful.

  2. The Halloween decorations are super cute! I think it’s great you didn’t go all out on the entire room, that would be too much.

    I always go for the brand Blue Sky which is at Target. Love them! You could always look on Etsy for some since there are so many ones on there. I’ve heard good things about Erin Condran but have never tried her products so I can’t say if I would recommend or not .

  3. I just need an agenda book that has the basics, but anymore they are all tricked out and too full, like you said. What happened to simple? In all areas of life, just KISS! LOL

  4. sounds like you are feeling better. is your class being effected by tonight’s full moon? and/or holiday plan? It’s crazy how much they can be effected and how quickly.

    1. Thank you! I love the view out of my window- so peaceful and calm! We were watching the squirrels in the tree this afternoon!

      1. It was peaceful – you need a little peace injected into your day. Do the squirrels have nests in the trees AH or you won’t be able to tell until all the leaves are gone?

      2. No they are really large and I can’t tell what they are made of as they are usually so far up in the tree. Last year we had a huge snowfall and I took pictures the next day – there is a tall tree in the block behind me. There used to be more squirrel’s nests in it, but in this picture there is only one. Look at the third photo down at the far right and you can see how big it is – remember how high up it is.

      1. I bet with your summer precip,nit would require almost no water. We put down an inch a week for the “good” veggies, and maybe an inch if we go several weeks with no rain. They are the “scavenger” veggies. We had lots of rain for us this summer, and they took over!

  5. Your Halloween decorations look adorable! Michael’s craft stores sell a customizable planner that is a small binder with different modules you can clip in to record to do lists and goals and so on. They have modules for exercise, and reading and menus/recipes and all sorts of different things.

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